correct development of the child in 7 months At the age of seven months, the baby is just beginningto know the world, but does it already very actively. He can understand the meaning of certain words, carry out defensive movements with pens to maintain balance, place small objects in large ones, play various gesture games, for example, "Ladushki." In addition, he already holds his head well, lying on his stomach; Raises his torso, leaning on his outstretched hands and shifting the center of gravity from one to the other; easily turns on his back from the abdomen and back, confidently stands and steps over the support, begins to learn to sit down and crawl on his own. And still need to say that at this age, children experience a strong emotional attachment to their mother and fear of parting with her.

Calendar for the physical development of a seven-month-old child

Development of a child in 7 months is accompanied byincreased risk of getting them all kinds of injuries. This is due to the fact that in this period he seeks to expand the boundaries of the world he already knows and learn about him as much as possible. It is at seven months that children begin to actively explore surrounding objects, examine them, feel them, taste them and check for strength. Do not interfere with this, but be sure to ensure that your child does not come across dangerous items that can harm him. In the seventh month of life the child adds about 600 grams in weight and 1-2 cm in height. Now these figures average from 7.6 to 8.1 kg and 68-72 cm. Also, the circumference of the head and chest increases by half a centimeter. Mamas are recommended, starting from the first months after the birth of their child, to create a special calendar in which they will celebrate the main indicators of physical development. Such a calendar will not only help you to remember what a crumb was your son or daughter, but also to ensure that the development of your child was gradual and the way it should be. At seven months, the children become strong neck and back muscles, as a result, increases mobility. Now the child needs to be watched even more closely, especially when he is on a bed or a changing table, as he can easily roll over and fall. Strengthened and the muscles of the legs. Take the baby by the arms and put it on the floor. So he will learn to stand confidently and take his first steps. Due to the developing coordination of hand movements, the child can easily learn how to grasp small objects with the entire palm. This is called palm grip. At the same age, the baby teeth begin to be cut. Before the first year of life, the toddler, as a rule, already has four cut teeth. But do not worry if you notice that they are not in a hurry to appear. The delay of six months or less is quite natural and does not lead to sad consequences. In addition, the boys begin to cut their teeth later than girls. meals in the baby in 7 months

Mental, emotional and mental development of the baby

The development calendar shows that at seven monthsthe child already reacts to extraneous sounds, noise, own name. He begins to imitate some sounds, can make several sounds on exhalation, understands speech directions, supported by gestures, shows emotions. The appearance of someone close to him makes him smile, babble. The child tries to pronounce individual syllables "ma", "na", "ba", "de". An important change in the development of seven-month-old children is the appearance of long-term memory. They begin to distinguish familiar objects, relatives and strangers. Very often one can observe fear of strangers. The child simply does not know what to expect from them, and is frightened. But if he sees that mom or dad are friendly to an outsider, he immediately forgets about his primary reaction. The kid examines his body, recognizes himself in the mirror. But any other child's photo can be taken for his own. He learns to concentrate his attention, is interested in small things, details. All his actions are sufficiently meaningful. Even if a child seems to just knock on a wall or toy, in fact he tries to remember the sound and learn the consequences of his actions. At the age of seven months, the first signs of anger can be seen. The child will scream, demanding to take it in his arms or to get the desired toy. He will also begin to be capricious if he is picked up by the wrong person to whom he was asking, or if he is given not what he expected to receive. To indulge his whims is not worth it. The child is already able to distinguish between "can" and "not", and if you are striving to make your child more obedient in the future, then this is just the right moment to develop his obedience before the ban. Do not shout and do not raise your voice, speak calmly, but confidently and firmly.

Day regimen for children at seven months, meals and sleep

The order of the day for each child can beindividual and depend on his own biorhythm and feeding. Often the baby's food is predetermined by his sleep regimen. The total number of hours allocated for a child's sleep at seven months is 14 to 15 per day, and usually children do not sleep more than seven hours in a row. Observance of a constant mode of sleep is necessary for regulating the skills of proper sleep. At night, sleep should last 10-11 hours, in the daytime - 3 times for 1.5 hours. Try to keep the baby sleeping and feeding every day at the same time. This will deprive him of problems both with sleep and with digestion. The nutrition of a seven-month-old child consists of five feedings every four hours. From 7,5 months in puree it is possible to add ¼ of boiled yolk. Addition to the dinner can be 1-4 teaspoons of cottage cheese, mashed with fruit puree or milk. Cottage cheese can be given and baked. Gradually let the child taste bread, cookies, fish puree, cheese, meat (meat puree). The latter contains proteins and iron, which is digested 20% better than that found in vegetables. Nutrition is an important part of a child's development, so pay him proper attention. mental development of the child in 7 months

Developing games and teaching the child for seven months

No less important aspect than nutrition, aredeveloping activities with the child. The more you pay to this time, the more actively your baby will develop. Do not expect that he will willingly start training and will repeat all your actions, but apply maximum perseverance and patience in order to benefit from your studies. To do this, any gesture games that develop motor skills and coordination of movements ("Soroka-thief", "Ladushki") will do. Let the child begin to collect the pyramid, learn educational toys with buttons, shift small objects from one bucket to another. At seven months, children respond well to skits, role play. Put together with him toys to sleep, feed them. In this case, clearly name their names, give characteristics (big, small, blue, round, etc.). As much as possible communicate with the child. Pronounce the words slowly and clearly, point to the object they designate. Describe your actions. Take care of the child's physical development. Cunnings and tricks make him move more, crawl, crouch and get up. Teach him to make decisions. For example, give him two toys in hands, one in each hand, and then offer a third. This will cause him confusion, because he does not understand how to take another toy, when two hands are already occupied, but then learn how to release one of them and transfer objects from hand to hand. Do not be discouraged if the child loses interest in the game. This means that he is tired and takes time to rest. After a short break or sleep, you will resume your studies again. Allow the baby to watch peers and other children, join their game. Show him vivid pictures depicting animals, birds, household items, toys. If you notice that the child stopped near the mirror and is busy studying himself, join him. Let him examine you, show him a toy, so that he compares her real and her reflection. It is interesting for children to learn everything they see and find what is hidden from them. Turn on the music toy and hide it under the pillow or blanket. The child will certainly try to find it. You can play with the child even while performing the usual daily activities. For example, during a bath give him a unbreakable cup, which he could scoop up water and drink it. So he gradually learns to drink from the cup without shedding liquid on himself. And throw a few toys into the tub, and each time the child takes one of them, call her and tell him some story about this character. Do not worry that he does not yet fully understand you and focuses your attention on your words. In any case, it will do him good. Start reading fairy tales to a child, introducing him to this activity. Let him look at the pictures, touch the pages, turn them over. physical development of the child in 7 months

How to determine the degree of development of a child in seven months?

There are several simple exercises thathelp to understand how developed your baby's skills are. First, ask him where his mother, father, brother, teddy bear, duck. The child should turn his head towards the object you indicated, if, of course, he knows him well. Ask him to touch your nose, mouth, eyes. If he still does not distinguish between parts of the face, which is quite normal, tell him by pointing at the right one. Put the baby on your stomach and throw a diaper or handkerchief on his head. Under normal development, he will quickly be freed from it, without changing his position. If you notice that your child is interested in something, take it and keep it at arm's length from him. The Kid will try to reach for this object, and having got it, will smile or show joyful emotions. Take the child in your arms and slowly spin around a bright toy or screen with the cartoon on. He will try not to release the image from the view and try to follow his gaze. Become his crib, but do not react to the child, avoid meeting him with a look or a verbal contact. Then he himself will try to attract your attention to yourself, reach out to you, talk to you through sounds. By the way, if he has a habit of throwing out all the toys and objects from the crib, this is also a sign of normal development. And finally, remember that all children are unique and show their individuality from an early age. Do not be upset if your child does not know how to do what other seven-month-olds do. It is better to take a closer look, perhaps, he does what the others can not. And when you see that your child does not succeed, be patient, he will learn it, and you, in turn, can help him in this.