chicken with rice in the oven The dishes cooked in the oven are very differentfrom what we cook, soar and stew on the stove. Therefore, most often we use our oven on the occasion of holidays. And interestingly, even ordinary products in this case acquire a completely different kind and taste. Of course, cakes and pies are beyond competition. But, for example, a chicken with rice in the oven - it's unusually beautiful and tasty! A golden crusty crust, tender juicy meat, an amazingly tasty filling ... And to make this miracle wonderful, by the way, is not so difficult. Of course, it will be necessary to tinker, we are not preparing a simple dish, but a festive one. But it's worth it! In addition, the products are more than available, the high cost of such delicacies is not different, and the effect will be staggering! Let's try?

Chicken stuffed with rice

If the chicken is stuffed with rice, the filling will be impregnated with meat juice, and the taste of the meat, respectively, will be enriched by the taste of the ingredients that make up the filling. Ingredients:

  • 1 large chicken carcass;
  • 1 or a half cup of dry rice;
  • 1 large carrot;
  • 1 onion;
  • A handful of raisins;
  • Salt and black ground pepper.

Preparation: I kiss the whole chicken and dry it. Then make a mixture of salt and ground black pepper and rub the bird inside and out. It is rubbed, and not just sprinkled! Now put the bird on the side so that it is slightly salted. Turn on the oven and leave it warmed to about 200-220 degrees. In the meantime, we wash rice and raisins, and carrots and onions are cleaned. We put the rice to cook until lightly soft, and carrot and onion finely shred. To grind carrots on a grater in this case do not recommend, as in a ready stuffing it will simply be boiled in porridge. So, chopped onions and cut carrots fry in vegetable oil without smell and taste. You can add a little creamy butter, but this is already a matter of taste. When the vegetables start to fry, add to them washed and dried raisins and continue to fry all together for another three minutes, after which we remove the frying pan from the fire. Welded up to incomplete readiness, the rice is washed well with cold running water and mixed with a roast. Salts are added at our discretion. No spices (except black pepper) are recommended by professionals, so as not to spoil the taste and aroma of the dish. Now take the bird and fill it with a mixture of rice with vegetables and raisins. Too tight the carcass should not be stuffed, since the rice is still half raw, and in the oven it will come to the ready and a little more in size. The hole through which we filled the birdie with stuffing should be densely confounded with toothpicks or sewed with a strong cotton thread. The tips of the wings and legs should preferably be wrapped with foil, so that they do not turn into coals. Now we lay the bird on the baking sheet covered with wax paper with breast up and send it to the oven, where we leave for about forty minutes. During this time (every ten minutes) open the oven, push the baking tray and water the bird with the grease that is heated from it. Readiness is verified by piercing the carcass with a toothpick in the most fleshy places. If a clear juice flows from the chicken at the puncture site, then it is ready. If the juice with the blood flows out, we continue to bake the bird. For about ten to fifteen minutes before the final readiness of the dish, we remove the foil from the wings and legs, so that they also become crusty. Remove the prepared bird from the oven, remove the toothpicks (thread) and remove the filling. We put the rice on the dish with a slide and place the chicken cut into pieces on top. You can serve the whole chicken - so it will look more effective, but then you have to cut it right on the table. However, this is not so important. It is important that it will turn out very, very delicious! Note: You can not stuff a chicken with raw rice, as meat is cooked faster than cereals. In the filling, in addition to raisins, you can add dried apricots and (or) prunes, you can bake a chicken and without dried fruits. rice with chicken in the oven

Chicken baked with rice in milk

This is, rather, a plov from a chicken cooked in the oven. One important advantage of this dish is! The rice is guaranteed to be crumbly! Ingredients:

  • Chicken meat weighing about two kilograms;
  • 2 heads of onions;
  • 3 medium carrots;
  • 2 cups of dry rice;
  • 1 liter of fresh milk;
  • Salt and spices are at your discretion.

Preparation: Turn on the oven and leave it warmed up. Chicken carcass washed, dried and cut into small pieces. Then salt the meat, if desired, season it with spices and put it in a baking dish. Form we take with high sides and grease it with vegetable or butter! Now we clean the bulbs, shred them and spread them on top of the chicken. Carrots are also cleaned and cut with thin straws or grinded on a grater (the first option is still preferable). Spread a layer of carrots on a bow. Over the carrot layer we put the washed rice, salt it and season with pepper or other spices. But now we fill everything with milk and cover the form with foil. We put the chicken in the oven for about an hour. After this time, our chicken with rice in milk is ready! You can take a sample! delicious chicken with rice in the oven

Chicken legs with vegetables and rice

For cooking chicken with rice, you canuse not only the whole carcass, but also the wings, thigh or breasts. We offer you one of these options. Note that this recipe does not require any special effort from you, and there will not be too much time to prepare. Ingredients:

  • Hawaiian mixture - 2 packages;
  • Chicken thighs - 1 pack;
  • Cream (not oily) - 1 glass;
  • Sour cream - 3 tablespoons;
  • Mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon;
  • Spices and salt - to taste.

Preparation: Form for baking grease with butter or vegetable oil. Turn on the oven and leave it to warm up to 200-220 degrees. Meanwhile, pour into the boiling water Hawaiian mixture and cook for no longer than two minutes. We throw it back to the colander, to make the glass water, and then put it in a uniform baking dish. Chicken legs are removed from the package, salt, season with spices and put on a layer of rice with vegetables, a little utapivaya them in the mixture. Make the sauce by mixing the cream with sour cream and mayonnaise and adding a little salt and spices. Now evenly fill the sauce with chicken legs and rice and put the form in the oven. Bake about thirty to forty minutes. Then take the form out of the oven and serve the chicken to the table. The combination of rice with chicken is one of the classic. Therefore, this dish will always be win-win. And if you cook it in the oven ... However, you yourself should try it. The main thing is to cook with pleasure. Enjoy your appetite and success in the culinary field!