chicken fillet in sour cream An unequivocal answer to the question, when people startedprepare a dish like a chicken in sour cream, now no one can give. One thing is clear that not earlier than the chicken, sour cream and fire appeared. Charles Darwin, for example, believed that people domesticated chickens about 3,000 years ago, and now there is evidence that it happened about 8,000 years ago. Approximately also things can happen with sour cream. On the one hand, it is believed that sour cream appeared in Russia about 3000 years ago, and in Europe - and after the Second World War. On the other hand, sour cream is nothing more than fermented cream, which began to be removed from milk shortly after domestication of cows, and this event, according to the latest data, is also about 8000 years old. Imagine that, at least for a year after that, these creamers have never squealed, it's simply impossible. It is also difficult to assume that in the same year, no mistress had the thought of at least smearing the chicken before cooking or during its sour cream. So it turns out that the recipe for this great dish exists in no less than 8000 years! From ancient times until the end of the last century, the chicken was not an ordinary dish. We cooked it not often and mostly on holidays. Chicken meat was considered a delicacy, they kept it for children and convalescents after severe illnesses. And no one even dreamed of eating chicken every week. Smetana in the houses, too, was not much: from a bucket of milk, it turns out only about a liter. It was eaten with vegetable and flour dishes, it was rarely added to meat and poultry, so a dish like chicken with sour cream was considered to be exquisite. chicken in sour cream with vegetables and garnish

Similarities and differences of all recipes of the world

Chickens and cows are almost everywhere, so the recipechicken with sour cream exists in each locality, and not one, but, as a rule, several. But the main ingredients are only two - it's chicken and sour cream. Types of heat treatment, without which you can not cook a chicken, is also a little:

  • cooking and stitching (cooking in hot but not boiling water),
  • roasting,
  • quenching and languishing (long quenching on very slow fire),
  • baking,
  • roasting (grilling on a grate, skewers or a spit).

And with sour cream you can do a little: in sour cream it is possible to pickle, from sour cream it is possible to make a sauce, and there is a recipe for making crispy crust with sour cream. It is called grit. When grating, one product is covered with another, which melts during cooking and thus creates a crust that many people like. So the main recipes are only five. And their apparent diversity is due to the fact that spices, vegetables and even fruits or berries were added as additional ingredients in each locality in each locality. The only additional ingredient that is everywhere and is used quite often is flour. It is added for thickening of sour cream sauce and with grit, so that the sour cream when heated does not have time to drain from the chicken to complete baking. classic recipe for chicken in sour cream

5 main recipes and the principle of adding spices

Knowing the basic recipes for cooking chicken insour cream, it is possible with extraordinary ease to please home and guests piquant chicken in sour cream in French, adding white wine and nuts at the end of cooking, exquisite chicken in sour cream in Italian, adding basil, oregano and tomatoes, exotic chicken in Indian sour cream, adding curry and saffron. If you add olives, you will get a Greek dish. And putting a finely chopped pickled cucumber in sour cream sauce or sprinkling chicken with cranberries or cranberries when baking, you can get a Russian festive dish. You can make a sharp chicken in oriental, Mexican, Spanish or Thai manner, chicken shish kebab in a sour marinade. Chicken in sour cream with garlic is prepared in many countries of the world - garlic is loved and consumed almost everywhere, and is usually added at the very end of cooking or in frying oil. Now almost all the spices of the world are available to us, and many of them have long been used everywhere, so choosing pleasant and interesting combinations is a matter of personal taste and imagination. The recipe for chicken quenching in sour cream sauce This is the most common recipe, as with this cooking you get not only a delicate stewed chicken with a creamy taste, but also a delicious sour cream sauce with which you can eat anything. The gravies are all and always ask for more, so the most successful chicken, stewed in sour cream, is one in which there is a lot of gravy. To extinguish a chicken with sour cream it is possible in two ways: with preliminary frying in a frying pan or without it. With preliminary frying it will be more fragrant, and the gravy will be golden in color, but a bit fatter due to the oil used for frying. Chicken, stewed in sour cream without roasting, will have a more delicate taste and white color of gravy (if not add coloring spices). If there is a desire to emphasize the aroma of added spices, cook without frying. Salt when extinguishing to be added in the middle of cooking. If you add in the beginning, the meat will be harsh, and if at the end - fresh. For extinguishing without frying, chicken (whole carcass or chopped portionwise) should be put in a saucepan, a scallop or cauldron, pour a little hot water, put finely chopped onions and roots (if this is included in your plans), cover with a lid so that there remains a small hole, and put on a small fire for 30-40 minutes. Water should be added as the boil-off occurs. If you add spices at the beginning of the preparation, the chicken will be saturated with their fragrance, if in the end - only the gravy will be fragrant. Sour cream should be added a few minutes before the end of cooking, pre-mixing it with flour (200 grams of sour cream - one tablespoon of flour) and half diluted with water or cold milk. For extinguishing with preliminary frying, pour a little oil on the heated frying pan, put the chicken pieces so that they do not touch each other, and lightly fry them on both sides over medium heat. When frying, you can add finely chopped onions and roots. Then add a little water, reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutes, closing the lid. Sour cream, mixed with flour and diluted with water or milk, add before the end of cooking. If the flour is not put, then the gravy will be more liquid. The recipe for frying marinated in sour cream of chicken Sour marinade, first, makes poultry more tender, secondly, it gives creamy taste, and in the third, sour cream promotes better rapid penetration of aromatic substances contained in spices. Marinate preferably at least 30 minutes before the start of frying. And even better - a day. Marinade is prepared without salt. It is necessary to salt the chicken immediately before roasting. Fry the pickled chicken in a frying pan heated with oil until a browned crust is formed over medium heat. The recipe for baking chicken in sour cream Baked whole or chunks with a beautiful sour cream is very elegant looks on the table and one of its kind can create a festive mood. You can bake both in marinade, and without it. Do this on a baking sheet or frying pan in the oven or in the oven, in the aerogrill, in the multivark. The chicken must be salted before baking, and if it is not marinated in advance, then rub it with spices. Lubricate with sour cream, which is added a little flour, put on a baking tray (you can "plant" and on a glass jar, standing on a baking sheet or in a frying pan, into which water is poured and spices added) and put in an oven heated to a temperature of 200 ° C. Around the chicken, it is desirable to put vegetables or fruits: apples are well suited (with them cinnamon is perfectly combined) and quince. The oven should be opened from time to time and greased the bird with sour cream, in which spices and flour are added, and vegetables or fruit should be sprinkled with the resulting juice. 15 minutes before the readiness to not only lubricate the chicken with sour-flour mixture, but also water her vegetables or fruit. After that, you can sprinkle with cranberries - it will be incredibly smart. In Russia and in Germany and in marinade, and in the mixture for gratin add mustard, and the dish gets mustard flavor. Baking time is from 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken. Recipe for burning (grilling) chicken In this way, meat was cooked back in those times when there was no refractory utensils. It is popular now - a rare trip to nature does without shish kebab or meat on the grill. Chicken marinated much faster than meat, but in sour marinade it will be more gentle than in any other. And if the mustard is added to the marinade, it will simply melt in the mouth (the mustard softens the hardest meat, not to mention the chicken). Lubricating the chicken during the preparation of sour-flour mixture, you will get not only a tasty and beautiful crust, but also preserve the juiciness of chicken meat. The recipe for boiling and chicken stitching in sour cream The boiled chicken with sour cream sauce can be both a diet dish and a festive dish. To prepare a festive dish you need to boil the chicken in a small amount of water, take out the bones, pour the chicken meat with a very strong broth and put it on the cold for freezing. Mix grated on a small grater horseradish with sour cream and spices and lay it on a frozen chicken jellied. To prepare a dietary dish, you need to boil the chicken fillet, drain almost all the broth, add sour cream diluted with water, mixed with a small amount of flour, and warm (not boiling) over low heat. Salt and spices are not necessary to add - this dish and without them has a delicate creamy-nutty taste. Stitched chicken in sour cream will save more useful substances than boiled, - so the ancient Indians cooked meat.