cherry kissel recipe In the old days, jelly was more concerned with basicdishes. It was brewed from oatmeal with the addition of fermented cereals, so it had a slightly sour taste. The food was eaten with black bread. Over time, the drink has undergone several significant changes. Today every single recipe of his is an extravaganza of various ingredients and combinations. In this "sea" of culinary advice everyone can find "his" drink. For example, children like fruit and berry jelly most of all, but the most useful are dairy. Due to starch, the consistency of the drink can be any. If you want to achieve density, take about 60 grams of thickener, and a tablespoon will give only a light jelly. Right now we propose to pass the course of a young fighter - you will learn how to boil a kissel from a cherry, simply using these tips.

A thick kissel of fresh cherries

In the summer cherry jelly is better to cook from fresh berriesand fruit. This drink has a bright color, rich taste and is a powerful charge of vitamins. In the cold period, of course, will have to do with frozen food. This recipe includes potato starch, and it is recommended to use it. Some housewives add a corn thickener, but experts believe that it is more suitable for sauces, soufflé and biscuit dough. If desired, you can enter several types of berries, for example, make a kissel from cherry and sweet cherry. Ingredients:

  • slightly less than two liters of cold water
  • six large spoons of potato starch
  • 400 grams of fresh cherries without pits
  • add sugar to taste

Cooking method: If you decide to make a kissel from a frozen cherry, first pour it with warm water or half an hour before cooking, get it out of the fridge to make the berries thaw. If necessary remove the bones from them, then transfer to a pan and pour water. Put on a quiet fire and bring the liquid to a boil. Then reduce the flame, fry the syrup to your taste. To cook the future kissel it is necessary about ten-fifteen minutes. After the specified time, enter into it starch, which before it should be dissolved in water. Pour out the mixture with a thin stream, while constantly stirring the drink. Once it starts to boil intensely and thickens enough, turn off the heat and leave the syrup to cool. Cherry jelly is equally tasty as in cold, and in a hot kind. Next time you can slightly diversify the recipe by adding two or three handfuls of raspberries, currants or other berries. Do you want to decorate the drink before serving? There are a lot of options: in each glass, add a little grated almonds or crushed walnuts. Piquancy will also give orange peel: cut it from the fruit with a thin strip, after sprinkle with freshly squeezed juice and sprinkle with sugar. Thanks to the carmelized skin, the drink will have an incredible aroma and taste. So do not be afraid to experiment! sweet cherry jelly

Sweet and sour cherry kissel

We offer to evaluate another recipe. At this time we will introduce into the kissel from the cherries a little citric acid. Firstly, this ingredient will give the drink a pleasant sweet and sour taste, and secondly, it will help to keep the bright beautiful color. We used a little starch - just a tablespoon; if you want to make a thick jelly, just increase the amount of dry product by one and a half to two times. It should be borne in mind that in the first case, the syrup should only be brought to a boil, and in the second case, the drink should be taken a little longer - at least ten minutes. Ingredients:

  • 150 grams of ripe cherries
  • four cups of warm water
  • a small pinch of citric acid
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • seven grams of potato starch

For decoration:

  • fresh mint - optional

Cooking method: Rinse the berries well and take out the bones. This can be done with a fork or use a conventional paper clip. After transfer the bones into a saucepan and pour three glasses of warm water. Send the dishes to a quiet fire and bring the liquid to a boil, then strain. Sprinkle the remaining pulp with sugar and clean for 60 minutes in the refrigerator. When the berries are allowed to juice, pour the nectar, and return the cherries themselves to the broth from the bones. Cook it should be only on low heat, no longer than a quarter of an hour. When done, rub the flesh through a fine sieve and put into a saucepan. As you can see, this recipe is quite unusual, because often bones do not participate in the process of making jelly, and here everything is the other way around. The end result will pleasantly surprise you - the drink will be very tasty and fragrant. But before it should be brought to mind. So put the remaining sugar in the syrup and boil it. Now in a separate bowl, combine the starch and 200 milliliters of water, stir well. The resulting solution pour a thin stream into a hot kissel and continue to work with a spoon. Add the diluted citric acid here and at the very end - cherry juice. Hold the jelly on the fire for three more minutes, then turn off the hotplate and cool the liquid. Before serving, pour out a warm drink for serving cups and, if desired, decorate with two mint leaves. Bon Appetit! cherry kissel

Cherry-apple jelly with cinnamon

You can boil the jelly in two ways. If you prefer the simplest option, so to speak, for the lazy, buy a special powder at the nearest store and follow the instructions. It is usually enough to fill the dry solution with water and preheat the mixture over low heat. This, of course, is very easy, but keep in mind that such a drink is not very useful, because it consists entirely of preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers and other substances that manufacturers add to their goods. Especially "quick" jelly is contraindicated to children, so it is better to learn how to cook it yourself, especially since it is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. We offer to master the cherry-apple recipe. Ingredients:

  • Ground cinnamon - to taste (add no more than two teaspoons)
  • half cup of cherries without pits
  • potato starch - ten grams
  • one large apple
  • 1000 milliliters of water
  • 30 grams of sugar

Cooking method: If you are brewing a drink from dried cherries, pre-pour them for half an hour with water, and then for seven minutes, take it in a quiet fire. The berries should soften, and if you use fresh, just gently remove the bones from them. Then remove the core from the washed apple, and cut the flesh into small cubes of the same size. Pour the fruit into a deep saucepan and add water. Now put the dishes on the stove, turning on a weak flame, warm the syrup. After pour the sugar into it and cook for about ten minutes. While the mixture boils, dissolve a potato thickener in a glass of water, add a pinch of cinnamon and mix the ingredients thoroughly to dissolve them completely. Pour the solution into a boiling apple-cherry syrup, continuing to stir it, otherwise the formation of lumps can not be avoided. Wait until the mixture boils, remove it from the plate and lower the bottom of the dishes into a sink with ice water. So the drink will cool much faster. As it cools, it will become thicker, in addition, the hot taste and flavor of cinnamon is more pronounced. Kissel has one more feature: after a while its surface is covered with a thin film. To prevent this, drink a little sugar. However, some prefer it in kind, because everyone has his own taste. We hope, at least one recipe is useful to you. Many like compotes, because they perfectly quench their thirst during hot time, and in winter a hot drink from dried fruits warms not only the body, but also the soul. If you want to diversify the menu, you can always add a little starch, and the jelly is ready. Remember, the more fruits and berries, the richer and tastier the drink. We wish you good experiments with cupcake! We advise you to read: