curd cake with cherry What brings joy to people? Of course, love, children, family, hobbies, travel and much more - everyone has their own preferences. But there is another way to cheer yourself up - eat some sweetness. Experts have long proved that chocolate, cakes - in general, all products containing sugar - not only are they kind of "energizers", but also produce serotonin, the so-called hormone of happiness. Perhaps you have already noticed that a candy bar or candy can make life a little happier. All this is the "handiwork" of endorphins, which are produced by the body during the consumption of sweet treats. Such products are fast carbohydrates, they give an extra charge of energy and help to cope with the occasional stressful situations. Therefore, if the window is gray overcast weather, and the cat is scraping on the soul, pamper yourself with a cup of hot chocolate, a tasty biscuit or a delicious cake. And soon notice how the mood itself will become much better! Of course, the main thing is not to overdo it, because the use of sweet and flour in excessive amounts is fraught with not only loss of shape, but also health problems. Well, for those who like not only to eat, but also to cook, we have a small surprise. We offer to consider several interesting and simple recipes for a light cherry cake based on a curd test. The dish turns out to be very gentle, airy and looks great on the festive table. If desired, you can use several types of berries, for example, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and others. cake with cherry

Cake "Cherry" with cottage cheese and fresh berries

Cottage cheese-cherry cake is a dessert that will suitabsolutely for any holiday. Of course, no children's birthday can not do without sweets, so this recipe is surely useful for young mothers. However, such a delicacy can not be abandoned not only by kids, but also by adults. If you are waiting for guests, surprise them with a light and incredibly tasty dish with the appetizing name "Cherry". Ingredients: Dough:

  • 200 grams of sifted flour (be sure to take the product of only the highest grade)
  • 100 grams of butter
  • half a glass of sugar
  • one yolk
  • salt - according to your taste


  • 200 grams of small, not too fat cottage cheese
  • 100 milliliters of fresh sour cream
  • 200 grams of powdered sugar
  • two whole eggs, as well as one protein
  • two glasses of fresh cherries (do not forget to get rid of pits in advance)
  • tablespoon of starch

Cooking method: If you have never been baking, it's time to start! The recipe is not too complicated, so it is suitable even for beginners and complete profane in the field of cooking. Be prepared for the fact that the cake at first can not go out as you would like. However, despair ahead of time is not necessary - a little practice, skill, and soon you can prepare a dessert no worse than any pastry chef. So, first of all you need to knead the dough. To do this, sift in a large bowl of wheat flour, then enter here a little salt, pour the sugar and put the softened, medium-sized pieces of butter. Now carefully crush the products in small crumbs, using a conventional fork. If you have a blender, it's just fine: whip all the ingredients in it, including one chicken yolk. Just do not rush to get rid of protein - it will come in handy later for the preparation of the filling. I would like to note that instead of sugar you can take powder, only it should be added a little more. As for butter, it is recommended to remove it in advance - at least 40 minutes - from the refrigerator, so that it is slightly melted, then kneading the dough will be much easier. Once you are done with the task, lubricate the inner edges of the mold in which you plan to bake the product, butter or vegetable oil, and put the resulting mass in it. Note that it should be of medium consistency - not too dense, but not very liquid. Well level the future cake with a special rubber or wooden spatula and send it to the oven. Cook at a temperature of 180 to 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. The recipe shows the approximate time, since in this case everything depends on the heat and power of a particular furnace. The main thing - watch out and periodically look at your creation, otherwise you risk burning it. If you notice that the dough darkens too quickly, it becomes orange-golden, reduce the temperature. While the gentle cake is browned, tackle the filling. First, get rid of the bones, while trying not to damage the cherries. You can use a hairpin or other improvised materials, such as a fork or pin. Then transfer the berries into a deep bowl and sprinkle with starch. In a separate bowl, combine sour cream and cottage cheese by grinding them until a fine, uniform mass forms. Feel free to proceed to the next stage: in another bowl, whip two eggs and powdered sugar, the resulting mixture is added to the previous ingredients. Stir well the food. Now it is the turn of the protein: shake it with a fork into a firm white fluffy foam and here by the same spoon, gradually add the curd-sour mass, without stopping working with the cutlery. If you want to achieve an ideal uniformity, whip the filling with a mixer. After pour out the cherry and mix again. Just at this time the dough should be ready. So get it out of the oven, without taking it out of the mold. When it cools down, pour in the curd-protein mass, which should be leveled. Again, send the product to the oven. Please note that in this case the temperature should not exceed 180 degrees. After 45 minutes you can get the cake and lay it on the table. By the way, for its preparation, both fresh and frozen berries will suit. In addition, they do not need to be added directly to the cream. After you bake the basis for the future dish, that is, the cake, lay on the bottom of the cherry, pouring them on top of the curd filling. If you want to decorate the dish, buy special cream, which is often sold in cans. Before use, the last few times shake and apply a white foam on the product in the form of a pattern or make a "roof" of the cake, laying on it berries. For lack of time, just sprinkle the dessert with powdered sugar. In general, fantasize for your pleasure. We hope this dish will win the hearts of your guests! We wish good experiments! cake with cottage cheese and cherries

Chocolate-curd cake "Tenderness" with cherries

You do not know what is tenderness, if notTried this cake. Its taste, aroma, soft friable dough and juicy filling are truly created in order to give pleasure. The dish certainly will taste not only real sweets, but also those who treat desserts indifferently. Believe me, by preparing a chocolate-cottage cheese dish with cherries for this recipe, you can melt even the icy heart. Well, ready for cooking experiments? Then go ahead! Ingredients: For a gentle dough:

  • three home or fish eggs
  • one and a half cups of sugar
  • two-pack of sour cream
  • sifted white flour - two glasses
  • ten grams of baking powder
  • Grated almonds - to taste
  • 300 grams of fresh cherries without pits
  • three tablespoons of cocoa powder

For cream:

  • 500 grams of high-fat cottage cheese
  • three tablespoons of sour cream
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar

For decoration:

  • confectionery cream
  • a few cherries - about 20 pieces
  • Chocolate chips - optional

Cooking method: As Julia Child wrote in her book, one of the gurus of culinary art, which at one time turned upside down all the ideas of Americans about food, "every person is able to learn how to cook, for this you only need to have detailed instructions and follow it clearly." Not without reason they say that everything is perfect simply! Therefore, even without being a great confectioner, but possessing desire and perseverance, it is possible to bake an appetizing cake with ease. Thanks to the curd base, the dish turns out to be very gentle, and sour cream in combination with cherries gives it a special juicy and fresh taste. Start with the fact that break into the bowl for the blender chicken eggs and several times mix them so that a thick white fluffy foam is formed. After that, enter into it sugar granules, cocoa powder, and sour cream, and whisk again a few times. If in your home there is neither the above device, nor a mixer, it's okay - use the usual whisk. Only work with effort for quite some time - five to seven minutes - so you will be able to completely get rid of lumps and achieve an ideal uniformity. At the very end, you should add almonds to the resulting mass. Note that it must first be crushed, wrapping the product in a clean kitchen towel and beating it with a rolling pin or a hammer for meat. There is another option: turn an almond into a powder will help all the same faithful assistant to each hostess - a blender. By the way, if you wish, you can slightly change the recipe of the cake, for example, by buying walnuts. Just remember that it is recommended to first dry them on a hot skillet without oil, and then add to the dish. To make the dough well afterwards, do not be lazy and sift the flour. Then pour the above mentioned amount of baking powder into it and add the resulting dry mix to the sour-egg mass. Mix all the ingredients well and pay some attention to the cherries. When you roll them in flour (enough two or three tablespoons), add the berries to the dough. Attention! Do not forget to remove the bones beforehand, otherwise one of the guests may choke. You have almost finished cooking: heat-resistant dishes or another form suitable for baking, cover with parchment. Lubricate it with oil is not necessary, here every mistress acts at her own discretion. Now carefully place the dough, leveling it with a silicone spatula. Send the product to a preheated oven, the optimum temperature of which is 180 degrees. Before the cake properly baked and browned, it will take from 40 to 60 minutes. To check its readiness use the folk method - pierce the dough with a match. If it stays dry, then it's time to take out the dish. When the base for the cake is a little cool, cut it into three equal parts and tackle the filling. Store cottage cheese is often rather small, but if you use a home, which usually consists of large lumps, rub it with a fork. Then add sugar or powder, pour the sour cream here and mix the ingredients several times with a blender, whisk or mixer. It remains a little, you can soon enjoy the truly ideal taste of your creation. So, remove the bones from the remaining cherries, then rinse them well and dry them, wrapping them in a paper towel. Excess fluid will only spoil the dish, so wait until the berries completely dry. Then grease each cake with curd cream, spreading cherries on top. Now fasten together all three parts of the future cake, lightly press them with your hands, and with the remnants of sweet mass treat the product from above and on the sides. Remember: the thicker the layer of cream, the more juicier the dish, so do not be stingy! You can decorate a dish in different ways, and if there is absolutely no time for it, you can completely bypass this procedure by side. Otherwise, there are several options: grate half the chocolate bar on the middle grater and sprinkle the curd cake with the cherry. If you decide to buy cream, do not grease the top of the product with cream, and only after processing it on the sides, top with white sweet foam and spread the fresh berries. Bon Appetit! Each recipe is individual and good in its own way, so before deciding which dish is right for you personally - to taste, the procedure for its preparation and so on - you will have to try "on yourself" by far not one dish. Perhaps the experiment will not always be successful - then the cake will burn, the dough will not rise or, for example, the cream will not work. But, as you know, patience and work ... So we wish good luck and new achievements in the culinary business! We advise you to read: