Features of the education of small boys You can often hear phrases about what to bring upboys are more difficult than girls. That they are by nature more energetic, more aggressive, more independent and manage their behavior, therefore, is much more difficult. Of course, one can not say for sure, but boys are really, as a rule, more mobile, they are more difficult to learn to calm down, concentrate, listen. On the one hand, of course, the child needs discipline and the ability to behave properly in the team, but on the other - excessive guardianship from the parents, excessive restrictions create the risk of killing a child in the baby, to raise an infantile mama's son unable to make his own decisions. Of course, we all want our children only the best, all these , expensive toys, books, trainings, allis aimed at educating the Person with a capital letter. But it is important not to forget that, for example, aggression is peculiar to absolutely all people and it is important not just to suppress it from a little boy, but to teach him to guide her to a peaceful course. As psychologists say, you can not scold boys for manifestations of aggression. The process is uncontrollable and you just need to learn to overcome and control these emissions with the baby. You do not need to teach your son that a man does not cry, that he keeps his emotions in himself - you do not want to grow a clamped, notorious person! Better help the kid to find civilized ways of expressing aggression. So, psychologists consider the purchase of a boxing pear as an excellent way out. You can direct emotions to creativity: during fits of rage, tear color paper, and then fold applications from it. An excellent option - to get a special children's home "package for anger." At the right time in this package you can yell, exhale your aggression, and then tie it and just throw it away! The main thing is to listen to your son, observe his behavior and, if necessary, consult a neurologist. Do not blindly follow all the tips found on the Internet: it's one thing to buy a digital thermometer, as you liked from reviews, and another - to choose the methods of education of a small man! We advise you to read: