anti-cellulite cream at home It is necessary to warn at once what to cookA natural cream at home is not a very simple and labor-intensive process. Quite often, it takes a lot of time to select good recipes for the cream, and afterwards its components in the required proportions. But thanks to diligence and careful work in this direction it is possible to achieve simply excellent results in the preparation of natural creams at home. Home creams have a much greater advantage compared to purchased skin care products. Not once it has been proven that if you correctly choose the recipe and ingredients for cooking, for example, wrinkle cream with your own hands, you can get at least the same result as after using factory tools. And it's not uncommon, when the result of a nutritious cream at home can be much more effective. A huge plus is also that creams with their own hands include only natural ingredients, more precisely, they absolutely do not contain hormones in their composition and will not cause addiction. Here, of course, it's all about the effect, but for most, the question of price is also important. Since in some cases natural creams may be more expensive than purchased ones and this is actually the case. After all, there are recipes in which there are quite rare exquisite ingredients, which entails a rise in the cost of the cosmetic product itself. The price of a home cream always depends on the recipe that was chosen. Those girls who believe that the cream will be produced the first time, you need to know the following: often enough it turns out that one or even the first two times the home cream obtained from you, will not approach your face skin. There will be those who are simply tired of this venture, but there will also be those who will not give up and will try to prepare the cream until they get the desired result. If you still get to make a natural cream at home, fully meet the requirements of your facial skin, then you reward in the form of healthy, radiant skin will not keep you waiting! The only drawback and at the same time the advantage of the cream with their own hands is that it takes a very short time to store it. The shelf life of such creams can be from just a few days to, which rarely happens, a few weeks. Actually, this only proves that the cream contains only natural ingredients. Nutritious and moisturizing creams at home, of course, are necessary in order to nourish and moisturize the dry skin of the face - this is clear from the name of this category. Recipes for these creams will be especially useful for normal, dry and combination skin. That is, the composition of creams of this group should include such ingredients as essential oils, beeswax, glycerin, lanolin. Rejuvenating creams at home for fading skin - this category name also speaks for itself. Ingredients that help the skin to stay young: fruits, beeswax, vegetable oils, egg yolks, vegetables, etc. To not spend a lot of time looking for ingredients that make up home creams, know that the bulk can be found in the pharmacy, but if something does not find something, then you should look in online stores, and for beeswax, go to the beekeepers. It is even possible that you have a beautiful cosmetic shop in the city where you can buy a large number of natural ingredients to prepare natural creams with your own hands.

A few tips for beginners:

  • To begin with, make a fat cream, since in it the percentage of water is very small, and its base is made up of oils.
  • You need to start with three or four components, so that you can immediately find out what the blunder was.
  • Do not be lazy: you need to beat the mixture until it is completely cool.
  • Do not forget to observe all specified temperature conditions.
  • Instead of water, you can use decoctions of chamomile, brewed karkade tea, green tea.
  • Of the tools needed for cookingcosmetic means should be noted syringe and mini mixer. The first is necessary for the most accurate dosage, and the second one is for high-quality whipping (mixing).

    The main principles of preparation of creams by one's own hands

    moisturizing cream at home At the outset, harden the solidsheating. Like honey, they should be heated with a steam bath so that they do not burn out. In order to make it easier to measure wax, it must be crushed with a knife or on a grater. Your second task will be the addition of honey, lanolin, glycerin, liquid oils and other ingredients that make up the recipe. And in the end water or a component on a water basis is added, quite often there are various infusions of grasses. When all the components are mixed, they will have to be removed from the water bath and start whipping. If you do not have a mixer, you can whip the cream with a fork. Beating the home cream is necessary until the mixture is completely cooled, and it can also be done in any cold water dish for faster cooling of the mixture. After the whipping and cooling process is completed, the prepared cream should be transferred to a pre-prepared jar.

    Stimulating wrinkle cream

    This cream of wrinkles with your own handsis intended to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and also the withering of the skin. It is necessary to take 1 tbsp. l. linseed oil, 150 ml camphor alcohol, 1 tbsp. l. honey, 200 ml of cream, 2 lemons, 3 yolks and 250 ml of boiled water. Egg yolks must be grinded with butter, add cream. Then separately squeeze the lemon juice, and the cut lemon peel should be folded in a glass jar, pour hot water, cover and leave for one or two hours. Further this infusion should be filtered, mixed with honey and lemon juice. To a mixture of yolks and cream, without stopping stirring, you need to add infusion and slowly pour camphor alcohol. All mix, pour into a bottle, shake and bring the volume of the mixture to 500 ml. Keep in a cool, dark place, and shake before use.

    Cream with the effect of lifting

    Lifting cream at home is also possibleto cook. It is best to do it with DMAE - dimethylaminoethanol. It can be bought, and it costs not so much. Many studies have already shown that it increases the elasticity of the skin well, pulling it up and helping in getting rid of pigment spots. DMAE is sold in capsules, in powder, in liquid form. If you buy it in liquid form, then you will do almost nothing: you just need to add a few drops to the base of the cream and mix thoroughly. In cosmetic production, as a rule, the ratio of 3% of DMAE is applied to 97% of the base. The main thing is to choose a well-absorbed basis, because the deeper the cream penetrates, the better the effect of DMAE. Natural bases with such qualities are aloe vera and sesame oil. If you do not want to experiment with an unknown product, then for you there are many other prescription cream lifting creams at home.

    Night cream and mountain ash cream

    So, we prepare a night cream at home. Take the recipe for a night creamy ashberry cream. For him, you need to grind one tablespoon of butter with one yolk, add a tablespoon of gruel from fresh fruits of mountain ash and one teaspoon of honey. Mix all the ingredients until smooth and apply to the skin of the face before going to bed. The effect of such a night cream at home - smoothing of fine wrinkles and even complexion.

    Nourishing cream "Calendula"

    Super effective nourishing cream in the homeconditions can be cooked quite easily. First, we prepare an oil extract of calendula flowers. We do it this way: one art. a spoonful of dried flowers of calendula need to pour 10 tbsp. spoons of any vegetable oil. Then we insist in a dark place for one week, from time to time shaking the bottle. Two teaspoons of beeswax is melted in a hot water bath. Mix the melted wax with two st. spoons of an oil extract of calendula, we add one st. a spoonful of corn oil. In still warm mass gradually introduce one tsp of glycerin. Stir until completely cooled. This cream is best used for dry skin.

    Moisturizing cream

    In order to prepare a moisturizing cream inAt home, take: one and a half teaspoons of lecithin; six teaspoons of distilled water; two teaspoons of castor oil; one and a half milliliters of glycerin; two ml of aloe juice; two ml of propolis tincture. Now we measure one and a half teaspoons of lecithin. Soak lecithin in water, that would swell - it is best to leave for an hour. You can still heat the water in a water bath so that the lecithin dispenses without lumps. But the water temperature is not more than 40 degrees. Then, after an hour, stir the lecithin and add the tincture of propolis, aloe juice, glycerin, castor oil. We beat the mixer with a mixer - and it is necessary to start at a low speed and go over to a large one. Whisk should be 3 - 5 minutes. The last step is to shift the resulting cream into a jar. body cream for your body

    Preparation of eye cream

    Cream for eyes with their own hands is prepared on the basis ofbeeswax and glycerin. There are also added essential oils, vitamins and infusions of medicinal herbs. With the same ingredients, you can also make eyelash cream with your own hands. All listed ingredients you will find in any pharmacy.

  • It is necessary to melt in a water bath st. l. unsalted interior pork fat. Add 2 liters. any vegetable oil. It is better to take olive, although apricot and peach are also suitable. All components must be mixed well, and you can already use the eyelid cream with your hands. It is necessary to lubricate the skin of the eyelids before going to bed in a day and do not rinse until the morning. The cream perfectly nourishes the skin of the eyelids.
  • Shatter the art. l. butter with raw egg yolk. Add two spoons of frayed dried flower petals or rose, or jasmine, grind again. The effect of such a cream for the eyes with their own hands is directed most at wrinkles. It is necessary to put this cream on the night on the skin under the eyes. Keep in the cold only one week.
  • Cream for rejuvenation

    So, how to prepare a rejuvenating cream inhome conditions? To cook it you will only need natural ingredients - fresh and clean leaves of parsley, nettle, currant, and rose and jasmine petals. The proportions of all components must be the same. This juice should be squeezed juice: should be at least 1 tbsp. spoons. Then, in a water bath, melt the tea. beeswax. To it is added art. a spoonful of any vegetable oil, tsp. vitamin A (in oil) and obtained l. juice. To this mixture is added a tablespoon of hot water. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed in a water bath, after removing from heat and whipping for a long time until the weight has cooled.

    Anti-cellulite cream

    Anti-cellulite cream at home can becook from the fruits of juniper and essential oil of geranium, as they perfectly treat cellulite. It is checked, from them there is a fine anti-cellulite cream by own hands. All that needs to be done is to mix five drops of juniper fruit and five drops of geranium oil with 15 grams. rose hips seed oil. Such a mixture is easy to make, it is accessible to everyone, absolutely safe, completely natural and remarkably effective. For an excellent anti-cellulite cream with your own hands, you just have to mix these oils, and then wipe all the places of your body that bring anxiety, and wait for the results from a beautiful anti-cellulite cream at home. In addition to the cream, some still prepare anti-cellulite gel cream at home. Against problem zones, there is nothing more effective than a gel cream at home, made on the basis of orange sweet oil.


    Sunscreen with your own hands can also be made 100% natural. So, for a natural sunscreen your own hands will need:

    • 3 tbsp. spoons of unrefined sesame oil
    • 1 tbsp. spoon of unrefined avocado oil
    • 1 tbsp. spoon of unrefined jojoba oil
    • 1 tbsp. spoon of almond oil or walnuts
    • 1 tbsp. a shea butter spoon
    • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of cocoa butter
    • 1 teaspoon of beeswax
    • 1 teaspoon of liquid soybean lecithin
    • 2 tbsp. spoon of aloe vera gel
    • 2 tbsp. spoons of lavender hydrolat or rose
    • ½ tsp borax
    • 20 drops of carrot seed oil
    • 3-5 drops of coconut oil (if desired)

    Prepare this cream according to the same scheme as allprevious cream for facial skin. To achieve maximum protection, it must be applied 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. By the same schemes, the body cream itself is prepared. And with a strong desire, you can even make a foundation.


    The most common answer to the question is howto make a home foundation, it sounds like this: mix the suitable loose powder with a light baby cream. Here to you and a voice-frequency cream the hands - it is very simple. But there is a really serious technology for creating a foundation for home use. Here is the recipe for the foundation for a foundation with your own hands:

    • Solid phase - emulsifiers 7.0 percent
    • Sucrose stearate 4.0 percent
    • Planta M 3.0 percent
    • Liquid oils of 8.0 percent
    • Cannabis 3.0 percent
    • Sasankva (Japanese camellia) oil 2.0 percent
    • Cucumber seeds 3.0 percent
    • WF 75.5 percent
    • Distilled water 75.5 percent
    • Additions of 9.5 percent
    • D-Panthenol 1.0 Percent
    • Fish oil 1.0 percent
    • Propolis water 1.0 percent
    • Extract of Horsetail field glycol 2.20 percent
    • WILLOWHERB ™ 1.50 percent
    • Dimethicone 1.00 percent
    • Allantoin 0.50 percent
    • Preservative Potassium sorbate 0.30 percent
    • Essential oils for 30 grams of cream:
    • Lime 2 drops
    • Myrtle 2 drops
    • Rosemary (extra) 2 drops

    So, how do we do foundation cream at home: all components are heated in a water bath and mixed. When the mixture has cooled down - the active phase is gently poured into it, mixed with a stick. Then essential oils are added. So it turns out a cream base, in which mineral powder is added, and a foundation is ready at home. We advise you to read: