casserole with meat and mushrooms Usually the hostess serves borsch or soup,second - porridge with garnish, pasta with sausage, patties with mashed potatoes. If you want to make variety in the menu and treat your relatives something unusual, we suggest making a potato casserole with meat and mushrooms. This dish alone will be replaced by two dishes, as it turns out to be very satisfying and appetizing. Its huge plus is in the simplicity of cooking and availability of the necessary products. If you decide to master these recipes, then we begin our culinary excursion.

Baked potato casserole with double stuffing

Cooking for this recipe will take awayyou do not have more than half an hour. Please note that these ingredients are designed for eight people, so if you make a dish for a large company, naturally, you will have to increase the number of necessary products. Ingredients:

  • 18 potatoes
  • fresh pork mince - ½ kg
  • the same amount of ground beef
  • 300 grams of champignons (you can use any other mushrooms)
  • three medium bulbs
  • one egg
  • one ripe tomato
  • salt and spices at your own discretion
  • 300 milliliters of milk
  • 200 grams of hard cheese (do not necessarily buy expensive varieties)
  • one package of sour cream

Cooking method: Begin with potato cleaning, when finished, put it in a deep saucepan with slightly salted water and cook until ready. Then drain the excess liquid and rastolkite the vegetable in puree, adding in it a pre-whipped egg and warm milk, slightly heated on low heat. The main task is to achieve a homogeneous mass without lumps, therefore, to facilitate your efforts, you can use a blender or a mixer. If you are preparing a casserole for a child, then putting the egg is recommended only at home, in which quality you are 100% sure. Instead, add a piece of butter in the mashed potatoes. While the potatoes cool, make minced meat. To do this, cut small cubes onions and fry it until translucent in the saucepan with the addition of vegetable oil. When the vegetable gets a barely noticeable golden hue, enter the small tomato cut into small pieces. Cook with constant stirring: as soon as you see that the juice has appeared, lay out the mushrooms, which before that, peel and cut into thin circles. All ingredients are stewed on low heat under the lid for no longer than ten minutes. At the very end, add the already salted mixture of beef and pork minced meat. So that it does not take up the lumps, before it, mash it in a separate bowl, and if desired, season it with ground black pepper. Fry minced meat with a low flame of the hotplate until the product changes color - it should lighten. The filling for the casserole is ready, it remains to assemble the dish. This is very simple: lubricate the inside of the mold with vegetable oil, lay on the bottom ½ of the puree and well level it with a special spatula. The second layer consists of cooled minced meat, which also needs a little "nail", and at the very end is laid out the remaining potatoes. To brown the dish and turn a golden crust, mix grated cheese with sour cream and grease the casserole, gently leveling it. It remains to work for a small - send your creation in the oven. The recommended cooking temperature is 200 degrees on average. Already after about 20 minutes you can get the dish and eat it, watering with mayonnaise, sour cream or cream. potato casserole with meat and mushrooms

Casserole with potato stuffed with pork and mushrooms

Potato casserole is an ideal dish forlazy people. Every woman has a moment when there is simply no strength to go out into the kitchen, but do not leave the same members of her family hungry? It is for such cases that you will find this simple recipe useful. We used fresh meat, which was boiled and passed through a meat grinder. However, to save time and energy, you can buy ready-made forcemeat: with it you do not have to suffer for a long time - it will be enough to salt, pepper and carefully knead. Ingredients:

  • one and a half kilograms of white potatoes (we recommend using a crumbly variety)
  • three chicken eggs
  • flour - three large spoons
  • salt
  • half a pound of pork
  • 500 grams of fresh mushrooms (we added champignons)
  • sunflower oil - for frying
  • two rather big bulbs
  • black pepper (ground) - if desired
  • 20 grams of sour cream
  • one yolk
  • a little butter (you need to lubricate the mold)

Cooking method: Peel the boiled potatoes, then rastolkite and after adding the amount of flour and whipped eggs indicated in the recipe, stir well. To get rid of lumps and achieve perfect uniformity, we recommend using a blender. Salt and pepper the dish only at its own discretion, because everyone has their own wishes. Now it's time to make minced meat. To do this, put the meat on medium heat, adding a few pinch of table salt to the water. In the meantime, cut a small onion into small pieces and fry it in a saucepan, which is filled with vegetable oil. When the pork is ready, chop it with chunks and crush it with a meat grinder, then combine it with onions and then squash a few more minutes. If you want the dish to be juicy enough, add a little broth to the frying pan and cover it with a lid. The second part of the filling consists of mushrooms and again onions. You need to cut both ingredients (champignons - cubes) and fry them in a frying pan with butter, sprinkling with pepper and salt on your personal taste. Now go to the final stage of preparing a fragrant dish - the casserole assembly. Take the form - it can be as a detachable metal, and glass heat-resistant dishes or a conventional frying pan - and cover it with parchment, previously oiled. Then lay out the products layer by layer, each new "floor" leveling with a kitchen spatula: first comes 0.5 potatoes, after - meat, a little mashed potatoes, then a mushroom filling and the crown of creation is the remaining potatoes. Now whisk with sour cream sour cream with yolk and mix with the mixture, process the top of the dish. If you still have champignons, cut them into mugs and decorate the dish, which is cooked in the oven at a temperature of no more than 220 degrees. Keep in mind that the less heat in the oven, the longer it should keep the casserole. You can serve your culinary masterpiece both hot and cold. As a sauce may suit mayonnaise, which can also be made with your own hand, sour cream or not too fat homemade cream.

Potato casserole stuffed with chicken

Most women prefer light andlow-fat foods, besides, not every stomach is able to digest beef or pork. Therefore, we will tell you a recipe for a potato casserole with a filling of dietary chicken meat. This dish can be prepared for dinner or treat them to girlfriends by arranging a hen party at home. In addition, it is ideal for a warm family meeting at the festive table. Now you will have another reason to come together! Ingredients:

  • condiments - if desired
  • slightly less than a kilogram of potatoes
  • champignons (or other mushrooms) - 400 grams
  • ½ kg of chicken fillet
  • 150 grams of "Russian" cheese (you can buy any product at will)
  • onions - two pieces
  • 4 grams of salt
  • one and a half cup warm milk
  • one egg
  • two tablespoons of olive oil (recommended to use refined)

Cooking method: For casserole you can buy any meat: a brisket or a thigh. However, if you want to save time, it's better to use chicken fillet - it does not require cutting and there is less headache with it. Just cut it in thin strips. To begin with, peel onions and chop it with thin semirings, and mushrooms - small pieces. It is not necessary to use fresh mushrooms - if you have dried, put them. However, such fungi must be prepared in advance - pour hot water and insist for fifteen minutes. Then drain the remainder of the liquid and fry them a little in the pan, adding vegetable oil. There is also a second option: boil the dried mushrooms, and then follow the same technology that is described in the previous case, that is, briefly protivoshite product. Instead of champignons in the filling for casserole, you can put honey agarics, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms - in general, everything to which the soul lies. So, we sorted out the mushrooms, now we proceed to the next stage. Take the slices of chicken, sprinkle them with salt and seasonings to your taste, then put into the already warmed sauté pan, adding a little vegetable oil, and fry, without stopping stirring. When the meat brightens, enter the onion, mushrooms and keep on low heat for about seven minutes. While the filling cools, prepare potatoes: peel and cut into circles with a thick finger, then place exactly half of the portion received in a greased dish. Next come such layers of products: onions with mushrooms and chicken, sprinkled with salt and spices, and the remaining potatoes. Achieve the ruddy and crispy crust you will help the following mixture: combine in one bowl warmed milk and eggs, whipping the ingredients with a whisk. Now grease with a special brush casserole and put it in the oven, which by this time should already be heated (the recommended temperature is 190 degrees). Preliminarily grate Russian cheese, and after half an hour, take the dish out of the oven, sprinkle it on top and then hold it in the oven for about ten minutes. This casserole can be safely attributed to the category of fast food, as its preparation takes quite a bit of time. But if there is a desire, and also an opportunity, you can try another option: boil the potatoes and, adding a small piece of butter, make a mashed potatoes. The dish is laid out in the same layers as in the previous recipe, that is: ½ potatoes, onion-mushroom filling, chicken, remnants of mashed potatoes. Poured all the mixture of milk and eggs, sprinkled with grated cheese. In principle, instead of these ingredients, you can use sour cream, cream or mayonnaise - in the end, you will still get the long-awaited golden crust. delicious potato casserole with meat and mushrooms

Casserole "Sharp pleasure" with chicken, paprika and mushrooms

This recipe is suitable for lovers of spicy dishes. It can be used to prepare a casserole for a holiday, as well as for an ordinary family dinner or dinner. Ingredients:

  • butter
  • two garlic cloves
  • 300 grams of any fresh mushrooms
  • two onions
  • red paprika - two pieces
  • 80 grams of sunflower oil
  • yellow paprika - two pieces
  • 15 grams of flour
  • half a liter of milk
  • some mascarpone cheese
  • one medium boiled chicken
  • ground paprika - if desired
  • ground black pepper
  • salt - according to your taste
  • kilogram of white friable potatoes

Cooking method: The very first thing you need to do is boil the chicken. When it is ready, remove the skin, separate the meat from the bones and cut it into thin slices. Peel the potatoes and put the vegetable, filled with salted water, on a weak fire. While it is being cooked, crush the garlic with the help of the press and place it in a sauté pan with hot vegetable oil, then enter here the diced onions, mushrooms and both kinds of paprika. Fry with constant stirring, and when the pepper becomes soft, turn off the hotplate. In a separate bowl, put a piece of butter, after it has melted, pour the flour and cook it for a couple of minutes until you get a golden hue. Then pour the pasteurized milk here and enter the previously forked cheese. Now turn the ground paprika, salt and black pepper, which you put in your discretion. Stir thoroughly all the ingredients and add all the contents of the saucepan to them. By this time, the potatoes will be ready, pouring out excess liquid, rastolkite it in a homogeneous mass without lumps. You are almost finished, there is very little left - to collect the future casserole. Lubricate the inner edges and the bottom of the heatproof form with oil and lay out the products: first half the puree, after - chicken, mushrooms with onion and paprika and the remaining potatoes. Pour the dish with a spicy dairy sauce and send it to the oven, setting the temperature at 200 degrees. Approximately half an hour you can call your relatives to the table. Cooking can be prepared from any products and according to different recipes. Perhaps using these or other tips, you will soon create your own unique dish. Therefore we wish successes in culinary creativity! We advise you to read: