potato casserole with minced meat and cheese Puree with meat is no surprise. If you want to bring a variety of the usual menu, but you absolutely do not have time to prepare delicious dishes, we suggest taking a simple recipe for a hearty dish. Potato casserole with cheese and minced meat is very delicious and rosy - it can be served not only hot, but also in a cooled form. This is a quick dish - the ideal dinner option for bachelors and busy women.

Potato casserole stuffed with minced meat and onion

Potato casserole is prepared in different ways: some prefer to make it from mashed potatoes, while others prefer to cut vegetables with rings, and then cover with minced meat. Each has its own taste, in addition, the second option is less time-consuming. Preparation of a dish according to this recipe will take you 40 minutes, but the food will turn out simply excellent! Ingredients:

  • 500 grams of ground beef
  • bulb
  • eight pieces of potatoes
  • two eggs
  • 150 grams of any cheese
  • 20 grams of flour
  • Salt and pepper - to taste
  • breading
  • three tablespoons of sour cream

Cooking method: To make the potato casserole delicious, buy a vegetable of white varieties, which is well boiled. So, peel it from the peel, put it in a saucepan, pour it over with water, sprinkle a little and put it on a stove. When the potatoes are ready, mash it, then enter the eggs with flour pre-whipped until homogenous in a separate bowl. Stir well all the ingredients and leave the puree to cool. Now pay attention to the preparation of the filling: peel the onion and cut it into small cubes, then put it in a frying pan with preheated vegetable oil. Mince the salt with salt, pepper and carefully mash with a fork so that the mass does not take up lumps. Then combine it with onions and fry, stirring regularly until the meat lightens a little. The casserole is almost ready - it remains to collect all the ingredients and form a dish. Take a deep baking sheet and oil its bottom and walls with vegetable oil. If you want the dish to turn out crisp, sprinkle the dishes inside with breadcrumbs. Lay out a piece of potatoes, on top - grated cheese (half of the total amount of this product) and cover everything with minced meat. Then make another layer of the remaining ingredients and grease the "roof" of the dish with sour cream. The casserole comes to the ready in the oven at a temperature of at least 200 degrees. When its surface is covered with a crust, take out the food and cover it with foil or food film. Let it stand for about half an hour, so that all layers are well glued together. It can happen that the dish does not work - it will break up into parts. But this does not mean that you did something wrong. Next time try to cook not peeled potatoes, but in a uniform. Culinary professionals often use this technique to prepare a casserole. The fact is that in this way starch remains inside the vegetable, which affects the strength of the building: it serves as a glue, fastening among themselves different layers of the dish. So your potato casserole with hard cheese and ground beef will definitely come out not only tasty, but also beautiful. Good luck! delicious potato casserole with minced meat and cheese

Casserole with cheese and pork

This potato pudding is prepared abouthalf an hour, that is, even faster than a dish from the previous recipe, because you will not need to make mashed potatoes. The food with pork forcemeat will be to taste to all: adults, children and the elderly. It is nourishing and not fat, so that it can digest any stomach, and without any harm to health. By the way, if you do not have solid cheese, use fused or do without it at all. In this case, to the top of the product browned, grease it with cream or sour cream. Ingredients:

  • slightly more than half a kilogram of potatoes
  • pork and beef - 200 grams each
  • vegetable oil - for lubricating dishes
  • onions - one piece
  • salt
  • 200 grams of Russian cheese (or use any one at your discretion)
  • 100 milliliters of sour cream
  • black pepper (ground) - if desired
  • small bunch of fresh greens

Cooking method: If you have enough time, we recommend making a filling of pork and beef yourself. In this case, you will be completely confident in its quality and taste, because not always the store product is really excellent. If there is no time, go to the nearest supermarket and buy ready-made stuffing, which in the process of preparation do not forget to pepper, salt and knead well with a fork. Now back to the casserole: first cut medium pieces of both kinds of meat, peeled bulb, send all the ingredients to the blender. Here, tear your hands with greens or finely chop it, after whipping the foods until smooth. In the absence of a food processor, use an ordinary meat grinder. When you make minced meat, sprinkle a little and pepper it on your own. It should not be too thick or liquid, so add one or two tablespoons of water and mix thoroughly. At the next stage of cooking, you should take potatoes. Peel it from the peel and cut into not too thick circles. If the vegetable is not very young and fairly solid, it is better to boil it in water (no longer than five minutes from the boiling point). So the casserole turns out soft, juicy and appetizing. You are almost close to completion - there is not much left. Treat the insides of the mold with vegetable oil and lay a layer of potatoes in it (but not all), sprinkle with salt, pepper and grease with sour cream. Then comes the hard cheese, grated in advance, again the mugs of potatoes and minced meat. Each "floor" of the dish can be impregnated with mayonnaise or another sauce, for example, a mixture of whipped eggs and milk. Put the remaining potatoes on the dish, grate the cheese and treat everything with sour cream to make the dish brown. Bake the product in the oven for slightly more than half an hour, the recommended temperature is 200 degrees. Let's give some tips about cooking this dish. Note that the filling, whipped with a blender, will be very shallow, in consistency similar to a mashed puree, only meat. To make mincemeat look more attractive, pass it through a meat grinder. Another thing: onions can not be added to the pork-beef mass. Instead, cut it with rings and marinate in water with sugar and table vinegar, and then lay out layers, like the rest of the casseroles. potato casserole with minced meat and cheese recipe

Baked potato casserole with tender chicken

This potato casserole is suitable not only forquiet family dinner, but also for a small celebration in the circle of close friends. It is prepared with chicken forcemeat and not with regular cheese, but with Parmesan, which, combined with paprika and other spices, gives the dish a piquancy and unsurpassed flavor. Ingredients:

  • six medium potatoes
  • one egg
  • olive oil
  • 350 grams of chicken minced meat
  • 70 grams of Parmesan cheese
  • ground paprika
  • fat homemade cream - a few spoons to lubricate the dish
  • spices - to taste

Cooking method: This recipe is somewhat different from the previous ones, and now you will find out exactly what. Cleaned potatoes do not need to be cut - grate it with large strips on the grater. Chicken eggs boil, after cooling under running water, remove from them the shell and also crush. Combine the above ingredients in one bowl and mix well. As for the stuffing, we used a ready-made product, which you just need to salt and pepper. However, you can do differently: buy a small chicken fillet or breast, cut the meat in large pieces and pass through a meat grinder, and whisk it better with a blender. Then add minced salt and paprika to your taste and a little grated Parmesan, leaving the part for further cooking. Treat the bottom and inside edges of the baking tray with olive oil, if there is parchment or baking paper, cover it with utensils so that the product does not burn. Now lay the ½ potato on the bottom, grease it with cream, and evenly distribute the chicken minced on top. The last layer of the dish consists of the remaining potatoes, which must be sprinkled with cheese, paprika and sprinkled with cream. The latter, by the way, can be safely replaced with sour cream or delicate mayonnaise. Cook the food in the oven until it browns. It will take from half an hour to 45 minutes. Baked potato casserole is an independent dish, to which salty cucumbers, mushrooms, sauerkraut and fresh vegetables are suitable as snacks. Most water it with sour cream, but there are a lot of other sauces. For example, take note of such a recipe: boil 50 grams of champignons and fry them with onions. In a separate frying pan in vegetable oil, brown the flour, dilute it with mushroom broth, salt, pepper slightly and combine with the above ingredients. We advise you to read: