cashmere coat Chic cashmere coat women will warm younot only by the quality of the material, but also by its beauty, so it is perfect for those who love warmth and comfort. This is not surprising, since cashmere is a very gentle and warm material. It can be combined with clothing made of cotton fabric. Soft makeup and pink lipstick will help you complete the image. Perceive only those manifestations of fashion that are right for you! It's pointless to try to adapt to the image and do something supernatural with yourself. So, let's look at the cashmere coat and decide whether to wear it.

  • Redingotes, trench coats and gowns are favoritesthe 2016 season. Comfortable and warm female cashmere coat will allow you to look very elegant, if you choose the size that fits your figure.
  • Again, elegant and simple collars,made of unimaginable and complex materials. They took a more romantic outline, because now the focus is on the inner world and the person's face.
  • The hood this year is no longer in fashion. The audience turned away from him, as past experiences with complex models from the technical point of view proved to be a failure.
  • Simple loose sleeves of straight cut - this is all that designers offer us in this season. They try not to experiment, although they can afford some deviations.
  • Significant changes have occurred in color trends: the classical colors and the uniformity of the tasks set free a place of diversity and multicolor.
  • We reject with indignation huge buttons andlightning. Clasp this year should be hidden or unobtrusive, and the buttons should be in tone with the coat. Pseudo-stones, stanzas and cheap gilding are out of fashion.
  • Fashion designers allowed us to rely on our own tastewhen choosing the length. At the same time, you could see long ankles and shortened to the knee at the shows. This means that minor adjustments, taking into account the desire to show beautiful legs, are still made.

Fashionable in 2016 cashmere coat to wear and spring,but in the rain it is better to change it to a jacket or a raincoat, as the tenderness of this material imposes some prohibitions on the use of the product. At washing it is recommended to use soft means which do not influence gentle properties of cashmere; but it is best to use dry cleaning services, which is especially good with problem spots. Closing this topic, I want to add that you should not absolutely obey and trust the opinions of leading experts and designers in the field of fashion - just try on a cashmere coat, choose a model to your liking, put on, please yourself and have fun!