is there a friendship between a girl and a boyfriend Unequivocally answer this question themselves womencan not. Some say that they have and even cite their friendly relations with their classmates and fellow students at the institute. Others seriously think about whether there can be friendship between a guy and a girl, seeing a lot of contradictory life examples. Still others categorically state that it does not happen, that all such relationships are based on sexual attraction. So it's just necessary to understand this question and find out whether there is friendship, what kind of friendship it can be and why it is needed at all. We suggest starting with the opinion of psychologists and determining whether these feelings can bind guys and girls, men and women. People who say that there are no really good friends of different sexes usually argue their opinion with physiology. So, they argue that the male sympathy for the woman in most cases is based on leniency and the desire to please. In other words, a young guy, fulfilling the wishes of a girl, helping her at work and in domestic situations, listening to all her personal secrets, always tries to impress and become not just a friend. Considering the situation under such an angle, one can come to the conclusion that all relationships between people of different sexes are initially implicated in the desire for sex. But do not think that friendship between a guy and a girl is impossible, because there is a second point of view on this question, which, by the way, is shared by most psychologists. Experts are sure that two people of different sex do not necessarily have to be just friends who communicate in the same company. Yes, a guy and a girl can be great friends, and this fact is explained very simply. Each of us, irrespective of sex, enjoys pleasant communication. It, in turn, is based on mutual interests, hobbies, principles. And if the communication between a guy and a girl is just that, that is, pleasant, it inevitably brings them closer together. Two people start to worry about each other, take care, give support. What is it, if not friendship? Of course, over time it can become love, or, conversely, break off (unfortunately, it also happens, but this is life). By the way, the iron argument in favor of an affirmative answer to the question of whether there is friendship between a guy and a girl is the fact that a relationship of this kind is necessary for every woman. Yes, modern psychologists emphasize that any beauty, even one who does not have a rebound from enthusiastic admirers, needs a man-friend. Such a relationship with a person of the opposite sex will be useful in several senses at once. is there a friendship between a guy and a girl

Why should a girl be friends with a guy?

  • There is no competition between friends of different sexes, noconstant comparison. Any girlfriends, even the oldest, good, cool, always at least in some ways, but are guided by each other. In life, it often happens that a girl, albeit not openly, but at the level of the subconscious, compares herself with her friend and looks at which of the two is prettier, whose fans are more respectable, who have a better life and career. In conditions of such competition, especially losing, a girl can not or does not want to trust all her secrets to a woman close to her. But the man - easily. A guy is not a competitor - he just can not compete with a girl on any of the above points. Building and developing friendly relations with a man, a woman can feel confident.
  • A young and handsome guy can be greatcompanion for hiking somewhere. Appearing with a handsome on the corporate, the girl can annoy the female gossip. In addition, it's a great way to prove your attractiveness and sense of taste: when you come with a smart knight, the woman also shows that she was able to interest him in something. And it's not so important that this companion is not really an enthusiastic admirer, but a friend - they do not know about it. In addition, having appeared at the event with a nice guy, you can make someone jealous: it often happens that the presence of another chevalier, that is, a competitor, causes the man to act more resolutely.
  • A man has another psychology, so he cangive advice in a situation in which even the best friend will be powerless. Moreover, in many life situations the opinion of the guy who looks at the girl objectively, rather than through the prism of love relations, is most useful. So, a friend can safely say that this blouse does not go, that you need to lose weight or get well. With him, a woman, at least, will know how it is perceived by men.
  • It is convenient to be friends with a guy at least because ofdiversity. When girlfriends with all their problems get bored, it's nice to chat with a man who has other worries. It's no secret that men live in other interests, so they can always find new topics for conversation. In addition, the boys are more relaxed about communication: they do not need to call up every day, they will not be offended if you forget to ask how they are doing today. It often happens that friends of different sexes do not meet and do not talk to each other for quite a long time (for example, a week, two, three). But when they start to communicate, so there's always enough for conversations, and two people get real pleasure from sharing news and opinions.
  • For many girls to be friends with a man it is convenient stilland from a practical point of view. The guy can always be asked to nail down the shelf, make a rosette, move the cabinets and other heavy furniture. A friend will not refuse help, but in return it can be fed with a delicious lunch or dinner. And do not doubt, relations based on practicality, often are strong, not taut and cool. This is just the case when violent passions are replaced by equal feelings of affection and respect.
  • In short, friendship with a guy is convenient for a girl - sheit may well arise and last a long time, almost all my life. But we need to understand that this relationship has its own "pitfalls." It happens that between a guy and a girl there are circumstances that destroy the strongest friendship. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the possible nuances of such relations. is there a friendship between a guy and a girl

    What can destroy the friendship between the girl and the guy?

    • Changes in personal life - of course, someone fromfriends (or both) sooner or later there is a second half. And it often happens that this new person can not understand or accept such a friendship - he becomes jealous, wants more attention to himself. It can even reach the requirement to stop such a close communication with the opposite sex. Of course, it often happens that the opposite situation occurs when a girl lives with a boyfriend or husband, and she has a new friend (for example, a dance partner, an employee, or any other person with whom she has become close for some reason). In this case, too, there may be quarrels, resentments, scandals. Therefore it is important to understand that changes in personal life can also destroy friendship, because when choosing between two people, not every woman will refuse her future husband for the sake of a good friend, and not every man will leave his second half because of his girlfriend.
    • "Masks", that is, when a guy at the verybusiness is a fan who is willing to wait for his chance for years. Such a person can only "play" a friendship: when there will be some changes in the girl's personal life (for example, parting with a boyfriend or divorce with her husband), he will immediately offer his candidacy. However, it often happens that a man wants something more, but he is also willing to be a friend, just not to lose a woman dear to his heart. "Mask" can be different, but the very fact of its presence can ruin the friendship. Especially when the girl is not ready to continue as closely to communicate with a man who is unrequitedly in love with her.
    • Failures during the "lull" in his personal life. If a man and a woman communicate closely for a long time, they freely enough discuss topics of sex. Moreover, real friends always share problems, talk about the situation on the personal front. And in the appropriate circumstances (for both long time there was simply no sex, young people fell into a romantic atmosphere, relaxed, drank) it happens that the evening dedicated to communication ends on a stormy night. But the next day the consequences will not keep you waiting. Perhaps a guy with a girl will be in love with a couple, get married and become happily married. Maybe they will meet for a short time and part, but retain and even strengthen their friendly relations, because they will be connected more common points. But it happens and so when after such casual sex the man and the woman begin to feel awkward. They try not to touch upon this topic or call it a mistake, between them there is a growing tension, they begin to less often communicate and meet. As a result, the warmth of their relationship gradually fades. The last option should be kept in mind, even if you are not against anything to not commit sex for friendship.

    Close and lasting communication between young peoplepeople of different sex is always associated with a number of nuances. That's the question of whether it is possible friendship between a guy and a girl, you can answer in the affirmative only with a reservation. Yes, it exists, but only then, each of them seeks to respect another person, when they are both related by mutual interests, easily communicate and strive to be friends, not lovers, ordinary acquaintances or business partners. We advise you to read: