1 Most of us choose a Christmas tree on the Christmas treeBazaar - not in the nearest park to cut a green beauty. Choose a tree with flexible and elastic branches - this is a sign of a freshly spruce spruce, the old woman can easily be distinguished by fragile and dry twigs - we do not need such a tree, she is unlikely to survive delivery to the apartment, fill all around with needles, and instead of fluffy branches will leave only rods. If you buy a Christmas tree beforehand, then leave it on the balcony before the holiday, because, after getting into the heat, it will quickly begin to dry and crumble.

How to preserve the beauty of the Christmas tree

And, if in the woods behind the Christmas tree looked after the frost,her in a snow coat, then in the apartment herringbone begins to show all her capricious nature: in the room it is hot, but in the draft will get cold, besides, she constantly wants to drink. But, knowing a few rules, any capricious Christmas tree will stay until the Old New Year. First, clean the bark on the trunk of centimeters by 10, and then put the herringbone in a mixture of water and glycerin; Vodichka should be permanent, and its level above the level of the cut of the bark. 5 g. citric acid, 6 g. gelatin and 16 g. crushed chalk, dissolved in 3 liters of water - this mixture will also help the Christmas tree stay beautiful longer. Just do not forget to remove the bark and add pure water to the vessel as it absorbs. The easiest way to preserve the beauty of the Christmas tree is to put it in a bucket of wet sand, to which half a teaspoon of garden urea is added. But do not forget about daily watering and sprinkling of branches, otherwise there will not be any sense from a bucket of sand. A little aspirin in water is detrimental to bacteria and useful for herringbone; if you decide to extend her beauty with aspirin, then add salt and sugar to the water - so that the Christmas tree has something to feed on. Very often a Christmas tree is put in a stand or on a cross. How to be in this case? Give the Christmas tree a drink of warm water with glycerin (a couple of hours is enough), and then pour the cut with wax or paraffin. But do not use all the recipes at the same time - one is enough to keep the tree in the apartment until the 8th of March. This is not only a symbol of the New Year, but also a powerful source of positive energy, especially if the tree is in the right corner. We advise you to read: