The dry summer is behind us, and now,it would seem, nothing threatens our hair: neither dryness, nor burning out. You can relax. However, experts warn that the winter is an even more insidious season for our head of hear than a hot summer. After all, for a reason, the stars living in a warm climatic zone, with the onset of Californian "cold weather", are in a hurry to protect their skin and hair with additional measures. Head massage, nourishing masks, dosed use of styling and refusal to use straightening irons are far from being the whole list of rules that the celebrity is trying to adhere to with the onset of cold weather. And they do it right. Advice of professionals and properly chosen hair care products will help not only to save, but also to increase the beauty and health of the curls.

Great drought

The main problem of hair in winteris increased dryness. After all, at this time of year, we use the hair dryer more often than in the summer, after drying the strands regularly. Complicating the situation and a sharp change in temperature. Leaving the warm room on the street and back, we expose our hair to this test, which is almost impossible to avoid. Therefore, not to injure an already weakened hair and thereby reduce the damage to a minimum - this is in our power. Try to abandon hot irons. Also be as it is possible more cautiously with the hair drier. Of course, completely abandoning it is simply unrealistic, but at least occasionally let your locks dry up naturally. Choose the right arsenal of hair care products. And the result will not keep you waiting, after a month your hair will noticeably improve.

Right choice

Change the usual shampoo and conditioner tomoisturizers even if you think that you do not have any problems with your hair. Take a rule once a week to use a shampoo for deep cleansing of hair and scalp. This will not only save the excess styling, but also help them breathe in the literal sense of the word. In addition, it will fully absorb all the nutrient-moisturizing components of the masks used. Experts advise to apply the mask directly in the shower. After all, under the influence of vapors, the useful components penetrate deep into the hair deepest. It is recommended to wash off with cool water. This will help the hair scales not only close, but also securely seal the moisture in them. After the procedure, the curls will become lively and shiny, without a hint of dullness.

The nature product

Despite a huge selection of different tools forhair care, top stylists urge us to experiment with home recipes. A few hours before washing your head, apply olive oil on your strands and wrap your head with a towel. The result will not take long: after the first mask hair will become soft and silky. Silent by complicating the previous recipe by adding a beaten egg and avocado pulp, you will get a more nutritious mix, which they like to pamper their curls between visits to beauty salons of Hollywood divas. True, Demi Moore, unlike Cameron Diaz, relies on castor oil.

Important little things

  • Hair coloring is a hugestress for your ringlets. Therefore, if you prefer to paint them every 2-3 months, it is advisable to do this before the onset of colds. Since the temperature drops repeatedly amplify it.
  • High humidity in winter makes hair more fluffy and unruly. Use of smoothing shampoos and conditioners will help to avoid a similar problem.
  • In the cold because of the headdress, the hair beginsto become electrified. To cope with this kind of problem, apply a little varnish to the comb and before you go out onto the street, lightly walk over her hair.
  • Regularly use serums and balsams for split ends. These products moisturize and smooth the damaged hair.

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