feet care Women love to look after their faces andperfectly know how and what to do in order to look great. But we often leave our feet without proper attention - and this is completely in vain. Think about how much time you spend on your feet, how often do you wear a high heel? And how often do you do massage and various water procedures? Agree, many can not compare these concepts. But the care for your feet needs regular, otherwise it will all end sadly: the nails will become thick and ingrown, the heels will begin to crack, and there will be no talk of any chic and luxurious appearance. The simplest thing that you can do is enroll in a beauty salon for the procedure of a full pedicure. What does it mean? You will make a foot bath, hold a massage session, and make mud wraps. Next on the line is a professional pedicure - and your legs will "run along the path" rested and rejuvenated. But this procedure is quite expensive, and many ladies just frankly feel sorry for their "hard earned" for this pleasure. Meanwhile, foot care at home can also be carried out at a professional level.

Water procedures

You have to start with the baths. There is nothing complicated in this, but there are many pleasures, and it will be useful for the lower extremities. So, pour into a basin of warm water. Can be hotter - if your goal is to strip off the heels. Only here it is necessary to take into account some limitations:

  • Do not make hot baths at elevated pressure;
  • Such procedures are prohibited at elevated temperatures;
  • With varicose veins and the existing thrombosis, too, you can not use too hot water.

You can take not just water, but herbal infusion. Ideal for: chamomile, thyme, burdock leaves, oak bark. With such procedures, the skin is discarded, and the upper layer of the epidermis will begin to flake off - these are dead cells, they are absolutely not needed. Just do not take it into your head with a shaving machine, scissors or a knife. Yes, there are also such ladies who by this extreme method scrape their heels. But this is very dangerous: first, there is always the opportunity to get hurt; secondly, with such a process, infection can be recorded in micro-scars; thirdly, this is a rather painful procedure. In order not to suffer and not to injure yourself, resort to the following:

  • Rip off the skin well;
  • Gently rub your feet with a washcloth;
  • Now you can rub the heels and soles with a special stone (pumice stone) - this will remove all the "extra" skin.

After this procedure, dry your feet and oil them with a foot cream. Can be any, but it is preferable to use anti-inflammatory or moisturizing. foot care at home

Nail care

In order to feel free to wear shoes with an open toe, you need to take care of your nails. Pedicure should be done just after water procedures - the skin is steamed and easily treatable:

  • Clear the area around the nail, push away the cuticle and excess skin with a wooden stick;
  • Carefully prune the cuticle with a special device that can be found in the pedicure set;
  • Cut your nails, be sure to follow the corners - the common problem of ingrown nails begins with incomplete pedicure;
  • Degrease the nail plate and dry;
  • Apply the lacquer neatly, not smudging the skin around the marigold.

That's all the wisdom. But this is only at first glance everything is easy and simple. But in fact - it is also necessary to adapt to such a procedure. First, choose a comfortable pose, and secondly, turn off the phone - let no one bother you. And, third, adhere to the following rules:

  • Care for your feet always begin with water procedures - not steamed skin and fingernails to handle correctly is almost impossible;
  • If you do not know how to properly cut the cuticle, then do not try. It is better to simply move it with a wooden stick;
  • In no case can you cut off the skin around the nail, no matter how it does not bother you;
  • You can cut nails in different ways: if you apply a French pedicure, it is better to give the nail plate a "spatula" shape, and if you prefer a classic monophonic lacquer, then make the nails oval;
  • For applying varnish with neat strokes, use a special device - "spacer" for the fingers. With this decision, you will never dirty the skin of your feet.

Please note that taking care of your feet at hometakes enough time, so choose a moment so that there is no need to hurry. But what about those who are restricted by the use of hot tubs? In this case, you can simply wash your feet in warm water and thoroughly rub them with a washcloth. Apply a little strength - so you can steam your skin and nails. Next, do everything according to the scenario described above.

If you have a fungus

Unfortunately, the fungus on my legs has long ceased to bea rarity. You can catch it anywhere: on the beach, in the sauna, putting on someone else's shoes, even when washing in the shower. In general, this infection is sticky and get rid of it is problematic. But now on sale there are fine medical products and it is possible to spend quite successfully treatment. Do not start your legs - nobody cancels the care. You can resort to folk remedies:

  • If you have severe itching, especially between your fingers, then after washing your feet, be sure to wipe these areas with wine vinegar or medical alcohol;
  • For the fungus is a "trouble" chamomile and a turn - here and make yourself a bath on the broths of these herbs;
  • If you have a fungus, then try to applyless varnish on the nails. Dry skin with small scratches (and this is a common phenomenon with this diagnosis) can react with allergic manifestations.

proper foot care

Foot massage

By the way, at home you can do not onlyprofessional pedicure, but also massage. Just rub your feet, not missing a single zone. Stroking, circular and spiral movements with the use of force, and tapping, and "finger rain" - all these techniques of classical massage can be used for feet and calves. It is possible to do such massage with a cream - very well helps to return to legs freshness and vivacity a cream with menthol content. It perfectly cools the exaggerated feet and gives easy gait. If you are diagnosed with varicose veins or thrombosis, consult a doctor in advance. In general, dear ladies, do not forget that you are queens! In you everything should be harmonious and flawless - from the hairstyle to the toes on the legs. You can learn to cheek on your heels, but you'll have to work on the beauty of your heels and marigolds. But, believe me, you will not only feel yourself at the "five plus", but also attract the attention of men. So, arm yourself with patience, free yourself time in your busy schedule and begin to relax. After all, the procedure for caring for the legs is not only useful and brings beauty, it also relaxes as much as possible - this is so much fun! You can add a little bit of relaxation - light the aroma lamps, turn on your favorite music and create beauty with your own hands! We advise you to read: