care for azalea at home Azalea is famous for its amazing colors andextremely capricious. It is because of it that it is very difficult for beginning gardeners to properly care for this plant. But one glance at the flowering bush is enough to understand - amazing beauty of flowers worthy of any difficulties. Let's talk about what kind of care azaleas need at home, so that the plant only rejoices with its presence. Let's not argue - azaleas are quite demanding. Of the most important conditions that contribute to a good growth of the plant, you can immediately name the following:

  • Cool;
  • Fresh air (drafts do not frighten her);
  • Abundant watering with clean water and regular spraying to maintain moisture;
  • Sour soil.

Room azalea needs sufficientthe amount of sunlight, but do not be too zealous - the plant does not tolerate heat and direct sunlight. The ideal place of detention is the windowsill of the window facing north. azalea home care

The optimum temperature for the content of azalea

The optimum temperature for azalea is 17 degreesheat. It is clear that in summer it is very difficult to achieve such a temperature regime, but it is at this time that azalea has a rest period. A pot with a plant may well be in the garden or on a shaded open veranda. To facilitate the care of the plant during this period, the pot with azalea is recommended to be pricked, after having worn a nylon stocking on it. This will help to avoid getting into the soil of various pests. In order for flowering to be magnificent, at the time of budding, a low temperature is necessary - within 6-8 degrees. And by the time when the buds are ready to bloom, you need to raise the temperature to normal - 17 degrees.

Humidity and watering

To care for azalea did not disappoint histhe result, it is important to remember one rule - azaleas need high humidity! At home, to achieve the necessary parameters and constantly support them is very difficult. However, there is one way that will help you in this difficult matter.

  • Take a wide tray and put a large pebble on the bottom;
  • If you find a pebble problematic, you can replace it with pieces of moss (sphagnum is ideal for this purpose);
  • Now pour water into the pan so that it covers the filler;
  • On top, put a pot of plant;
  • Your task is to ensure that the water in the pan is always on.

However, this is not all the cunningcreating the right humidity. Daily maintenance of this plant includes regular spraying from the spray gun. During the flowering period, it is advisable not to let water enter the buds and flowers, otherwise they may become stained. Try to choose a sprayer with small holes for spraying. If this can not be found, it is better not to spray the plant, but simply wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. Water azalea with soft water. At the same time the soil should be moist all the time, but not turn into a swamp. Try not to allow sharp changes in soil moisture, otherwise care will not succeed. If azalea is first dried, and then drastically poured with water, you will get a balding plant without flowers and buds. If there is no possibility to arrange water procedures with melt water (or rainwater), you can periodically add a little natural apple or wine vinegar to the water for irrigation. For these purposes, lemon juice will also suit: 10-15 drops per liter of water will suffice. azalea at home

Care for azalea during and after flowering period

Care for azalea is almost the same in anytime: both in the flowering period, and after the buds fall. Try to provide the plant with a lot of scattered sunlight. Before flowering do not move the pot, otherwise you may not get the desired result in the form of a lush blossoming crown. Find a suitable place in advance, where the flower can show itself in all its glory. Perhaps it will be a window of the south-west or south-east direction. Make sure that the flower is as far away from the battery or other heating devices. Flowers that have already faded, it is necessary to carefully remove from the plant. So it will not spend extra effort on the formation of seeds. It is correct not to break off the flower spike, but gently untwist it, trying not to catch the neighboring buds. In late spring, when the plant has already faded, it can be transplanted. Since azalea has a superficial root system, it is better to give preference to shallow and rather wide pots. Very young plants need a transplant every year, for adults and mature flowers it is enough to perform the procedure every 2-3 years. After flowering it is necessary to prun the plant to form a beautiful crown - remove all the dried or overgrown branches. This will help the azaleas build up a new green mass and look neat and lush at the same time. Observing such simple rules, you will understand - caring for room azalea is not so complicated. And your friends and acquaintances will appreciate the beauty of this amazing flower.