care bamboo happiness Dracena Sander was among theflorists-lovers of the original name - bamboo happiness. And indeed, many owners of this plant claim that it attracts luck and positive energy to the house. Of course, in order for the bamboo talisman to act, it needs proper care. This is what we will talk about below.

Features of the content of bamboo happiness at home

Happy bamboo likes water, especially in summer. In the hot season, he needs abundant watering. The leaves of the plant need to be wiped off with a damp cloth, but it is not necessary to spray. The temperature regime is quite wide - from 18 to 35 degrees. The plant does not like direct sunlight, so it is better to place it in the shaded area of ​​the room. By the way, this plant has another name - bamboo varnish, which means "happy". Sometimes the flower is sold in cut form - several stems are tied in an original bouquet. People who adhere to the philosophy of feng shui prefer to wrap the stems of bamboo lacquers with a red tape with a thematic image. Such a bouquet must always be kept in water. Every 5-7 days, water is changed. It is believed that care for bamboo will be more accurate if you add mineral fertilizers to the water. Bamboo Happiness Care

Bamboo transplant and fertilizer

If you are going to settle in your house a happy bamboo, it is not superfluous to learn about its reproduction, as well as how to care for the plant after transplantation.

  • The transplant is carried out in April-May. It is at this time that the plant tolerates this process more easily;
  • Drainage is necessary - a layer 2 cm high. For planting, a special substrate is used for dracaena;
  • Bamboo of happiness likes abundant watering, so make sure that the earth in the pot does not dry completely. Ideally, the soil should always be wet;
  • If you need to propagate a happy bamboo from an existing plant, then pinch the shoot on top and leave it in the water until the roots appear;
  • When transplanting, you should not add any mineral fertilizers to the soil;
  • 3 weeks after planting in the pot, you need to feed the plant - just pour it with water with the addition of mineral fertilizers (they will be advised in specialized stores);
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus are also used as top dressing;
  • Many owners add organic fertilizers - horse manure or bird droppings.

So, what did we find out? Well-fed land, timely watering, regular moistening of stems and leaves - these are the main points that are included in the proper care of bamboo happiness.

Reproduction by seeds

Bamboo varnish reproduces not only by cuttings, it can also be grown from seeds. Yes, the method is not simple, but quite feasible. Act on the following algorithm:

  • Seeds soaked in gauze and kept at a humidity of 60-80%, until they germinate;
  • Next, the seeds are planted in a box with soil: it must consist of two parts of leaf land, one part of drainage (for example, claydite) and one part of sand;
  • Seedlings are sprayed daily from a spray gun;
  • When the sprouts will appear, they are covered with a piece of polyethylene, creating greenhouse conditions: a lot of moisture, light and heat.
  • Three times a day the greenhouse is ventilated, in order to avoid the decay of young plants.

After the plants are reachedfive centimeters high, they are transplanted into separate pots. At the same time, only the strongest sprouts are chosen, since they will just get accustomed. To care for young bamboo happiness is necessary according to the scheme described above. From time to time, the leaves of the plant become yellow and fall off. This suggests that in the bamboo wound small midge. It hides in the folds and cracks of the stem, so it's quite difficult to notice it. In order to get rid of it, buy a special tool and sprinkle the plant. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Due to excessively high temperature and high humidity, bamboo varnish can start to rot - the stem and leaves are covered with black spots. Therefore, do not put it near the battery or heater. bamboo lacquer care

Bamboo Happiness by Feng Shui

An important role is played by the location of the plant in the house, as well as the design of its crown.

  • Three stems in the pyramid of bamboo varnish bring good emotions and happiness to the house;
  • If you want to add to the house financial flows, then make a pyramid of five stems;
  • Strong health will be given to seven twisted stems;
  • Twenty-one stems will fulfill all wishes at once;
  • Place the bamboo in the southeast - attract and strong health, and financial flows simultaneously;
  • In the south - you will have a certain weight in the society: promotion, respect for colleagues;
  • In the east - love will accompany you everywhere, and in the family there will be a calm and calm;
  • Twisting the red ribbons around the stem of the bamboo, hanging the image of the dog "fu" (according to the philosophy of feng shui it protects the peace of the house), you can strengthen the beneficial energy of the plant.

By the way, experts say what can be donea bouquet of any number of stems, his magic charms will still work. It is necessary to avoid only number 4: it is considered to bring misfortune. How to twist the stem?

  • Young sprouts bend, wrap them around a straight stalk and fasten with a wire. Once the shoots are compacted, you can remove the fixation;
  • Plant the sprout in the soil vertically and close it with a box, leaving a narrow strip - young sprouts will burst into it, reach for the light;
  • As the young shoots grow larger, the pot should be turned in different directions so that the plant does not twist.

As you have noticed, take care of bamboohappiness is not difficult. Especially if you get a cut bouquet. It is worth it for a long time, does not require special attention, besides it serves as a beautiful decoration of the room. "If you want to be happy - be it!" Remember this and never rely on the power of the talismans. You build your life, and how it turns to you, depends only on you! We advise you to read: