wish card for feng shui To dream, as is known, is not harmful. And even useful! You know that if you want something very much, then it will definitely happen! By the way, in psychology there is a method of visualization of the conceived. For example, if you want something to happen necessarily, then you need to imagine exactly how it will happen. Present in colors, in faces, in action. Thus, unconsciously, you "program" yourself for certain actions that will necessarily lead to the fulfillment of your plans. Incidentally, a similar method of visualization conceived is used in the practices of the eastern doctrine of feng shui. True, the master of feng shui went further than the imaginary images. They offer us to use a special tool that will help in achieving the goals set and will certainly contribute to the implementation of your dream. This tool is called a wish card for feng shui. What is this card and how does it work? Let's figure it out.

What is a wish card for feng shui?

A wish card is your message of the universe. The card helps to "revive" mental images and constantly reminds you of what was conceived, without letting yourself get distracted from the intended goal. This tool is nothing more than an image of your desires and aspirations with the help of various pictures. Pictures directly or indirectly illustrate what you are aiming at, and how to draw a picture of a dream come true. Want to buy a new car, choose a picture with the image of the same (or any other) car. Want to spend a holiday on the shores of the warm sea, choose landscapes that show your idea of ​​the places where you are going to rest. Want to get married, choose wedding photos (alas, not yet their own). At the heart of the wish card is the famous Bagua grid, which divides the conventional living space into zones of influence. The Bagua grid is tied to the sides of the world, and the zones of influence are strictly in accordance with them:

  • North - Career Zone;
  • South - Zone of Glory;
  • East - Family Zone;
  • The West is the Zone of Children and Creativity;
  • South-east - Wealth Zone;
  • Southwest - Zone of Love and Marriage;
  • The north-east is the Zone of Knowledge and Wisdom;
  • North-West - Zone of Friends and Helpers;
  • Center - Health Zone.
  • Hence, all your dreams are related toa certain sphere of life, for which "responds" this or that zone of influence to feng shui. A wish card, in which pictures I have on the zones of influence, reflects these aspirations. how to draw a wish card by feng shui

    How to make a wish card?

    The wish card for feng shui is a tool that you can easily (and even need) do with your own hands. To make such a card you will need very little:

    • Heavy paper (a sheet of Whatman, a piece from a roll of wallpaper or a poster, inverted by the reverse side);
    • Logs from which you can cut images (or downloaded pictures from the Internet and printed images on a color printer);
    • adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape (clips or buttons);
    • Scissors, colored markers or markers.

    To start, you need to make a blank: a sheet of paper to draw into nine squares, which will correspond to the impact zones on the Bagua grid:

    • Center - Health sector;
    • The middle square of the upper row is the Glory sector;
    • To the left of it is the Family sector;
    • To his right is the sector of Creativity;
    • The upper left square is the Wealth sector;
    • The upper right square is the sector of Love;
    • The middle square of the lower row is the Career sector;
    • The left square of the lower row is the Knowledge sector;
    • The right-hand square of the lower row is the Sector of Assistants.

    Then, select images for each sectorcards. Choose pictures that are bright, clear and exceptionally positive, so that the mood rises from them. Do not forget also that the pictures you choose must necessarily represent your dream.

  • For the center of the map (Health zone), select your photo - the best in your opinion. It is desirable that in this photo you smile, look happy and happy life.
  • For the Glory Zone, you will need images that symbolize success and recognition: award diplomas, cups, letters and medals, a podium, bunches of flowers, a laurel wreath, a royal crown.
  • In the area of ​​Wealth, you will need to place pictures with symbols of prosperity: a purse, jewelry, luxury apartments, a bundle of money, a car.
  • In the Love sector, you will need to put photos of loving couples (or even your own photo with the chosen one), wedding photos, pictures with images of hearts, wedding rings.
  • The family sector must fill out a picture or photo of a happy couple or photo of your own family, pets, the interior of your home.
  • For the Creativity sector, select images of children(the fruit of life creativity), portraits of favorite artists, artists and musicians. And maybe - photos of your own creations: embroidery, sculpture, drawings.
  • In the career sector you need images that symbolize your career achievements: the boss's office, the items related to your work, the ladder leading up.
  • Identify the knowledge sector with images of certificates, diplomas, books, library shelves, the classroom or your alma mater.
  • For the assistant sector, you will need photosyour friends, idols, teachers. And since this area is also a travel zone, then pick up photos of attractions for you, or places you would like to visit.
  • By the way, all of the above - only recommendationsand certainly not a guide to action. Choose the pictures that you think are the most suitable. Just think well, in which area should the image of your dream be located. In addition to pictures you will need to choose or compose a motto. In a scientific way such a phrase with a positive attitude is called affirmation. For example: "Dreams come true!" Or: "The road will be mastered by the going," or "Whoever does not risk, he does not win!". What phrase will help you purposefully move through life, adjust to decisive actions and become an installation for the subconscious? Write it in the title of your wish card, or place it so that looking at the map, you have to read it and mentally recite it. Glue the pictures on the squares of the respective sectors, and hang the map in a prominent place. Ideally, the wish card should be located in your bedroom. And the best place for her is opposite the bed. To wake up, you saw first of all your card with visualized desires. A new day - new forces and new opportunities for achieving the intended. By the way, as practice shows, the card of desires which is made on the growing Moon works better.

    How the Desire Card Works

    Just make a map and see it, of course, alreadyOK. However, do not stop with one contemplation. In order for the card to work effectively, you need to work for you. Spend a few minutes a day with your dreams, settle in comfort and dream for your own pleasure (and with the benefit for the cause). Imagine yourself a happy beautiful bride or a young mother with a baby in her arms. Dream about what will be your new car or apartment. Think about how great it will be for you to go on a trip. The main thing is not just to dream, but to imagine everything in detail: down to the color of clothes, sounds and smells. If you imagine yourself in the Registry, you will feel the touch of a veil, hear the rustle of the silk of the wedding dress and the sound of Mendelssohn's march, feel the aroma of flowers in the wedding bouquet. Dreaming of a new car? Imagine it: the color, the upholstery in the cabin, the rumbling of the engine. Are you obsessed with becoming mummy? Think about what clothes you choose for yourself pregnant, what wheelchair you buy for your baby and how you will walk with him, bathe him and kiss little heels and fingers. Always dream! At any free moment, try to mentally see your dream and believe - dreams come true! We advise you to read: