raincoats photo 2016 Cloak - a completely inseparable thing in the modernwomen's wardrobe, especially in the autumn and spring season. Fashion is fleeting, and trends from the podium are picked up very quickly. Femininity and elegance are back in fashion; elegant and become raincoats 2016 - a photo of a variety of styles and colors will allow you to find every fashionista what is needed specifically for her.

What new offer to us designers?

  • Silk and asymmetric cut

raincoats 2016 images Silk and asymmetry from Giorgio Armani, Iceberg andCalvin Klein as the first spring tenderness. Today in fashion women's raincoats - photo 2016 show us this - completely different lengths, from ultra-mini to maxi. Such silk models combined pastel gamma: pearl, olive and silver shades this year are very popular. The most interesting and relevant detail was the asymmetric clasp. A small smell of cloak, buttoned near the waist, will make the silhouette feminine and soft. Giorgio Armani in his collection focused on the idea of ​​a national costume of the peoples of the Far East. He emphasizes the tenderness and gracefulness of silk creations by asymmetry and cuts on the sleeves and hem.

  • Beige color

women's raincoats photo 2016 Beige color and classic cut presentedCarolina Herrera, Alberta Ferretti and everyone's favorite Christian Dior. Today women's cloaks of powdery shades are a hit of the season. Such a thing allows every woman to constantly create a new image, changing only a couple of strokes, for example, by adding a stylish accessory. This color is loyal to romantic or, conversely, expressive details. A special cut of models will please every woman: a classic length, fitted silhouette and turn-down collar make this thing the most favorite in your wardrobe.

  • Black color

most fashionable raincoats photo 2016 Chic and elegance is black - anotheruniversal, but very fashionable color. He was accented by such respected designers as Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg and Giorgio Armani. Black is a luxury and elegance, and not just a classic. In this season, most often this color is used for the evening models, which will decorate with various stones. In the collection of the 2016 Cloak, Iceberg presents models of the sporting genre, decorated with small "false" diamonds. Looks such a thing very glamorous and stylish!

  • 3D flowers in style 3D

raincoats spring - 2016 images Flowers in the style of 3d on the outer clothing - priorityfashion jewelry from Moncler Gamme Rouge and Dolce & Gabbana. Although quite a few famous designers have offered this year three-dimensional fabric flowers in the form of decor. Previously, it could have been a magnificent boutonniere, large flowers in the form of brooches, but now it's a whole flower field adorning women's raincoats. Designers recommend using the same shade as in the main fabric, then such a thing will look stylish and exquisite, and the image will turn out to be romantic and quivering.

  • Juicy colors

women's fashion raincoats photo 2016 Dsquared, Iceberg and Hermes decided to diluteclassic colors with a luscious acid palette. Lemon yellow, emerald, ultramarine, scarlet and other bright shades will give liveliness to the raincoats this year. The saturated color without additional prints will be no less hit this season. Perhaps, the silhouette should be chosen more voluminous and baggy - it will easily be harmonized with a bright coloring. Such combinations are sure to please not only young girls, but also older women.

  • Classic sleeveless styles

raincoats photo 2016 - the hit of the season A new vision of classics without sleeves is represented byJean Paul Gaultier, Gianfranco Ferre and, of course, Iceberg, who presented quite a variety of styles this year. Continuation of popularity of fur and downy vests couturiers offer a newfangled novelty - women's sleeveless cloaks. They are presented in pastel, bright and classic tones. Styles - straight, fitted with a belt, single-breasted or double-breasted fasteners on buttons, collar turn-down. It is worth paying attention to these models.