Is it possible to walk with a child with a cold

When the baby starts to sniff, there are doubts: is it possible to walk? If the child's runny nose is accompanied by a cough, it is left unconditionally at home. However, such a decision is not correct.You can walk with a child with a coldWalking with a child with a cold is possible and necessary.Photo: Getty Fresh outdoor air has a beneficial effect on the body of children and adults with various respiratory illnesses. At home, the mucous membrane of the baby's nose swells, which only worsens his well-being. In the fresh air, the edema subsides, and it becomes easier for a child to breathe and it's easier to blow your nose. If a baby has a runny nose and cough, it's more useful to walk outside than to stay in the apartment. Frequent walks will save the child from illness for a couple of days, and at home the cold will last for a week. Important conditions for recovery are the temperature and humidity level of the air. During the cold, dry hot and too "scratchy" frosty air is equally harmful.

When you should not walk with a child

Despite the benefit of fresh air with a cold, there are also cases when it is better to walk outside on the street. You can not walk with the baby, if nasal congestion is accompanied by such symptoms as:

  • temperature increase;
  • lethargy;
  • severe fever or chills;
  • pain in the head;
  • decreased appetite.

All these signs indicate ARVI, which occurs inacute phase. In this state, the child is contraindicated in walking and recommended bed rest. With proper treatment and absence of complications, the disease completely passes for 5-6 days. If the acute period is over, but the cough and runny nose remain, walking with the baby can already be resumed. Another reason why you should not walk with your baby is allergic rhinitis. In the flowering period of some plants, children develop an allergic reaction to their pollen. After walking, the runny nose will become aggravated, and the baby will often sneeze. If you do not want to give up fresh air - put a cotton-bandage on your child. When a child has a cold, you can walk outside, if there is no weakness and symptoms of ARVI. Do not limit it to walking, because only in the fresh air baby can cough well and quickly get rid of stuffiness and dryness in the nose.