can I make money on the Internet Can I make money on the Internet? This question is of concern to many people associated with a certain need to stay at home and therefore trying to realize their potential on the network. This category includes young mothers who raise young children, and housewives tired of the endless hassle in the kitchen, and just those of us who do not want to be tied to a clear working schedule and regime. The fact is that a person who has unlimited access to the Internet, over time, ceases to feel satisfaction from participating in various forums, visits to any sites, daily viewing of movies and online games. Sooner or later you think about how much free time goes nowhere. But instead of aimlessly sitting in front of the computer monitor, you could actually make money. Moreover, the network is full of banners, promising all those who want fabulous amounts of cash payments in the absence of any cost on their part. It is here that naive newcomers and lies in wait for the main danger of becoming an easy prey to cunning cheaters. All sorts of pyramids, casinos and other dubious enterprises with the development of computer technology instantly migrated to the Internet.

Deception on the Internet for gullible newcomers

It is in the network you can often meetads for finding remote employees to assemble ballpoint pens or jewelry, making envelopes, packaging CDs, processing digital photos, cutting labels, sorting video images and so on. Ghostly employer promises quite decent earnings on these seemingly completely simple activities. How can one not be tempted, for example, by a young mother who desperately needs an additional source of income? The newcomer, who at first doubts, sends a request to the e-mail address, the answer to which comes instantly. Usually its meaning is to assure the man caught in the bait in the absolute reality of this way of earning. The doubters' questions are parried by so cleverly composed by the keyboards that it is really hard to believe. Like, the labels are made of some special material that needs to be cut only by hand, and it's too expensive to pack the discs with special equipment and so on. All these arguments are laid out competently and in such a way as to easily deceive a gullible person. Yes, and sometimes it's easy to do, because most people who respond to this type of low-skilled labor, often ready to believe in advance fraudsters. Therefore, when in the next letter we are asked to send an insurance premium for materials or pay for their delivery to the specified address, this does not cause suspicion, because money is, in fact, small. And we, naive, inspired by the prospects to start earning real money, and even in comfortable home conditions, are happy to send scams to these scammers, already looking forward to future bright prospects. But as a result, we do not get anything but a very unpleasant feeling that we were held as trusting children. Agree, feel yourself deceived, surrounded by a finger, especially in a situation of acute financial difficulties - this is very hard morally. No less often we are invited to various online casinos. By the way, and you did not catch the eye of obsessive advertising, in which an anonymous voice-over directly dedicates the beginner to all the subtleties of the process and reveals before him, close, the main secrets of winning? And below are comments on how to just make money on this principle even to a child. Do not believe these technologies - they are created by all the same owners of online casinos, seeking in the network of fans of easy money. There are many such tricks on the Internet, and all of them are designed for the eternal desire of a person to earn a lot and immediately, and without spending on the process of special efforts. But the bulk of such tempting offers - it's just a fishing rod, with which a clever swindler will pull your money out of you and leave a bitter experience of disappointment from the opportunity to receive income on the Internet. But not everything is so sad. Just need to immediately clearly imagine all the risks and understand that the so-called freebie is nowhere. Therefore, you just do not want to pay. can you really make money on the Internet

The most common myths about working on the Internet

Erroneous are those who believe that the network canEarn quickly and easily. This is not true, but to part with your money, Internet scammers really help without much effort and almost instantly. After all, all of their technologies are initially designed for the love of the average person for quick gain. Pre-programmed to fail and those users who believe that the network provides many prospects for the so-called lazy earnings. Unless, of course, these people are not among the most unscrupulous deceivers who are pulling our money from us. Do you remember the old-good wisdom that you can not catch fish from the pond without difficulty? This also applies to whether you can make money on the Internet. Of course, yes, you can, if you are ready to treat this kind of activity as serious work, and not see in it a way to get rich without much effort. The third myth about the possibility of receiving money online is that you are assured of the unnecessaryness of preliminary investments. Not the truth from the first to the last word. After all, even if in some cases there is really no need to transfer any money, you will have to spend your own time, use the available knowledge and skills, and sometimes even undergo paid training. Here and debunked the fourth myth that the Internet work does not require assiduity. It requires, not only her, but also the skills of self-organization and serious attitude to the matter. Another misconception concerns the confidence of many people that it is possible to earn on the Internet all those who wish, because for this it is not necessary to have either knowledge or intellect. Yes, some activities in the network do not really provide for special skills, they will be discussed in the next sections of this article. But most of the job offers still require a minimum knowledge package: confident PC ownership, literacy, fast orientation in a large stream of information and so on. Therefore, you should not flatter yourself that anyone can make money on the Internet. And the last myth is this: income from activities in the network can ensure the satisfaction of all your needs throughout the year. This is largely untrue, because not all work is paid with dignity because of existing competition. In the recent past, when the Internet was not yet available as it is now, some particularly advanced users did find ways to earn a fairly substantial income. At that time, the most popular sites were actively created today, so those who understood the benefits of Internet technologies in time, managed to make good money and still get good dividends. But if it is a question of the elementary kinds of employment, especially to count huge profit at once it is not necessary.

This is the magic word "freelancer"

Recently, as soon as it comes to that,whether it is possible to earn on the Internet, the word "freelancer" immediately comes to mind. Translated from English, this concept refers to military affairs and means an ordinary civilian, that is, a person who is serving for money. The modern interpretation of this word sounds like an employee with a free work schedule. It should be noted that the activity of the freelancer was not connected with the Internet initially. Such a person received any assignment directly in person at the personal meeting with the employer, performed it at home, handed it over to the customer, for which the latter paid the remuneration stipulated earlier. Agree, the technology is very convenient, because it does not foresee any binding to a certain office mode and schedule, no early climbs, no aimless sitting in the office. And with the widespread use of the Internet in general, it makes it possible to receive assignments without leaving home, and send them in exactly the same way. Payment is either made via electronic money, or by transfer to a bank account, or in the form of a mobile phone replenishment. It's tempting, is not it? But there are also "pitfalls." Firstly, freelancing is a kind of activity that generates income. Therefore, it is necessary to pay taxes from it. Know about this is not all, and those who are aware of, often neglect such a need, because control by the state is still developed quite poorly. Secondly, any work through the Internet without personal acquaintance with the customer, registration of relevant documents has an increased risk of being unpaid. And to complain, as a rule, is useless, because there are no actual materials in the hands of the freelancer, except for Internet correspondence, and even then not always. In addition to these two aspects, there are a number of "minuses":

  • independent search for customers;
  • unevenness of income, which entails the need to clearly plan the budget;
  • difficulties in obtaining consumer credit, as it is difficult to assure the bank of solvency;
  • at official registration in quality of the individual businessman it is necessary to be guided in the least in terms of delivery of the reporting;
  • lack of social guarantees if the activity is carried out illegally;
  • the need to equip their own workplace, as well as the cost of equipment.

But people who want to earn without leavinghome walls, all these apparent shortcomings and costs do not stop. You can understand them, because there are enough positive moments for a civilian employee. One of the most significant is the independent choice of work schedule, comfortable conditions, the ability to do only what really brings satisfaction, the lack of visual control by the customer. Why do many solid and not so companies agree to cooperate with freelancers? Firstly, many people are attracted to the prospect of paying for a specific job done, and not for the time being "killed" in the office. Secondly, through the Internet you can attract professionals not only from your native city, but from all regions of the country. Often it is more profitable for a metropolitan employer to work with a provincial who knows his business no worse than local professionals, because he often has to pay less. But in this case, the client also faces his own difficulties: the most precise setting of tasks is required, the accompanying documentation often leaves much to be desired, there is a risk of obtaining a poor-quality product, there are frequent violations of the deadlines for performance of work, and there is often no possibility of punishing an unscrupulous employee. But the world does not stand still, the labor market is undergoing certain changes, so remote labor is already quite a common phenomenon. Who can become a freelancer? In general, the people of this free profession include programmers, designers, optimizers, translators, copywriters, content managers, IT specialists, advertising companies and so on. True, recently their number is actively replenished by teachers, engineers, sales consultants. As you can see, the availability of special education is still necessary. But in principle, any creative person with great potential can work remotely through the Internet - the main thing is for the customer to arrange the results, and to perform and transfer tasks, personal contact is not required. Where to find a job for a freelancer? Currently, there are many sites designed to help such specialists find a potential buyer of the results of their activities. Such resources are called freelance exchanges. On them each person can put up for sale their developments so that the one whom they are interested in, offers mutually beneficial cooperation. But for successful activity it is necessary to be an active and purposeful person, to possess a word, to show readiness to work qualitatively and a lot, and also to provide so-called portfolio - samples of the executed orders. It must be said that real aces in their business, who carry out their activities through the Internet, earn very well. But they all started, as a rule, from a small, gradually reaching a higher level and a corresponding reputation. can I make money on the Internet

Earnings on viewing ads

Do not despair, if for now you do not havenecessary knowledge and skills to profitably "sell" yourself to a potential customer. The Internet, fortunately, provides ample opportunities to earn even a beginner. True, the income from such activities will be very small, but you will be able to quickly learn and choose the most attractive direction for further professional development and growth. So, as the simplest kind of work on the network, you should immediately mention viewing commercials. The first patient patient beginner can earn a few minutes after the start. A huge "plus" of this lesson is the lack of any experience, so it is available to all comers. What is the essence of the work? Internet users must register on the site of the advertiser, called the sponsor. This will give an opportunity to receive a different number of links every day and view them, naturally, for a certain reward. Sponsors are divided into click-through (from English click-click), surfing (surfing-slip) and postal. The name depends on how you are invited to open the videos. In the first case, it's enough just to click on the specified link, so that a new page appears in the new window. After the expiration of twenty to thirty seconds, you are counted and rewarded. That's all, now you can close the page and move on to the next one. By the way, the number of links is limited to a certain number a day, so you will not be able to earn much. As for surfing sponsors, in this case, the user needs to open links in strict sequence or go (slide) on the pages of each of them. Sometimes for you it is done by the program (autosurfing). But there is a worthless work of this is insignificant, therefore, in order to really earn at least something, it is necessary to show great patience. Post sponsors, as you might guess, send links to your email address. Opening them all, one after another, you get a reward. In order for the work to be paid, you only need to create a virtual wallet in the WebMoney system. As you can see, everything is elementary. If you turn to the search engines of the network, your attention will open a lot of ambiguous opinions about whether you can really earn on viewing ads. Someone will start to paint in front of you bright prospects, and someone, on the contrary, will disappoint with cheap sums. And those and other people are about the same number. In most cases, experienced Internet users will recommend dealing with foreign resources that support the Russian language. In principle, you should understand that you can not make a fortune on clicks, but this is a good experience for a beginner.

Paid profiles, file sharing, comments and feedback

As another method, though a little, butstill really earn on the Internet, you can also consider the answers in the questionnaires sent out questionnaires. True, there are few customers in our country who are willing to pay acceptable labor for this work. Those who have tried to work in this manner are advised to seek the resources of foreign sponsors, who promise a really good reward for the beginner. In some cases, there are sites that support the Russian language. The essence of the work is very simple. You are invited to answer a certain number of simple questions. The number of questionnaires is limited, money usually pays small, the work is rather monotonous, for an amateur. You can receive income on the network if you like to visit various forums, read messages, reply to them, and leave your own comments. So do the same, only not for free. The point is that any new Internet resource earns a rating by the activity of users. Therefore, its owners are ready to pay you for creating new topics, reviews and similar visibility of serious interest in your site. The fee is small, but if you spend so much time on communication on the Internet, then why not try to earn on it? Just enter in the search engine the phrase "paid reviews on the forums" and immediately understand what is at stake. Or go to any freelance exchange - there are often similar offers for beginners. You can receive rewards on special websites, called file sharing. But for this it is necessary to have certain skills, for example, to be able to archive and upload files. But even more important is to be able to navigate in the interests of Internet users. The essence of the work is as follows. You download your files on the resources described above, while getting a link to each. This link should be posted on various forums and blogs. Anyone who wants to be able to download it through your file, and you will receive money. As far as this is realistic, you can check it personally. Just look for paid file sharing, because there are resources on which the exchange of information does not provide for costs.

How to earn money on websites or blogs?

This type of activity refers to more complex,it requires not only time and a desire to work, but also a certain level of knowledge. To begin with, you need to create your own website or blog on the Internet, then find some kind of partners who are ready to place their information on the subject pages of your resource. To do this, there are entire services on the network. On them you will have to register and offer your own site as an advertising space. To interest potential partners, you need to create a really interesting Internet resource. You can earn on contextual advertising (small informers), on teasers (text blocks with bright graphic elements) and on banners (graphic modules). The idea is that a visitor to your website or blog, click on them and then go to the customer's site, you also get certain amounts for each such transfer. As you can see, for a person who knows everything is quite simple and quite realistic. If you can write readable informative texts, then this way you can also earn. You need to register on a special exchange and offer your resource for publishing advertising materials of the customer. Then everything is simple: write an article of the specified format and post it on your own website or blog, for which you receive a reward. Recently, you can often meet and work on other people's Internet resources. If you feel the necessary potential and have the appropriate knowledge, try yourself in the role of site administrator or one of its sections. Sometimes, vendors-consultants working remotely are required. It all depends on what exactly you know how to do and what you want to do. Decide on the main goal and move to it gradually, starting with a small one. Perhaps, it is the Internet that will allow you to start quite realistically and very well to earn. Can I make money on the Internet realistically?

Partnership programs, notorious Forex and investment activity

Presence of a huge number of online stores andsites that sell various goods and services, suggests the natural desire of their owners to develop their own business and attract as many potential buyers as possible. Therefore, they offer other people with similar resources cooperation in the form of a so-called partnership program. You post on your site the description of another service and give an active link to it. Going through it, the user performs the action provided by your partner - just a click, registration or purchase of goods. As this is done through your resource, it is you who receive the agreed remuneration. Dealing with ways of earning on the Internet, it is impossible to ignore his majesty Forex. About him heard all more than once and not two, because annoying advertising promises you fabulous earnings in the shortest time. So what is hidden behind such a resounding word and optimistic appeals? Simply put, it's about currency trading. To earn, it is necessary to buy it cheaper and sell more. The difference on the course will be your income. It's tempting, is not it? But in fact, reviews about Forex are very contradictory. Someone considers it a bait for gullible lovers to get everything at once, and someone boasts of their successes. There is no doubt only one thing: to earn there if it is real, then not immediately and, of course, not as much as advertising promises. Moreover, people gambling have nothing to do at these resources, because you must have a certain restraint, be able to predict the situation and act for sure. Want to try? Dare, only for the beginning it is necessary to pass the appropriate training course. And now we will try to understand what is investment activity, appeals to which the network is full of. Often under such a sonorous and attractive facade are hidden various unscrupulous schemes: financial pyramids, mutual funds and other similar projects. You will certainly be promised very favorable conditions for making a profit, just to convince you to make a certain investment contribution. But before you take the risk and in pursuit of the "long ruble" agree to participate in such adventures, thoroughly weigh everything. No, the profit will really be, only it will settle in the pockets of the organizers and the more experienced members of the project, who dragged you into it. And the ordinary investor, as a rule, remains deceived and disappointed. It is a private matter for all to attribute such technologies to the sphere of possible earnings on the Internet. Therefore, to participate in them or not, choose yourself. But for the organization of something like this, it is not worth taking, because after all the machinations are the fates of deceived people, but can happiness be built on another's grief? The opportunities described above for earning money in the network are not limited. If you have mastered, for example, any handmade technique, try selling your products through special websites and online auctions. By the way, you can create your own virtual store, where you will offer customers the results of their own creativity. Cooperate with your friends-needlewomen, because it is likely that together you will be able to significantly diversify the range. If you have had a successful trading experience and are good at consumer demand, consider creating your own online store for any direction that is right for you. Now the number of people who prefer to shop online has increased significantly, so if you can offer a really interesting assortment and profitable conditions, you can actually earn money. But the business should be approached with all seriousness, to study the demand for certain goods, determine the sales scheme and so on. If you have good literacy, know how to express your thoughts in writing, read a lot, try your luck as a copywriter or a rewriter. This work is to write unique articles on any given topic. In the future, if you like this kind of employment, you can improve your skills, understanding the concept of "text optimization". By the way, many women, forced to stay at home in connection with the care of children, have learned to earn money on copywriting. But do not take this direction, if you write with errors and have a lean vocabulary, because no one will pay for the frankly bad product, and there are plenty of competitors with serious experience in this field. As the main advice for a beginner who thinks about how to learn to take advantage of the time spent on the network and get paid for it, you can say the following: there is no easy and lazy earnings on the Internet, so prepare in advance for the need to work with full dedication. The result will depend only on you, and in order to facilitate the path to success, you need to understand for yourself personally what exactly you would like to do. After all, work that delivers moral satisfaction, conducive to self-realization and reveals the potential of a person, with time will necessarily bring a very tangible income.