Is it possible to paint extruded hair Very often, girls who have grown their head of hair,face the problem when the roots are slightly lighter or darker than strands, especially for those who were previously painted or clarified. It is unlikely that such colorful hairs adorn girls who want to look natural. In this case, it is recommended to make a complete painting or toning to even the color. However, it should be noted that to care for such wealth in this case will be much more difficult. You can carry out such manipulations only with high-quality, natural strands, so if you paid for a real head of hear, but your question as to whether it is possible to dye extruded hair, the master responds negatively, then you have slipped a cheap fake.

What you should know before painting

If you decide to experiment with color anddye your hair, for this you should contact a professional, moreover, to the one who produced the procedure of building up, since he knows more about the structure and quality of the strands. For example, in no case can even tint Asian, already dyed or clarified hair, since you risk instead of chic locks to get a dry and scuffed loofah on your head. But the Slav products survive any tests, but only when it is natural. Trusting your beauty with an amateur (friend, mother, husband), you risk getting different shades on your hair, which in the future will be quite difficult to correct even in a hairdresser. how to paint extruded hair

Coloration at home: brief instructions

If you still decide to save a bit andcolor yourself, you should adhere to the basic rules that will allow you to become brighter, without spoiling the hair. The first, and most importantly, is the choice of paint, in which there should be a minimum amount of oxidants, and ammonia - generally absent. Those who wish to radically change color, it is recommended to perform this procedure before the build-up, as in this case it will be easier to achieve the desired shade of your and artificial hair. Preliminary it is necessary to test the paint on a small number of strands to understand what the final result will be. For example, you can paint a small area behind your ear. You can also use a toning shampoo, which is less harmful and dangerous. Apply to the hair extensions can persistent professional paint, which is sold only in specialized stores, salons and hairdressers. It is worth several times more expensive than usual, but in this case you do not risk spoiling and so expensive strands. Be sure to ask your stylist which brand and tone suits you so that you are not mistaken with the color. But remember, it's hard to become brunette or red, if your head is light, and vice versa, it's not worth it.

Rules for staining hair extensions: how to do it

The procedure itself begins with a division intosmall and thin strands, after which the roots are painted. After five to ten minutes, depending on the intensity of the desired color, you can proceed to staining accented hair. Be careful that the mixture does not get to the attachment points, as this can cause hair loss or shredding. But if this happens, immediately wipe the liquid with a tissue. At the end, you should thoroughly wash the head with a copious amount of water, apply a special balm to preserve the color, then wash it off again. In the future you will need to use shampoos, conditioners for moisturizing. In some cases, it is recommended to paint only visible strands to lessen their trauma. A whole procedure can be performed during correction, when the hair is removed and re-built. If you decide to paint after you are all reinforced, then you will have to wait a few days. In the first twenty-four hours, no manipulation of the hair can be done. coloring of hair extensions

Unpleasant consequences of improper staining

Paint so that in the future it will be even embarrassinggo out, you can and in a professional beauty salon. The reasons for this are quite a lot: bad and poor quality paint, artificial hair, erroneous determination of the type of strands, inexperience of the master, etc. What will be the consequences after that? First, the discrepancy between the result and the expected result. For example, you wanted to become a dark-brown, and turned a chestnut color. Of course, this is not so scary, but walking with a shade that does not like it at all is not always comfortable. The next disappointment that you can overtake after the procedure is hair damage. As already mentioned above, not all strands can be painted, as some of them are processed before the build-up. In the best case, your hair will cease to be alive and bright, at worst - it will start to get tangled, fall out, as a result of which you will have to take off your hair and repeat the procedure anew. Therefore, you should determine in advance whether you will experiment with the style in the future or not. Cases of an allergic reaction to professional dye are common. This is due to the fact that it has a special component, the task of which is to consolidate the result. It is thanks to him that you will not return to the previous color after several procedures of washing your head. Find products in which there is no PPD, it is quite difficult, besides its cost will not be affordable for everyone. But if you still get such a paint, remember that it will have to be used much more often than usual, so it is quickly washed off. It should also be noted that this component is banned in many European countries, since it is toxic. Thus, it can be concluded that it is possible to dye extruded hair, but it is better to do this from a master who made strands to you. Do not try to save on your beauty, so you always have to pay for quality work. If you do not have the right amount for a professional, it is better to completely abandon this venture than to suffer consequences afterwards. If your hairdresser makes a mistake and spoils your head, he will have to make a re-build for free. We advise you to read: