tortoise tortie with kiwi Which children's holiday does without cake? But not all children are fit bright store sweets. We offer you a wonderful alternative - the tortoise cake, decorated with kiwi. It is an incredibly beautiful dessert that can be baked or simply frozen in the refrigerator, alternating fruit and cream. Perhaps you will not be able to beautifully depict a turtle from the first time, but the recipe is so wonderful that you can easily remake the "shell" by preparing 2-3 pieces of kiwi more. Cookies for dessert without baking is better to take a round, magnificent - so it's easier to lay out the paws and the head of the animal.

Cake "Emerald Turtle"

Do you want to make a cake, but you do not have an oven? Do not worry, make a treat using just a frying pan and this unique recipe. Ingredients: For the dough:

  • can of condensed milk
  • 1 teaspoon of soda, hydrated vinegar
  • 1 egg
  • 450 grams of flour

For cream:

  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • 500 milliliters of milk
  • measuring cup of sugar
  • 200 grams of butter
  • vanilla sugar - a tablespoon with a slide

For decoration:

  • kiwis ripe - 10 pieces

Cooking method: Since the cakes are very quickly prepared, it is better to weld the cream first. In the saucepan pour the milk, add to it a mixture of two shaken eggs, two tablespoons of flour and a glass of sugar. Beat well with a whisk and put on slow fire. Brew, stirring, until thick, pour in the end vanilla sugar. In the hot cream, add the butter, mix and cover, so that the cream does not cool. As you can see, the recipe for the cream is simple. Now it's time to start cakes. In a bowl, pour a jar of condensed milk, beat the egg and mix well. Then add the soda, which is extinguished with vinegar, and gradually pour the sifted flour. When it becomes difficult to stir the spoon, it will mean that the dough is ready - shift it to the work surface and mix it with your hands, pouring in another 30-40 grams of flour. The dough should be soft and elastic. Divide it into 8 equal parts and roll each into a thin cake, a nadal fork in several places. Heat the frying pan over medium heat and start baking. The cakes are cooked very quickly - literally one minute in a frying pan, and you need to turn over. Thus, bake all 8 cakes. Then take 3 plates of different diameters and trim 2 large crochets, and 3 - medium and small. Scraps will be needed to cover the finished delicacy. Prepare a dish on which the cake will be served, and start greasing the cakes with a warm custard. Top of dessert and its sides, too, cover this sweet delicacy well. Now peel kiwi and thinly chop all the fruits. Lay the kiwi slices in layers, slightly deepening them into the cream. Ready cake "Emerald Turtle" should brew for a couple of hours. Before serving, scatter crumbs around the delicacy, imitating the sea sandy beach. Have a nice tea! tortoise tortie with kiwi recipe

Cake with fruit "Turtle Tortilla"

A cool fragrant fruit dessert in the form of a fairy-tale character will not leave anyone indifferent - neither child nor adult. Ingredients:

  • yoghurt - 0, 5 liters
  • kiwi - 1 kilogram
  • Strawberries - 0.5 kg
  • apricots - 0.5 kg
  • powdered sugar - 100 grams
  • gelatin - 30 grams

Cooking method: In accordance with the instructions on the package, make a jelly from yogurt. Add the powdered sugar and cool to room temperature. Strawberries are cut into cubes and placed in a container, covered with food film, - its edges should hang a little (this is necessary so that it would be convenient for you to get mass). Pour strawberries into yoghurt jelly and put them in the refrigerator for an hour. Cut the apricots into large cubes and place a layer of strawberries on top. Pour over the jelly from the yogurt, and send it back to the refrigerator for an hour. Kiwi cut into thin circles and a thick layer of lay on the floor of frozen fruit in the form of shell. Also from kiwi, make a tail, paws and turtle's head. Delicate fruit cake is ready! Bon Appetit! cake marbled tortoise with kiwi

Cake "Turtle" without baking

This is a simplified recipe for making cake without baking cakes - we suggest replacing them with cookies, which will save time and energy of the hostess. Ingredients:

  • oil - 250 grams
  • milk - half a glass
  • vanilla sugar - 1 sachet
  • cottage cheese - 500 grams
  • gelatin - 3 tablespoons
  • biscuit biscuits round - 400 grams
  • sugar - one glass
  • canned peaches - 1 can
  • kiwi fruit - 7-8 pieces

Cooking method: Soak gelatin in warm water and dissolve it in a water bath. Razotrete butter with sugar and add to this mass of cottage cheese, milk and vanilla sugar, carefully mixing everything. Gelatine pour a thin trickle into the curd-milk mixture. Put a biscuit biscuit on a wide flat plate, forming a turtle. Lubricate each layer with cooked cream and put in the middle of sliced ​​peaches. Lubricate generously the top of the cake with cream and leave to freeze for a while. When he grabs, decorate the tortoise with kiwi slices, laying them tightly with layers. After that, place the cake on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to completely freeze. Bon Appetit! delicious tortoise cake with kiwi

Sponge cake "Turtle" with kiwi

Small sizes of sponge cakes will help you to form a cake without extra efforts. A wonderful recipe sour cream will prepare a delicate cream even for a beginner confectioner. For the test:

  • flour - one glass
  • sugar - one cup
  • eggs - 4 pieces
  • vanillin

For sour cream:

  • a glass of sugar
  • sour cream (25%) - 700-800 grams
  • cocoa powder (optional) - tablespoon

Cooking method: First, mix the biscuit dough. Separate the proteins from the yolks. To the last add half a cup of sugar and rub to a white mass with a fork. Pour in the flour and mix until a thick dough forms. In a separate bowl, whip the whites in a firm foam. Begin to gradually pour the second part of sugar without stopping to whip the mass. Beze must be such a fortress that it does not fall out if you turn the cup over. Third of whipped proteins add to the bowl to the yolks and gently mix with a spoon. Do this by moving the spoon from the bottom up. After obtaining a homogeneous mass, lay out the rest of the proteins and mix in the same way. If desired, you can make the cakes chocolate by adding a spoonful of cocoa powder. To make cakes for "Turtle" biscuit cake, prepare two baking trays. At the bottom, lay the paper for baking and lay 1-2 tablespoons of dough with small cakes. Cook them in a preheated oven to 180 degrees. Bake them for 10 minutes, then lower the temperature to 160 degrees and wait another 20 minutes. Cook the cookie for 9 hours under a clean towel. The recipe for sour cream is quite unusual and takes a lot of time, so start preparing it in advance - put a clean clean towel on the sieve and place the sour cream on it. Cover it with the edges of the towels, and then clean the structure in the refrigerator for the night. In the morning pull out the sieve, put sour cream in a bowl and mix it with sugar with a mixer. Beat until the cream ceases to flow and will "stand with a hat." It's time to collect the tortoise cake from the pieces. To do this, take a large flat plate, lay a few cakes and smear them on top with a gentle cream. After the "foundation" for the dish is ready, form the turtle's head and legs. They must be completely dipped in sour cream. Then put the shell out of the remaining biscuits, also completely dipping the biscuits into the cream. After the turtle cake has been completely laid out, take it to the refrigerator for at least 4 hours to soak it. That's it, the recipe is almost complete. Before serving, cut slices of peeled kiwi on the table and lay out the fruits in the form of a shell. Bon Appetit! As you can see, in addition to the wonderful taste of this recipe will give you aesthetic pleasure. Glad children and adults with a beautiful and delicate cake. Cook with imagination!