cake of marshmallows and cookies Have you ever heard of cakes that are notrequire baking? If not, then you lost a lot. It does not matter, because on this site there are many simple recipes of unusual, but, undoubtedly, mouth-watering desserts. Their cooking takes a minimum of time and, importantly, money costs. A cake of marshmallows and cookies can be made on a small family holiday or treat them to faithful friends. Yes, there are few reasons to have a great time and make your stomach a little expanse. So we propose to get down to business right away.

Simple cake "Slastena"

Most children, and adults, adoresweets. Unfortunately, not always there is time for cooking, so often busy mothers resort to the simplest option - they go to the nearest supermarket for biscuits, sweets, cakes and marmalade for their child. It is clear why: the preparation of a biscuit cake, "Napoleon" or even "Medovik" will take far not half an hour. And after returning home after a hard day's work, you probably will not want to do baking. However, there is one faithful assistant for each hostess - a recipe for a quick dessert, which we will now talk about. Take it into service, and you no longer have to stuff your child with shop sweets. Ingredients:

  • a small cup of walnuts (peeled and dried)
  • half kilos of dry biscuits
  • 380 grams of fatty condensed milk
  • two-ounce package of butter
  • 300 grams of white and pink marshmallows
  • eight milliliters of cognac

Cooking method: Note that the taste of the cake is directly influenced by the taste of the cookie, so buy the freshest and most appetizing. It is desirable that the product crumbles well and, of course, in any case, do not stop choosing salty biscuits like "Cracker". After all, what kind of cake will you get? Best is "Buratino", "Sand" or, for example, "Creamed milk." So, when you get all the necessary products, you can safely start cooking. Cut the time - you will not spend 30 minutes. First break into small pieces of biscuits, laying it in a tight plastic bag. The main task is to crush it not into crumbs, but into sweet cubes of medium size. After you have a good idea about the product, take it to the side, and take care of the cream. For its preparation, the oil should not be taken very cold, so we recommend getting it out of the refrigerator in advance (at least 20 minutes). Then cut the ingredient in small pieces, which you put in a deep bowl. Here, pour in a tablespoon of good cognac and condensed milk. Now whip all the products with the help of the kitchen whisk, gently working them from the bottom up. As a result, you should get a uniform thick mass. Combine the cream with the biscuits and mix again a few times. Look at the clock. Time has passed some ten minutes, and the cake is almost ready. So it's up to the little thing. To later it was easier to remove the product from the mold, cover it with food film, foil or a piece of plastic bag. At the very bottom lay the marshmallow, cut into two halves, from above pour the grinded and dried walnuts in a frying pan. Now the turn of the sweet mass of cookies has come: cover the previous ingredients with it, thus forming a dessert. You can give it absolutely any form: pyramids, domes, slides or other. The remaining marshmallow decorate the dish, spreading it over the product. The halves of each sweets should fit tightly to each other, then the cake will look like a white-pink cloud. Cover it with a film and put it in the refrigerator; now have a little patience. It takes about three hours to freeze the cake. Once the dish is ready, serve it on the table. It turns out very sweet, so we recommend brewing tea or coffee without sugar. Bon Appetit! cake with biscuits and marshmallows

Cake "Zefirny" for real sweet tooth

The main advantage of fast dessert issimplicity of cooking and a small amount of time that the hostess spends on making it. Often, these dishes are cheap, which is very convenient. We offer one of these recipes: "Zephyr" cake will be to taste both young and adult sweet tooth. Going to the store, choose friable and freshest cookies - then the product will get more appetizing. Ingredients: For cake:

  • two eggs
  • kilogram of ordinary pink or white (without chocolate) marshmallows
  • two packages of shortbread cookies
  • half a glass of sugar
  • 200 grams of butter
  • a cup of pasteurized milk
  • one lemon (only zest will be needed)

For decoration:

  • 50 grams of marmalade
  • 30 grams of nuts

Cooking method: First, separate each marshmallow into two halves. Then break into a deep bowl of eggs, pour out the sugar and rub the ingredients well with a fork. Then crush the cookies and pour out the milk. Put the resulting mass on a quiet fire and cook, regularly mixing until thick. When the cream has cooled, put the grated zest on it and place the soft butter cut into pieces. A few more times, whisk to make all the lumps disappear, and start forming the cake. The product will be much easier to remove from the mold if it is covered with a plastic bag or foil inside. As soon as you are done, put half the marshmallows on the bottom of the dishes, and then apply them with cream on top. Make a few more of the same layers and put the dishes in the refrigerator. Ideally dessert should be infused for ten to twelve hours, but if you do not have time to wait, hold it in the cold for at least 180 minutes. Before serving on the table, peel and grind nuts, after frying them in a dry frying pan. Sprinkle them with food, and decorate with marmalade cubes from above. delicious cake of marshmallows and cookies

Dessert "Sugar" with marshmallow and chocolate

On this site, every cook will find a dish to his liking. Are you planning a magnificent reception with a lot of guests? Then certainly you can not do without snacks, original salads, vegetable and meat, as well as hot dishes. For everyday use, simpler and quicker meals are suitable, because working people just have no time to get involved in delights. It is for such cases that we have reserved this recipe for you. He will come to the aid of all lovers of sweets, who do not have time for cooking. Ingredients: For cake:

  • a glass of sugar
  • ten pieces of marshmallow
  • 400 grams of hazelnuts
  • 125 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • a stack of sugar cookies
  • butter - 200 grams
  • two eggs
  • pinch of vanillin

For decoration:

  • tiles of milk or dark chocolate (take the usual, without any additives like raisins or nuts)
  • 10 grams of butter
  • two large spoons of sour cream or cream
  • sugar - on request

Cooking method: We suggest starting with the simplest: cut with a knife each marshmallow into four equal round pieces. Nuts peel off the shell, wrap in a clean towel and beat with a meat hammer or rolling pin to crush them. If you have a blender, it's just fine - whip the product in it. So you will spend much less effort and time. Now you need to make a cream. To do this, carefully rub the sugar with chicken eggs to a uniform thick mass, then pour the milk into it and put it on the steam bath. Please note that the cream should not be brought to a boil - it should languish. Therefore, make a minimal fire and mix the egg and milk mixture regularly until it starts to thicken. For a while, set it aside for cooling, then add vanillin and butter, after cutting it into small pieces. Whip the cream with a blender, mixer or usual whisk and go to the next level. The form in which you plan to serve a dish, cover with special food film or foil, you can use a parchment or a plastic bag. Now put the marshmallow on the very bottom of the dishes, smeared it with a mouth-watering sweet sauce. On top, gently tamp the cookies, lightly pressing on it to fasten the products together. In the same way, make a few more floors of the dish. When finished, cover it with a film and clean it for 60 minutes. While the product freezes, prepare preparations for the ingredients that will be needed to decorate the food. So, break into small pieces of chocolate and put it in a bowl, which put on a quiet fire. When it is a little puffy, add butter, sour cream or cream, depending on what you decide to use. Cook the mixture with constant stirring, if desired, enter a little - one or two tablespoons - sugar or powder. Then cool the cream and pour the finished cake. On top sprinkle the product with crushed nuts, cut it into portions and invite everyone to the table. delicious cake with biscuits and marshmallows

Cake with fruit, marshmallow and shortbread cookies

This recipe has gained popularity even during his stayall known program "Smak", which was led by Andrei Makarevich. Then Laima Vaikule was invited to visit, and she shared the secrets of cooking an appetizing cake with fruits, biscuits and airy marshmallows. Since then, dessert is named after the singer. Thanks to a delicate taste, he forever became the owner of many housewives. Ingredients (based on 500 grams of marshmallow):

  • batch of shortbread cookies
  • half a gallon of creamy cream
  • one glass of nuts
  • 50 grams of granulated sugar
  • banana - one piece
  • 500 grams of white marshmallow
  • two small kiwis
  • one large orange

Cooking method: For this cake, absolutely any fruit will suit, so choose the ones that you like best. You can buy bananas, apples, oranges or tangerines. In the summer, try making a cake with fresh berries, for example: with strawberries, black or red currants, raspberries or blueberries. Here the imagination of the cook is not limited. The main thing is to make the dish tasty, well, it's simply impossible to spoil it. After all, preparing a dessert is easy. Now you will see this in your own experience. So, first pour the sugar into the cream and whip the products into a dense, uniform, lush mass. Nuts with a knife or crushed in a blender. Now peel the fruits from the peel and cut them into thin circles, the orange can be divided into cubes. The cake is assembled in the following way: moisten the knife in the hot water and cut into each part four marshmallows, the figured tops with a pattern leave for decoration. Take a large flat plate and lay on it half the airy delicacy. When the foundation of the future cake is laid, pour it with whipped cream, sprinkle with nuts, then cover the top with a biscuit and press down with your hands. The next floor of the dish consists of fruits. In the center, put bananas, around them - oranges, and on the edge - kiwi. Again, treat everything with cream, sprinkle with nuts, add marshmallow. Then, just as described above, make a few more tiers of food. When you spend all the products, decorate the dish with the remaining figure tops of marshmallow. Remove the dessert in the refrigerator for at least three hours. Cake can be prepared at any height - in two, four, five tiers. In this case, just get a little more products than indicated in the recipe. If you want to change it a little, try to make another cream, for example, whip fatty sour cream with powdered sugar and a pinch of vanilla. Some between the layers sprinkle the dish with grated chocolate or coconut chips. If you do not get too friable hard cookies, hold it for 60 seconds in warm milk and then form a cake. Then it will come out more succulent and gentle. Fantasy on the topic of desserts can be as many as you like, because recipes, from the most complex and ending with incredibly simple, there is a lot. Do you want to congratulate the child with the end of the school year? Make an appetizing dish with kiwi, juicy oranges and bananas. In order not to repeat, next time fasten the layers with raspberry, currant or other jelly. In general, having mastered one dessert, do not stop there and develop your talents. We wish you success! We advise you to read: