what to wear with a tunic Tunic is a women's light clothing, whichstrongly resembles a T-shirt, since in general, it also has a short sleeve. Nowadays this thing is very popular with the younger generation. Thin to the touch knitwear, which is the main material, recently can be replaced by chiffon, silk, cotton, linen and even skin. Due to its width and length, the tunic can gently hide the surplus around the waist and hips, and also give a bright accent to the harmony and length of the legs. Originally, the tunic had a shape resembling a sack that covered the body from the shoulders to the hip. In our time, fashion designers are offering us various models of models. At fashion shows, you could observe a variety of shapes: smooth and solid models with short sleeves or without them, with one or more cuts on the sides. Actual is the question of what to wear a tunic. One of the most popular trends of the coming season is its combination with trousers of different cuts, colors and materials.

So with what to wear?

  • Answering this question, it is necessary to take into account thatThe tunic is a very airy garment that can emphasize your femininity and charm. Having in your arsenal such a beautiful thing, you can achieve an ideal appearance by combining it with a variety of types of clothing, starting with trousers and ending with a cardigan, and accessories such as a belt, scarf or beads, will consolidate success.
  • The tunic in the form of an elongated blouse looks veryromantic. It will help you create an effect of incredible ease, which will not be superfluous if you are over thirty. And leggings, tight jeans, capers and even simple shorts perfectly complement the image. The combination of this brand with a skirt is another original solution, but it is desirable that it is a mini skirt.
  • If you prefer to wear a tunic without any additions, then it can be decorated with a belt, but it should be long enough.
  • Combining the tunic with the upper part of the wardrobe, itscan be used not only in the summer. Note that some types of clothes because of its length can not look very harmonious. So do not rush to wear a tunic with a casual jacket, but first make sure that such a combination will not look ridiculous.
  • In fact, leather jackets, jeans, raincoats, various cardigans or jackets are often perfectly combined with a tunic. But the most important thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise you will resemble cabbage.
  • In the continuation of the discussion of the issue with what to weartunic, let's talk, whether it is possible something under it to poddet. This question becomes especially relevant, for example, if it's cold or there simply exists a desire to create an original image. Why not? Having tucked under her a turtleneck or t-shirt, you absolutely do not disturb the integrity of the style.
  • As for shoes - the choice is yours. To the tunic equally well fit and ballet flats on a thin sole, and boots or Cossack boots, which visually lengthen the legs.
  • A few words need to be said about the color andfigure. Tunics are usually made in bright colors, so you need to consider the rules for combining colors. Products made from bright fabrics are characterized by the utmost brevity of cut. With it, the monochrome details of the wardrobe will look perfect. For example, a white tunic is almost the same must have each wardrobe, like a popular black dress. It, of course, can be worn with any clothing, from jeans of various models and ending with beach skirts.
  • Perfectly adorn the tunic bright and originalaccessories that can be made in the marine and ethnic style. Such decorations, like beads made of shells, large wooden earrings, beautiful pendants and baubles, will do the best. And there is no quantitative restriction.

with what to wear a tunic photo Now answer the question with what to wear a tunic,photo of which you liked, will not be difficult. Women who like to look elegant and elegant, you can choose noble flowing materials and classic models, as they favorably emphasize femininity and lightness, and to the touch they are very pleasant. The color should be made in dark deep tones, and the length - not lower than the middle of the thigh. Tunics from light air materials should be preferred in the summer. In them you will feel good both in the city and on the beach. Well, in winter, choose options from dense or knitted materials that will help create a romantic image, not paying attention to the frost. This fashion brand makes your imagination unlimited, but it is also very moody. After all, in order to make the tunic look bright and unusual, you must adhere to certain rules of fashion. They consist in a successful combination of tunics with other types of clothing, as well as in accordance with the color palette and the quality of the material. Badly look too colorful image. For example, a tunic with a large bright ornament is better to wear with monophonic things. As for accessories, they should also be in tone with the clothes. In this ensemble, the tunic should be the main element of the composition. Is it fashionable to wear tunics in 2016? They won the sympathy of many of us, despite the fact that they appeared in our wardrobe quite recently. It happened thanks to the stylishness and versatility: they can be worn in combination with trousers, and also as an original spring dress. In this thing, any fashionista will feel very comfortable, because with the help of a tunic you can create a new image every time.