causes of alcohol dependence We are confident that the treatment of alcohol dependencewe will never need it. But let's try to figure out what alcoholism begins with. Constant stress, boredom, misunderstanding, resentment, self-search, a sense of loneliness and so on day in and day out. And so you want a holiday! And then there are good friends called to sit in a cafe on weekends, relax and, of course, have a drink. Why not? After all, you can finally afford it!

We all just want a holiday!

So there is a stereotype of rest, whichis impossible without alcohol. And really, at first it helps, it seems to the person that life gets new colors, there is a feeling of euphoria, problems seem to be solved by themselves. He feels good. And of course, he will remember this way of gaining new sensations and will want to resort to it again and again.

When you can talk about such a terrible diagnosis, as alcoholism?

And the mechanism of formationalcohol dependence. What happens next? And further the use of alcohol becomes habitual. A beer mug at a party, a glass of wine in a restaurant, a glass of cognac with a friend. Yes, and society supports, offers to live fun and easy and do not think about the future. All here and now, just do it, that you have fun! That's the consequence of such fun can be the need to treat alcohol dependence. What if the coming holidays are not far off and even before the weekend is still far away, and today is an unexpectedly free evening. After all, you can just sit at home, relax, take a bottle of wine ... you notice how the amount of necessary alcohol increases? This is the main trap of dependence: in order to enjoy, you need to constantly increase the dose. But man does not see any problems for himself. After all, no one wants to admit that he became addicted to alcohol. Signs of alcohol dependence The main sign of alcoholism is the presence of craving, the desire to drink not in order to enjoy, but simply to somehow live on. Alcohol becomes the main value, displacing from the sphere of interests of relatives, friends, career and all plans for tomorrow. As a rule, the relatives raise the alarm first. The problem of the dependence of one person becomes a problem that prevents many others from living, not in vain there is the concept of co-dependence. Relatives of the alcoholic simply have to build their lives in the light of the current situation. Infinite conversations with the dependent, attempts to reach his mind, appealing to specialized clinics. It's only the narrowed consciousness of a sick person (alcoholism is a chronic disease) that sees nothing but alcohol. The main desire of an alcoholic is to be drunk. Personality changes: aggression, constant lie, apathy - characteristic traits for the alcoholic. Any attempts at help are perceived as violence, invasion of privacy. Therefore, the motivation of the most dependent is so important, so his desire is to be freed from voluntary alcoholic slavery. a permanent hangover is a sign of alcoholism

Psychological work with a dependent person

First, it is necessary to understand that the dependencehas a physical and psychological components. Getting rid of alcohol dependence is a complex multi-level process. To treat alcoholism begin with the cleansing of the body of alcoholic poison. But if it is possible to cope with physical dependence with the help of medication, then psychological dependence will require the person himself to change his personality. It will require a conscious desire to change and forces to realize its decision. He literally will have to learn to live anew. Step by step go to freedom from alcohol. To do this, you will need to find new values ​​for yourself, change habits and, finally, answer the question: why should I drink? What exactly does alcohol give me? You will need to learn to be honest, first of all, with yourself. What are the psychological causes of addiction? As a rule, people who do not know how to cope with their feelings and emotions are inclined to form dependence. Psychological trauma in childhood, lack of love, self-doubt, low stress-resistance - these are the psychological prerequisites that can become the causes of alcoholism. Dependence becomes a kind of psychological defense, which allows drowning out unpleasant and painful inner experiences. Instead of understanding their problems and learning to solve them, a person pretends that there are simply no problems. An illusion of an easy life is created. That's just the dependence over time turns into an even bigger problem than all those from which the person aspired to escape. Destroyed relationships with others, health problems, feelings of guilt and lack of prospects for the future are what alcoholism brings with it. treatment of alcoholism in the therapist

How does the recovery process begin?

The main thing that needs to be done to get rid ofaddiction is to see your life without alcohol. What will it be like? It will be different, it is not worth it to idealize. In life there is a place for difficulties, bad moods, failures and losses, as well as joys and pleasures. And one of the greatest pleasures is to look at all events with sober eyes, make informed decisions, and build your life yourself. See all the diversity and beauty of existence! After all, the main value of life is freedom. And it's so silly to voluntarily give it up. Every new day is a small holiday. And a person always has a choice: a holiday of freedom or dependence?