business relationship A good position and respect for employees iswhat every modern woman dreams about. Work is necessary for us both as a way of self-realization, and as a means of communication, and, finally, as a source of material income. Without it, girls are beginning to get bored, feeling out of place. But, unfortunately, full or partial employment, even in the best company with a worldwide reputation, does not always bring the desired satisfaction. Sometimes the most sociable women can not get in touch with the boss, or with colleagues, or with clients. And about career growth, and not worth talking about. What in this case are they doing wrong? And how to behave when hiring? To begin with, it should be understood that business relationships are very different from friendly communication. Here there are their charters and principles, norms and standards. Familiarity with the boss, flirting and flirting with men at work is not only discouraged, but also condemned. Remember once and for all, all these rules should be followed, regardless of whether they like you or not. Otherwise, however sad it may sound, not only about a successful career, but even about a good post will forever be forgotten. So the real world is arranged. It is cruel and requires compliance with laws established by society. Otherwise, you can be on the verge of life, and there - just hold on!

Looking for work: how to create the image of a business woman

Representatives of the fair sex with theirirrepressible emotionality and psychological defenselessness in this world is harder than for our fellow men. However, nature is wise! She took care of maintaining equilibrium all over the world. Together with excessive vulnerability and sensuality, she presented the girls with one excellent weapon - an unlimited ability to change their appearance. And we do everything without too much stress. This is what helps women survive in office battles, while maintaining internal integrity. The appearance of a business girl is somewhat specific. After all, surviving in an aquarium with experienced sharks is quite difficult. And in order to defeat your competitors, build business relationships with customers and not break with colleagues, you need to at least remotely imagine when and what mask should be worn at this time. In some cases, playing at the public is completely inappropriate. And then you have to hide your burrows and character. Therefore, intending to devote himself to business life and going on an interview with the employer, each of the weak representatives of the human race should take note of a few rules. Remember, a striking difference from those who are in demand today in the labor markets, will not do good. Because such deviation from the norm testifies to the originality of the individual, and the employer needs not a genius, but, for example, an executive secretary or a sensible manager. Of course, a woman claiming this position is simply obliged to put on the mask of a business lady. Do not forget that we are always met by clothes. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate clothing, makeup, mood. The image of a business woman should emphasize her restraint, calmness and the ability to devote herself to the cause. Then it will be much easier for you to establish business interpersonal relations with the employer.

  • Mimicry

The position of the mask, in the first place, isstrict control over the expression of his face. Any spontaneous smile, movement of the eyebrows and even a glance, thrown out of the corner - all this can be mistaken for the future manager. In this case, he will either politely say goodbye, or in the course of further joint work for a long time will treat a new employee as a person who is not serious and unreliable. And to establish business relations will be much more difficult.

  • Makeup

In no case should you be at the reception toThe employer with catchy make-up or without it at all. Combat coloring immediately causes aggression and rejection, and a complete lack of basic hygiene - neglect. Make-up of a business woman is restraint, combined with expressiveness. He is able to hide any weaknesses of the person, while emphasizing all the virtues of the fair sex. The ideal image will not distract the interlocutor's attention to defects (acne, acne, inflammation), but will help to adjust interpersonal relationships.

  • Attire

As for clothes and accessories, there are twobasic rules: the image of a business woman should be harmonious and accurate. Green shoes, a red skirt and a blue bag - it is unlikely that all this will speak about your taste. What business relations are there? The recruiting manager will think that the person sitting in front of him looks awful.

  • Accessories

With decorations, you should be very careful. Cheap or plastic can affect the level of the proposed salary, and too expensive rings, earrings and other accessories - to the level of confidence. Why would a rich lady look for work? Therefore, the business style of a woman who came for an interview is moderate modesty. Remember the important rule - you must have one ring. The wedding wears on the ring finger, the usual one on the middle finger. Hands, dotted with rings, look vulgar and tasteless. As for the chain, then choose a thin, with an elegant pendant. Earrings for the interview wear small (droplets). business relationship is

Rules of conduct in the office

So, you managed to produce on the employera favorable impression, so you got the desired position. How to behave further, to establish interpersonal relations in the team? What to do, so that from the first day you love subordinates, and the authorities entrusted responsible and serious work? Remember once and for all, even if you are ideally suited for the post of applicant, and the team is looking forward to replenishment, it is still not worth it to relax. This is just the beginning. You can be smiling sweetly in the face, and behind you will begin to discuss immediately. Do not be offended, they just have an interpersonal relationship. You all just have to. Remember one interesting phrase: "A good person is not a profession!". If you are a specialist three times in this field, twice awarded the title of "Volunteer of the Year", you will have to tight. People do not like it when someone is better, smarter, more beautiful. Therefore, before you come to the office, you need to think about your extraordinary character traits in order to disguise them. The first time to establish interpersonal relationships, you need to look ordinary. Individuals in work collectives are not easy. As a rule, they do not stay in groups for a long time. On the first day, men will look closely at your habits, preferences, behavior. The girls, on the other hand, assess only the appearance, not the character. Therefore, the best option for clothes in this case will be a strict suit with a discreet blouse and a modest skirt. Pants or jeans on this day should not be worn. They give the woman some aggressiveness. Unfortunately, this outfit can alienate the supposed colleagues. And if you do not manage to establish interpersonal relationships on the first day, then it will be much more difficult. An important role is played by make-up. As in the interview, he must be discreet. Hairstyle - a neat pigtail, a bunch or bundled hair. Do not show creativity! An uncomplicated, slightly stupid image will facilitate a quick merger with the team, and this always works. Cutting a business woman is, first of all, simplicity and naturalness. Creative hedgehogs and multicolored hair are not suitable for such work. The basic requirements for hairdressing for the office are accuracy. It is desirable that the head of hair is of medium length. If it is long, then it must be laid in a line built on strict and straight lines. The choice of haircuts in this case is purely individual. Clothes for work in the office, shoes and hairstyle - these are factors that determine the size of salaries and career development. The more neat you look, the easier it will be for you to establish interpersonal relationships with your superiors. Therefore, before you get clothes out of the closet, you should think about what we want from work. If we need a prospect and a significant increase in wages, then you should choose strict business suits. And if the status of an ordinary office worker is quite enough, you can not be afraid to show some personal qualities, dressing more freely. Ethics of a business woman is something that must be strictly observed. In the first days, or even weeks, you need to carefully monitor your vocabulary. In it, in no case should there be jargon, abstruse expressions and familiarity. Erudition, if it is not related to work, is good in clubs of interest. You also need to build business interpersonal relationships with the team. Even ordinary employees of the office have such quality, as familiarity, not quite to the face. To express subsequently his remarkable creative potential, if any, will not work. In addition, you will be treated like a shirt-guy, with whom you can talk at any time on vital topics. But if you become a boss, such treatment will not change. It is difficult to take someone seriously, who else yesterday did all the coffee and ran to the stall for cigarettes. Therefore, when choosing an image, think about what you plan to be next. If you want to become a business woman with the prospect of further career growth, it is better to diligently fulfill your duties. Do not remove the traditional office mask. Sometimes it is very difficult. And, in order not to experience excessive discomfort, keep everyone in the distance. Having established interpersonal relations in this way, in the future you will not have to break them again and build them. I must say, it is not possible for everyone to be at the same time in the team, and behind its chapels. business interpersonal relations

Image, clothes and position at work

In the office, there are usually three main typeswomen. Each of the girls at one time built certain interpersonal relationships with the team. Now, however much she tries, she is perceived only in this image. Sometimes, to start moving higher, the fair sex has to change the location of the dislocation.

  • Hard worker

The first option - the image of a person, tookeen on his work. In this case, the post should really be something to enjoy. Because you have to go into it with your head, work on weekends and holidays, stay for extra hours. This mask is beneficial. The effort is usually noticed by the boss, and this is a pretty good chance to move up the career ladder. However, one should not forget about colleagues. Friendly communication with them creates a comfortable working atmosphere. First of all, this concerns women, who intend to make a good career. In this case, the most appropriate outfit will be the business style of clothing, as befits the boss. A strict suit and blouse, which is fastened under the neck - only in this form you should appear at work. One nuance - you know how to balance on the brink. So, if the boss is a woman, then the collar of the blouse should not be coquettish, and the decollete - too deep. And vice versa. After all, this detail causes condescending attitude among the higher men. And this is necessary if a small mistake has been made in the work.

  • Gossip

The second variant of an office mask is the image of an activist. For a prying nose in someone else's business and a mobile nature, which does not like responsibility, such a role will be most appropriate. Curiosity in this case is satisfied with gossip, information about the personal life of employees. Sometimes these ladies are habitues of smoking. The wardrobe of this business woman may well be liberated and provocative. It is quite acceptable sportswear, short skirts with a cut to the hip, hairpin. By the way, interpersonal relations for such women are easy to build.

  • Worker

The third image is suitable for those girls whoWork is forced by circumstances. In this case, a place in the office should be chosen somewhere in the far corner to retire, making a tortured, pensive and sad face. This appearance indicates a deep inner drama. Therefore, colleagues, careful not to accidentally hurt for a sore spot, once again will not bother. In the wardrobe of this woman there are only old knitted blouses and stretched sweaters. Unfortunately, interpersonal relations with such employees do not always work out successfully.

How clothing affects the networking

Office work can to some extentdescribed as a ball in the kingdom of masks. A ball dress should be prepared in advance, proceeding to his choice from the evening. Choose clothes very carefully, because it - an integral part of the image, so it should be as harmonious as possible with it. It should be borne in mind that this or that style causes certain associations among the collective. And it happens on a subconscious level. So, if a girl is dressed dearly and fashionably, she will hardly be able to establish interpersonal relationships with the rest of her co-workers. Pay attention, in the case when the position is quite satisfactory, and promotion on the career ladder is not an end in itself, you can afford some liberties in clothes. Jeans are allowed, blouses are translucent. As for shoes, it should be clean and comfortable. Therefore, for work it is better to purchase shoes on a stable medium heel or hairpin (height - slightly above average). Soft and fluffy sweaters, which give the figure a formless appearance, indicate that their owner will obediently suffer resentment and sympathize with the troubles of colleagues. High professionalism with such blouses is not associated. But her colleagues will cause a desire to pour out her soul. Therefore, it is necessary to wear such vestments only if there is an opportunity and willingness to listen to other people's revelations. An important role for the perception of others is played by patterns of ladies' blouses. For example, the flowers all over the field of the blouse are talking about dreaminess and romantic nature. Handled with such gentle creatures, as a rule, carefully and delicately. And blouses in peas characterize women as beautiful wives and caring mothers. In general, these are positive in terms of quality work. They testify to a well-developed sense of responsibility and the ability to find a way out of any situation. Circles and waves, scattered in large numbers throughout the field of the blouse, speak of the considerable egoism of its possessor. Interpersonal relations in this case will be strained. It's as if she tells others not to touch her pens, printer, glue, markers, etc. The same applies to work. The owner of a blouse with circles and flounces is very jealous of their duties. She will not allow anyone else to do it. Such an employee does everything with caution and painstakingly. If the clothes are painted with geometric figures - straight lines, triangles, squares, rhombuses, she talks about the rationalism of her mistress, her courage and inclination to adventures. Such employees very quickly rise up the career ladder. They do this, as a rule, not without pleasure. A woman who appears at work in a motley dress surrounded by a foam of flounces risks to cause some suspicion. Colleagues will think that she comes to the office to arrange a personal life. To convince others in the opposite, no matter how hard the girl tried, it will be very difficult. Remember once and for all, dresses with ruches - violation of even the most loyal dress code. After all, for every modern woman is very important to take a suitable place in society to feel comfortable in the team. Therefore, representatives of the weaker sex have to comply with the generally accepted rules and norms of behavior. Business masks are the most significant in our life. With a competent choice of an image, they can make existence in the team quite enjoyable. To create the face of a successful business lady, you need to think through all the details. After all, without this at work can not do. We dedicate this game to at least a third of our life. By the way, it is very important to learn how to show your character and burdens. Defensive mechanisms that work in certain circumstances, contribute to our development, strengthen self-confidence. The image to some extent determines our destiny, it depends on it which people will surround us. But always and under any circumstances should be remembered - friends, colleagues, bosses, too, wear masks. They also need to defend themselves. Therefore, choosing a job, you need to know firmly which masquerade ball you better go to. And do not forget to ask what images on this ball are in demand. We advise you to read: