hair extensions for a pigtail The beauty of a woman is a great power! And in many respects this beauty depends on the appearance of the hair. You can say that the woman's face is a picture, and the hair is the frame of the portrait, and it can sometimes change, giving the picture a novelty and freshness. Long hair at all times was considered the main decoration of a woman. It is right. But what about those who for some reason can not grow beautiful, long locks? Now for such a problem there is a solution. Hair extension on a pigtail or a magnificent hairdress from long hair is a real breakthrough into the world of beauty and fashion! Modern unique technologies help a woman to become even more beautiful, sexy and feminine. Hair extension helps to solve a number of aesthetic problems and allows you to significantly change your appearance in a short time. By building up, you can not only change the length and thickness of your hair, but also change their color or shade and make a share of extravagance in your appearance. Another undeniable advantage of this method is the ease of care for hair and the comfort of wearing them.

Facts about hair extensions

Hair extension allows you to look exactly the way you always dreamed of looking. What else can you say about this method?

  • Extension adds not only the length of the hair. You can add volume, not length (or in addition to it). This will help many women who have thin or thin hair
  • You can build hair not over the entire head, but only in some specific areas - on the back of the head, temples, you can only grow bangs and so on.
  • You can choose the strands as completely identical to your hair color, and a completely different color or shade.
  • This is a completely painless process. It takes from forty minutes to 3-4 hours.

How to increase hair on a pigtail

Time does not stand still, technologyimprove, there are new methods of hair extensions. Experts are trying to find a way that would help to avoid the negative impact on the "native" hair of clients during the enlargement procedure. But at the same time that the hair extensions were held tightly enough, and the places where the strands were attached were as less noticeable as possible. One of these methods was the method, when the hair is piled up. The master weaves very thin basal braids across the occipital part of the client's head, and directly to each pigtail attaches additional strands. As a rule, strands can be in the form of tesses, why this method has one more name - the "tress method". The stress is the hair that is processed in a special way and connected at the base so that it eventually represents a long narrow strip, from which the strands seem to "grow". Starting to weave from the bottom of the nape, the master to each braided braids just sews tracks, trying to arrange a strip with hair as close as possible to the roots of the hair. One truss is sewn to each braid. The closer to the root part of the hair is sewn the trace, the less often you have to do correction. On average, every two months, every track is removed, the braid is intertwined closer to the scalp, and the tress is then sewn again to the intertwined braid. Time for such a procedure (weaving braids and sewing cracks) takes about three hours. Adding extra hair to the pigtail is suitable for any hair, regardless of their color, structure and initial volume. The braids that the master wove on the client's head are very thin, so they do not cause any discomfort or inconvenience at all, which can not be said about the capsule method of building. correct hair extensions for a pigtail

What is the advantage of the pigtail extension method?

First of all, this method is absolutely safe. The hair is not subjected to a thermal test, and for their fastening, no glue, no tar, or any other chemical components that could damage the hair structure or cause allergies are used. If necessary, it is very easy to remove the tresses, just remove the thread and untwist the pigtail. And the tracks themselves can be used repeatedly, because they are made of high quality hair. Of course, provided that it's natural hair. Tresses are sold in specialized stores. There you can choose the tracks of any length, color and even origin. The natural hair, from which they are made, can be oriental (from China or India), European and Slavic. The latter are the most expensive, because they are the most soft, more suitable for our women in structure and fit perfectly into your head of hear. Before buying the cash, it is advisable to get advice from a specialist who will help you determine the color that suits you best, show you hair samples and tell you which length is most optimal for you. Perhaps, the salon in which you are going to make hair extensions, he can offer you for sale tracks, and you do not have to look for a specialized store.

What to look for before building up

Before you decide to do the build-up, ask your master some important questions:

  • What kind of hair can a salon provide - synthetic or natural human?
  • How well will be producedbuilding? Ask to show pictures of clients with the results of the hair extension master to ensure that the quality of the work you can offer really high.
  • Is there enough choice of hair for building up in this salon?
  • How often will you need hair correction?
  • What is the proportion of the probability of damage to your own hair, which can lead to the build-up and removal of curls? Try to make sure that the damage to your hair will be minimized.

We mentioned that the build-up may bemade with natural or artificial hair. And which of them should be given preference? Natural hair is more expensive, but hair styles with them will look much more natural. In addition, such strands are not afraid of heating, so you can style your hair with a hot hair dryer, frying or ironing. True, synthetic hair has its advantages. Firstly, this is the price - they are much cheaper. Secondly, strands can already be painted in any, even the most exotic colors, and their color will not fade with time. In addition, strands of artificial hair can be pre-set in shape - curl or corrugate curl. hair extensions for pigtail tips

Care for hair extensions

Increased hair requires special care, so you will have to follow some rules:

  • To care for the hair extensions in general it is necessary as well as for natural hair, only more gently;
  • Wash your hair as it gets dirty;
  • Before washing, the hair must be thoroughly combed;
  • Wash your hair in the direction from the roots to the tips. Do not tilt your head over the bathroom, wash your hair while standing in the shower;
  • During washing, do not rub your hair strongly, avoid entanglement;
  • Be sure to use balm and hair masks. Apply them along the entire length;
  • Dry your head with a dry towel;
  • Wet hair is not desirable to comb;
  • During combing, use a special massage brush for hair extensions, which can be bought in specialized stores or salons;
  • To facilitate combing, use special cosmetics;
  • Before going to sleep, braid your hair in a braid or collect it in the tail;
  • After bathing in the sea, flush your hair with fresh water.

The increased hair on average rushes for 2-4 months,further you will need their correction. The term of the socks depends on the condition and type of your hair, on care of them, on the experience of the master and on the technologies of building up. For hair extension, there are contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to increase hair to those who have vegetovascular dystonia and constant headaches. You can not increase hair if there are abrasions, scratches or fresh scars on the scalp. Also contraindications include fungal diseases, seborrhea, psoriasis, and neurodermatitis. And if you do not have contraindications to hair extensions, then discard all the hesitations and go to the salon: after his visit you will no longer have to envy the braids of your friends. We advise you to read: