hair extensions at home Years go by, styles of clothes and shoes change,technology of applying make-up, but what remains unchanged is the fashion for long hair. Each woman, with rare exceptions, dreams of a luxurious mane of beautiful and well-groomed hair, and modern technology allows you to achieve what you want in just a few hours. You probably already understood that we are talking about hair extensions. Hair extension helps a woman to achieve those only attractiveness and self-confidence, but also to fix the inept creation of a grief-barber. After all, on the way of each of us, such a master must have come across, is not it?

Features of the procedure

What is a hair extension? Basically, this procedure is performed in beauty salons, by a person specially trained, who knows all the nuances of its fulfillment. The main component of the procedure is the attachment to natural locks of extra strands, thanks to which the volume and length of the hair increases at times. The advantage of such a voluminous head of hair with confidence can be called that any, even the most complex hairstyles, will now be available to you. Salon services cost a lot of money, not everyone can afford to pay, so more and more often girls are given the goal - learn how to build up at home. However, not every woman is capable of taking such a responsible step. We all perfectly understand that the hairdresser, in addition to his skill, can give us other advantages. Namely, talk about the types of hair extensions, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and choose the optimal and individually tailored solution. capsular hair extensions at home

What is hair extension?

The methods of the procedure are different. There is a cold build-up - Italian, there is also hot - Japanese. They are performed according to completely different technologies. With the hot method, the strands are attached to the hair with the help of special resin and metal beads, and cold build-up involves the use of clamps and capsules with keratin. The latter appeared in the hairdresser's area not so long ago, but already have a huge success, because they allow very tightly to connect hair and scalable strands, there is absolutely no border between them.


Did not you want to go to the beauty salon? The question of building at home is just as attractive? Then read carefully the following points and try to do everything right, otherwise a march to the hairdresser can still be avoided. We will consider the Italian cold method of building up, because it is less safe and will not do much harm to your hair in case of failure. So, to increase hair at home you will need:

  • Special forceps for fixing strands to the hair;
  • Strand separator;
  • A tool called a scraper, used at the end of the hair leveling procedure;
  • Artificial strands with capsules.

All these tools can be purchased inspecialized shops of your city or order online. Before you start building, you need to prepare the hair. Let's say you plan on painting them in a different color, then do this before starting the procedure. When buying strands for building, be sure to consider your future color. The second step of preparation is washing your head. Use a mild shampoo and hair conditioner for sure, so they will not get confused during the procedure. Now divide the hair around the head with the help of a comb, and select a small strand for the hair - no more than 10 millimeters in diameter. Away from the roots about a centimeter, attach the build-up lock to your hair and fasten with forceps. The keratin will melt and, when interacting with oxygen, will solidify, firmly connecting the junction site. The rest of the hair is treated in the same way. At the end of the procedure, we use the vibrator to level the hair along the entire length. It is this hair extension that is considered the safest and easiest. Your new hair will not be afraid of temperature changes and humidity. If the procedure is successful, the life of the hair extensions will be about six months. No special care in this case is not necessary, just take care of your hair, given a few simple recommendations:

  • To comb, you need a comb with soft teeth;
  • To start combing it is necessary from the ends of the hair, collecting the remaining locks in the tail;
  • The fastening points should not be confused, for this, comb the roots well.

Based on the foregoing, we can say thatto build hair at home is quite a feasible task. The main thing is to approach the procedure with all the care and responsibility. If suddenly you feel that you can not manage on your own, invite a friend to help. And tomorrow you will surprise all your friends with your new hair, so beautiful and elegantly scattered on the shoulders! We advise you to read: