what brushes are needed for makeup In order to make your look reallyperfect, not only high-quality cosmetics. To do this, it is also necessary to choose the right makeup brushes. And here the girl faces a choice: what to give preference, what brushes to carry constantly with herself in a cosmetic bag, and what to leave on a dressing table "till better times"? Our review will be an assistant to an attentive woman - he is called upon to answer all the questions that arise.

Brushes for make-up: synthetics or fur?

Here everything depends on what exactlyit is necessary for a woman to whom she is ready to give preference. So, the most qualitative are brushes made of natural materials, of which the best is sable. Also for its length and softness the fur of squirrel or marten is highly valued. But it must be remembered that girls who are prone to allergic reactions to animal wool, natural types of brushes can cause itching and skin irritation, so they should be chosen with intelligence. What options to choose if you have just the last case and you just can not bear the fur of squirrels, sables, martens and other "fuzzy"? Choose synthetic, especially since they are more practical: such brushes apply cosmetics more evenly, they are more convenient to use, they are easier to wash. Moreover, they keep fats, do not absorb the paint and serve longer than natural brushes. And also - with synthetic brushes it is possible to apply both liquid shadows, and firm podvodku. It is important to know that the bristles get out of all the brushes, even the best ones. But how then to choose a great option for the eyes, lips or feathers? Girls, you need brushes, in which the nap will be very tightly attached to the handle. By the way, it does not matter what the hilt itself is made of - it can be both plastic and wooden, it's not a matter of principle. In order to assess how good a brush is, you need to walk fifteen, twenty times over her pile, each time dropping sharply. If it is good, long hairs will not come out of it. And, of course, it should be noted that every thing requires care. Brushes should be cleaned, that is, at least once a week, wash with normal shampoo. Also, it is worth checking their stubble periodically: if it starts to drop out, it's time to think about replacing it. makeup brushes

Brushes for make-up: purpose and choice

  • Brushes for powder can be made fromsynthetic materials or furs proteins and martens. They should be large and soft, they are used after the puff is applied blush. Good brushes for powder should be with a long pile, then they will be convenient to use when applying a beauty product to both the skin of the face and the neck and neck areas.
  • For rouge application, moreflat, than for powder, brushes with soft nap, the optimal width of which is three to four centimeters. Their nap from a wool of a squirrel or a marten has in the middle long hairs, and on each side, - short. They should not be very wide, otherwise the rouge will look unnatural on the face. Use tassels with a pile in 2-3 sm - with them it is possible to achieve really ideal smear. Plus, they can also be used when applying eye shadows - this is a real find for a practical woman.
  • What brushes are needed for feathering blush? Wider, the length of the hair is the same everywhere. With their help, it will be possible to blur the boundaries well and soften the color transitions. An important point: these brushes should always be clean, so they can not be dropped into blush and should be thoroughly washed and dried after each use. Gentle care - a pledge of excellent feathering, remember this.
  • What options to choose for applying a tone? Can be artificial: they do not absorb the foundation and apply it evenly. They are used by many experienced women who know a lot about beauty. With them, you will be able to make make-up as unobtrusive as possible, to make a natural look, which is sure to be appreciated by people with a subtle sense of style.
  • Brushes of the rounded form for drawing of shadowsare made of sable fur or marten. What kind of brushes to choose for the eye zone? Of course, thin and domed - it is with their help that it is most convenient to apply shadows to both upper and lower eyelids. Brushes for shading shadows have a hair cut in a straight line. Pay attention, they do not put shadows, namely shade, so they should always be spotlessly clean - it is very important to wash them well after each use.
  • A brush-fan removes excess make-up, and,by the way, a lot depends on its size. It is most convenient to choose two options: a large brush for the eye zone and nasolabial folds, as well as a small one for eyeliner. In this case, you can always do retouching and easily remove from the skin the remnants of a beauty remedy.
  • Lip brushes are made from densesable hair, the hairs of which should not loom and get out. Practice shows that for the application of lipstick it is most convenient to use "blades", and for drawing a contour - with variants with sharp tips. With this combination of lips, you can emphasize just perfect.
  • For the eyebrows are used the most rigid brushes,The ability to give the eyebrows the right shape. In form they should be small, with short villi - in this case they can serve for a long time, flawlessly fulfilling their purpose. With them, your eyebrows will have everything to look luxurious.
  • Now you know which makeup brusheschoose to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, focus on the sexuality of the lips or pay attention to the eyebrows. Guided by the above selection criteria, you can correctly purchase and place on your dressing table a whole arsenal of assistants for applying and retouching beauty products. We advise you to read: