how to clean an iron The sole of your iron has lost its former brilliance andno longer slips, but in steaming mode, he invariably "spits" the scum and spoils the appearance of things? Sooner or later, every owner of iron has to deal with this situation, and, as a rule, trouble awaits when you are in a hurry, and you just need to look perfect. In order not to regret the time spent and the spoiled iron, you can periodically clean the surface of the iron for preventive purposes. Yes, if we followed all the manufacturer's recommendations, then the question of how to clean the iron at home would not even arise. But, alas, very few adhere to the temperature regime and use exclusively distilled water for the bay in the tank. And the use of hard water just leads to the fact that the tank is scum, and the surface of the sole of the iron begins to stick to all things. In the most neglected cases, the tissue can even burn. So the coke on the sole becomes more and more, as long as the burnt iron is not sent to the dump. But if we clean the soleplate of the iron, we can still deal with the scum more complicated. First it blocks steam holes, but they still somehow try to cope with their function. True, along with the steam scum breaks out and stains your clothes with an ugly crumb. If at this stage you do not take any measures, the holes will be completely blocked and then the temperature sensors and the heating element immediately fail. This is death for your iron. To prolong the existence of the iron, and at the same time do not worry about the spoiled things, we suggest cleaning the iron at home. This can be done both folk methods, and with the help of special professional tools how to clean the iron at home

How can I clean the soleplate of the iron?

In any hardware store on your question, howclean the iron from the deposit, you will be offered special cleaning pencils. With their help, you can easily clean the surface of the sole. To do this, you need to turn on the iron and give it a little warm up. Then you need to apply a pencil on the entire contaminated surface, do not turn off the iron. As the sole becomes heated, the applied layer of the pencil will begin to melt and collect all the dirt and scum. When the cleaning result satisfies you, turn off the iron and wipe it from the remains of the pencil with a clean, dry cloth. It may be necessary to repeat the entire procedure more than once before the surface of the sole again becomes clean. Remember, cleaning with a pencil is quite toxic, and can be poisoned by the vapors released by the product during heating. In order to avoid getting corrosive fumes into the lungs, it will be correct to wear a protective bandage.

How to clean the iron at home?

In fact, the problem of cleaning irons completelynot new, and as soon as people began to iron with the help of this device, the question of how to clean the iron from the carbon does not allow sleeping diligent housewives. For several centuries, many methods have been developed, with which you can properly clean the surface of the soleplate of the iron and provide your house with ironed things. We decided to voice the most popular ways.

  • Method number 1 - salt in the help

It will take a newspaper (you can take today's, stillnot read, and not spoil your mood with news) and salt of fine grinding. Unfold the newspaper and put a slide of salt on it. Place it in such a way that there is an outlet next to it - you need to turn on the iron. Leave the iron briefly switched on and allow it to warm up well. Now start to "iron" the salt. Try to press on it firmly enough, but do not overdo it and scratch the sole. After a short period of time, you can notice that the salt darkens. This means that the process is in progress and the cleaning is carried out correctly. In the end, do not forget to wipe the sole with a dry cloth and remove any debris.

  • Method number 2 - soda from scale

If after the previous method the issue of cleaningThe iron was still relevant, so we are going to clean the soda. This method does not need to heat the iron. Take a pinch of baking soda (amount approximately, focus on the degree of contamination of the iron) and dilute it in a small amount of any dishwashing detergent. The resulting paste is applied to the sole of the burnt iron and begin to gradually wipe off the dirt. We do everything intensively, so that gary would not have any chance. If it is too difficult to rub, leave the paste on the sole for a while, then try again. At the end of the procedure, always clean the soleplate with a clean, dry cloth.

  • Method number 3 - you can use vinegar

Vinegar is exactly found in the bins for practicalhousewives. In order to clean the iron with it, we need the help of rough fabric. Take a piece of burlap or just any linen cloth and carefully wet it with vinegar. We wipe the most polluted places on the sole with a cloth, pressing hard on them. You will have to rub until the cleanness of the soles satisfies you. You can slightly heat the iron, then the dirt will be cleaned better, but the vinegar will evaporate intensely and you can poison it with vapors. After the iron is cleaned, it will need to be polished. This is easy to do by simply ironing a small piece of any fabric. The main thing is to set the temperature regime correctly, otherwise you will have to clean the sole again. than to clean the iron at home

Oh, this scum

Rusty spots on the sole of the iron indicate thatThe water you pour into the ironing tank is very stiff. Ideally, you need to take distilled water, but if you prefer to use what is at hand, that is, tap water, then you can not do without scaling. You can use the industrial option, as all manufacturers advise, and you can try to remove the scale with the help of citric acid. Spread one tablespoon of citric acid in warm water. Pour the resulting cocktail into the iron and heat it to the maximum limit. Now take an unnecessary piece of cloth and iron it, letting the steam holes get cleansed of the scale. Do not iron until the water completely evaporates, - the residues must be drained and the iron washed with clean water. But once again we warn manufacturers of home appliances to ask how to clean the iron at home, recommend referring to professionals and not engage in amateur activities, otherwise you can not only remove the scum, but also damage the heating element.

Better prevention still did not come up with anything

To ensure that in the future you do not havequestions about cleaning the iron, it is better to pay attention to the sole immediately after each ironing. Wipe it with a mixture of lemon juice and water and finally wipe with a clean dry cloth. And clean the holes for the steam will help wadding sticks soaked in hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. And most importantly, always observe the temperature regime during ironing, then your iron will last a very long time!