causes of brown discharge in women The woman's organism is a single complexself-regulating system. Every day in this system there are a variety of processes. In addition, he works in different hormonal regimes: even during 1 menstrual cycle, the hormonal background varies greatly. Thus, brown discharge in women is not always an occasion to sound an alarm. Care for the woman's body is not only in the annual medical check-up, but also from the woman herself, it is necessary to pay attention to one's health. There must be an understanding between a girl and a woman that you can not buy health for any money. Discharge from the vagina - a normal phenomenon, their frequency and density can be very different for one month, depending on the menstrual cycle of the girl or woman. After ovulation, the body produces much less mucus than before it. Aging of tissues inside the uterus leads to secretions of dark or brown color. If the cycle is delayed, the selection is likely to be dark. This should not frighten a girl or a woman. On the other hand, the allocation of dark color can be a symptom of the disease, and its timely treatment depends on a timely call to the doctor. Dark discharge can signal such a terrible disease as cervical cancer or pelvic inflammatory disease, perimenopause, menopause. Still similar allocation are characteristic at diseases of a sexual sphere, such as a clamidiosis, a gonorrhea, a virus of a papilloma, an endometrizosis, a polyposis. If the reason is that aging of the intrauterine tissues has begun, then the main symptom is a small delay in the cycle. In this case, the doctor advises you to consume more water, change the way of life, nutrition and resort to physical activity. In another case, complex treatment will be prescribed, which may include taking medications, surgical intervention, colposcopy, pelvic ultrasonography, chemotherapy. It may be necessary to take a cervical smear and other tests. If excretions in women or girls of dark color occur outside the menstrual cycle, then this should immediately alert. Some doctors do not see anything serious in this. This may be due to hormonal fluctuations during ovulation.

Beginning of the menstrual cycle

Dark brown discharge shortly after theircompletion, or immediately immediately after menstruation may occur due to a trauma to the vagina or cervix. The cause may be the use of hormonal contraceptives. If the whole matter is in contraceptives, the bleeding will most likely be meager, but lasting. If bleeding in women or girls occurs at the end of menstruation, then you should not worry. In this case, brown discharge in women is considered the norm. brown discharge during pregnancy

The middle of the menstrual cycle

During this period, the selection of a dark color, especiallyon the 17-20th day of ovulation, can signal that a pregnancy has occurred. Visiting a doctor and submitting an analysis for HCG will help dispel doubts or confirm them. Quite often, the cause of dark brown discharge of women and girls in the middle of the cycle are serious diseases, for example, a tumor of the uterus body, adenomyosis and others.

End of the menstrual cycle

Dark color separations at the end of the cycle beforemonthly - a normal phenomenon: the menstrual cycle moved slightly, and they began a little earlier. In this case, a woman or a girl should not be alarmed if there are no more symptoms.

Endometritis or endometriosis

These diseases, which are related toinflammatory processes, provoke brown discharge. The sap excretes in the middle of the cycle, and before the menstruation, sometimes, if the course of the disease is triggered, the excretions are not tied to the menstrual cycle. Endometritis is an inflammation of the inner layer of the uterus, caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, as well as by abortion or due to complications after childbirth. The treatment is prescribed by a gynecologist, in addition to hormonal preparations, which stabilize the rhythm, prescribe sedatives, multivitamins, immunostimulants. Endometriosis is a more formidable disease that can lead to the loss of internal organs. Identifying it at an early stage will help to completely cure the disease without the sad consequences. Timely treatment to the doctor is a pledge of complete recovery. surgical endometriosis treatment

Bleeding during pregnancy

Another thing is if during pregnancyoccur bloody or dark in color, they should immediately alert. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. With dark secretions in this period, it can be concluded that premature detachment of the placenta has occurred or there is a placenta previa. The first weeks of pregnancy are the time of a global restructuring of the whole organism, and the allocation of dark red color occurs when the fetal egg is fixed on the uterine wall. There are a number of reasons why a woman may have dark spots during pregnancy, but this does not lead to loss of the fetus. In the first trimester, every 4 weeks, that is, according to the menstrual cycle, bleeding of dark flowers carries no danger. Bleeding of dark, red or brown flowers, in the first weeks of pregnancy, women can be due to erosion of the cervix. Increased blood flow to the uterus causes her bleeding, the uterus turns into a kind of ulcer. In this case, bleeding is not accompanied by pain, they can occur after sexual contact and spontaneously ends. The cause of minor bleeding of dark red color can be decidual polyp - a kind of harmless tumor that grows on the cervix or in the uterus itself, the treatment and curettage of which, as a rule, is not required, but in some cases it will be necessary to remove it. Only a doctor can decide this. Other causes of dark, brown or red, discharge in women during pregnancy can be as an ectopic, frozen pregnancy, and the development of pathology of the cervix or even oncological neoplasms. Causes of bleeding in women during pregnancy can become vaginal infections or varicose veins of the genital organs.

Bleeding during miscarriage

Bleeding in this case is insignificant andpainless, but over time it grows with pain. Bloody discharge with a threatening miscarriage is meager. Pain syndrome is absent, the uterus is not changed, and with timely treatment for help, pregnancy can be maintained. With incomplete miscarriage of bleeding dark red with clots, accompanied by cramping pains in the abdomen. The help in this case consists in a scraping of a fetal egg and restoration of a hemorrhage at the woman. With complete miscarriage, there is no bleeding, since the egg is completely removed from the uterus, the doctor must scrape it out so that no excess tissue remains. With ectopic pregnancy, the discharge can be dark, bloody, brown or tarry. Difference of ectopic pregnancy from appendicitis or inflammation of appendages: dark bleeding bleeding and periodic attacks of pain are characteristic. The exact result will be tested. taking tests for cervical cancer

Bleeding after an abortion

If a woman decides on this step, thenshe should know about all the negative consequences. In addition to the hormonal shock that will be inflicted on the body by this procedure, inflammation in the uterus and even infertility can occur. Bleeding after an abortion can be characterized by brown secretions, which indicates that the blood, when released from the uterine cavity, oxidizes and changes in color upon contact with oxygen. This is considered the norm, and women should not worry. However, the allocation of light brown color should be given attention, since it can signal a polyp in the uterus, which is not a dangerous disease, but can cause pain during intercourse. Allocations after abortion, differing in color from red or brown, should be perceived by women as a signal about the development of bacteria in the genitals. Bleeding after medical abortion is a planned phenomenon, during which the fetus is allocated together with the amniotic parts. Too much bleeding should alert: perhaps, the remains of the fetus interfere with the reduction of blood vessels, and they bleed profusely. In this case, hospitalization is necessary.

Cervical or vaginal cancer

The least common cause of excretavagina with an admixture of blood is a cancer of the vagina (malignant tumor of the vaginal mucosa). The course of the disease is characterized by the release of a yellow color with an admixture of blood. Every girl and woman should know about this, recently the number of cases of cancer of the cervix has been registered. We conclude that brown vaginal discharge in women and girls can be both dangerous disease symptom, and the signal that the body has failed. In any case, you need to seek medical advice from a doctor.