britney spears makeup The incomparable princess of pop music stays onpeak of popularity. She does not like evil tongues and sarcastic critics. Charming image (figure, clothes, hairstyles and makeup of Britney Spears) does not leave indifferent not men, nor women. It got to the point that even a colorful computer game came up with "Makeup for Britney Spears." And if little fashionistas comprehend the basics of makeup on a virtual model, then matured beauties try to try on this image for themselves. In general, this is not surprising.

Features of makeup Britney Spears

Britney for years of his artistic careerchanged more than once. She changed the style in clothes and hair color, she even tried on her hair "under zero," but her make-up remains unchanged. And, perhaps, it is he who allows her to remain so sexy and stunningly beautiful all the time. Here's how her makeup is described by professional make-up artists:

  • modern,
  • stylish,
  • sexually,
  • languidly.

Notice, no glossiness, no excessive brightness, andonly sensuality. At the very beginning, Britney became a hostage to the image of a sweet-haired beauty: sensual, slightly damp lips, languid deep eyes, a look with povolokoy - a fascinating sexual appearance. Britney can be bold or calm, energetic or pacified, but always attractive sex. What makes it exactly like that? Cleverly matched makeup style and spectacular game on contrasting light shades of lipstick bright dark (and languid) eyes. And even a light or bronze powder, blue (and there were such) shadows or suddenly gray eyes did not change the general style of her makeup. It seems that the makeup for Britney Spears was chosen once and forever and chosen, I must say, very well. That's why many admirers of superstars try to reproduce this style on themselves. makeup britney spears

How to make a make-up in the style of Britney Spears

Actually do make-up in the style of Britney Spearsnot so difficult. Even without a professional make-up artist you can fully cope with this. The main thing is to follow the rules (they determine the style) and instructions.

  • First you need to prepare a face. Remove the remains of cosmetics with a cleansing milk or a makeup remover. Clean the skin with a cotton pad dipped in a tonic or lotion. Then apply the foundation: a special cream for make-up or usual day cream.
  • The next step is toning. Properly aligning the skin tone is very important for effective make-up, and that's what we want to achieve. Therefore, you first need to apply a light tone (preferably a tone-fluid) on the entire face. Pay attention to the color difference between the face and neck - the border should not be noticeable. Therefore, shade it under the chin and under the cheekbones with a sponge or a broad brush.
  • To disguise dark circles under the eyestake a corrector, whose color is even lighter than the main tone. With this corrector, disguise the shadows of the nasolabial folds. The main thing - do not overdo it and use the corrector and tone of one color scale: beige, pink, peach. Otherwise, you will have noticeable spots or streaks on your face.
  • Now take up eyebrows. Paint them with a special pencil or powder for eyebrows in a tone of hair color. Gel and brush (comb for the eyebrows) smoothly lay the hairs.
  • Eyes will require you more time and effort. To get the same effect as Britney, you need to shade the eyeliner. First, paint with a black pencil the line between the eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids and blend it with a round brush or applicator. Then take on the brush a little chocolate-lilac shadows and lightly apply them over the black line. At the same time, the feathering should "come to naught" at the inner corner of the eye and become wider in the outer corner.
  • Shadows. On the upper eyelid, apply a golden-beige shade. Over the inner corner of the eye and at the edge of the lower eyelid, apply shiny creamy shadows (not an applicator, but a soft brush). They also apply to the skin under the bend of the eyebrow. With a clean brush, shade the boundaries between the shadows of different shades.
  • Arrows apply liquid black eyeliner along the line of eyelash growth in the upper eyelid. To the outer corner of the eye, make the arrow wider, slightly pointing it upwards.
  • Eyelash color volumetric ink and preferably in several layers. And do not forget to correct them with a special comb.
  • Darken the cheeks by applying the first smear on the most prominent part of the cheek with a smile, and shade it with a large fluffy brush.
  • Lips cover with moisturizing peach lipstick, and from above, put a golden shine.
  • That's all. In any case, judging by the photos of Britney, her make-up is performed in this way. Makeup for Britney Spears - an integral and unchanging part of her sexual image. And for you? Perhaps you will be able to create the image of such a stunning languid beauty? Undoubtedly one thing - properly performed makeup will make you better. The main thing is to find your own style. Britney Spears did it. It turns out and you! We advise you to read: