wedding makeup for brown eyes Wedding is, perhaps, the most significant dayin the life of any person. And for the bride this day means something more than for the groom. She wants to look like a queen, to be the most beautiful, feminine and desirable. And for this you need to create a unique image that will be remembered for life. Of course, the dress, gloves, shoes and veil will do their job and turn anyone into a princess, but we need to take care of make-up too. You can make makeup yourself for any type of face and eye color, but it's the brown-eyed girls that begin to "rush" in search of the best wedding image. The thing is that the brown eyes themselves are beautiful and deep, you just need to emphasize them and make it very simple, believe me! beautiful wedding makeup for brown eyes

Makeup Technique

Basis First we put the foundation - make our facevelvet and flawlessly smooth. We use for this purpose a foundation foundation foundation - with gentle movements we carefully apply the remedy to the entire face, not forgetting about the neck and décolleté zone. You can use sponge, you can do it with your fingers, or you can apply a wide brush. Right eyebrows Now draw eyebrows - treat this carefully, because it is the eyebrows that form the basis of the image. Put them in order - pluck out the extra hairs, comb them and draw a little. Just a little - eyebrows, of course, should be expressive, but not fanciful. Eyes - the main component of the makeup Well, that's approached the eyes - then you have to work hard.

  • Remember - the classic wedding makeup for brown eyes is done in golden chocolate tones;
  • Prepare three shades of this color - mostlight is superimposed on the area under the eyebrows, the tone of medium saturation is applied to the middle of the upper eyelid and the inner corner of the eye, but the darkest part emphasizes the outer corner;
  • In no case do not allow for clearly limited stains on the eyelid. All shades should smoothly pass from dark color to light, and under eyebrows it is necessary to shade color so that it became smoky;
  • If you constantly draw arrows, then you can and should apply them here. Since the make-up is festive, you can also do liquid liner;
  • In this case, try to expand the line itself from the middle of the upper eyelid and raise it slightly at the outer corner - thus, the eye will visually stretch and take an almond shape;
  • Now pay attention to the lower eyelid - there is either a thin arrow or shaded shadows;
  • Pay attention - if you have bulging eyes, thenan arrow on the lower eyelid can not be drawn. It is better to touch a little brush with shadows and lighten them a little. Let the shadows in this place be barely noticeable. Smokies will look wonderful and gorgeous;
  • With eyelashes, everything is simple and clear: carefully apply mascara in several layers, make sure that the cilia do not stick together.

The final touch - lips and blush Lipstick selectin the tone of shadows, be sure to correct the shape with a pencil and apply lipstick in several layers - you will have to kiss quite often, and you have to preserve the impeccable appearance until the end of the holiday. Blush is applied from cheekbones to the chin - light mahami wide brush. They should not be clearly visible, just emphasize the line of the face. the correct wedding makeup for the brown eyes

Tips for applying wedding makeup

  • Brown eyes do not tolerate pink, lilac andred tones - do not use them in make-up, because the eyes seem inflamed and unnatural. Stick to classics - gray, coffee, dark green, black, golden;
  • If your eyebrows have not been put in order for a long time,then it is better to go to the beauty salon - there the procedure will be conducted correctly and without subsequent inflammations. Even easier is to do tattooing, but this must be done long before the solemn event;
  • When using pencils for arrowsremember that you should not experiment and apply multi-colored shades - it's better to have a simple black tone. And in general, the wedding is a completely traditional and classical rite, a celebration that nothing should overshadow. Believe me, if you try on this day "try on" something new from the make-up, then the whole holiday will be spoiled;
  • If you want to keep lipstick on your lips for a long time, then proceed as follows: apply a little powder on the lips - then lipstick, repeat the procedure again.
  • Powder to use only dry - it will save all the beauty. Lipstick can be with mother-of-pearl, but it is necessary in the tone of all make-up;
  • Before you start to apply makeup,prepare a face - wipe it with an ice cube, make a little arbitrary massage with your fingertips and cheer your skin. Then apply a moisturizing cream (the usual one you have already used) and only after full absorption you can proceed to apply a tonal base;
  • If on normal days you use a dry powder, then on this day you can slightly correct all the makeup.

Recently, make-up artists offerUse the decoration of rhinestones and drawings, even the use of feathers and mini insects. Yes, it's beautiful and unusual, but it's unlikely to be appropriate at the wedding. Ideal variant - the increased cilia. Here you can sacrifice your time and go to the procedure to the master. Just take care of this week for two before the scheduled celebration - let your eyes get used to such an accessory, you will be easier. Yes, a wedding is a special day, everything should be perfect and perfect, so your image should be harmonious, elegant and personify love and youth.