wedding makeup yourself The fact that the wedding celebration takes a lotforces and finances, any bride knows, who is intensively engaged in preparation for the most important day in her life. And, unfortunately, not every girl has extra two or three thousand for a make-up artist, who also can make up, not suitable for her hair or dress. Who knows best about what's going on more than you?

Step one: prepare for makeup in advance

Some of the fair sex forhalf a year before the appointed date, they start visiting beauty salons every week, leaving almost all of their salaries there. But to look like one hundred percent, you do not have to go to extreme measures, it's enough to start watching yourself.

  • Diet

Want your skin to sparkle, it was not therenot a single pimple and other defects? Then for two or three weeks before the appointed date, go on a diet: exclude from your diet fatty, fried, smoked, spicy, salty, sweet and sour, and also refuse alcohol, tobacco. During this time, the body will have time to purify itself of toxins and harmful substances that negatively affect the condition of the epidermis.

  • Masks

Do not forget to cleanse twice a week.or a moisturizing mask to get rid of dirt in the pores. Be sure to visit the beautician at least once, who will pick up a wellness program for cleansing your face. Do not save on cosmetic products, because any flaws, whether acne, blackheads or oily shine, on the camera can be seen quite clearly. On the eve of the wedding, do not do any excrement with the skin, as during the night irritation and redness will not pass, and you have to cover up all the shortcomings with a thick layer of foundation and powder. An unchecked cream or toner for the face leave for later, when you can sit out a couple of days at home. Also for three weeks it is worth not to dry cleaning and peeling, because you can sprinkle even more.

  • Cosmetics

Make wedding makeup yourself with the help ofcarcasses, lipsticks, and shadows that you have available for two years already, it's like renting an old white sarafan instead of a wedding dress, which you've been wearing all summer (maybe even more than one season). Ugly, cheap, plus at any time can spoil. First, make a list of what you will need on this day: tone cream, powder, shadows, lip liner, eyeliner, lipstick, shine, etc. Having bought this or that makeup, be sure to experiment with it, so that on the last day you do not have to run for lipstick, which is "like this one, just a little lighter". In addition, there is a risk of an allergic reaction, especially if you have not previously been so strongly colored or preferred other brands. Also do not forget about the adaptations with which you will be all this applied: brushes, wadded disks, wands and many other small things. He is not cheap, but without them makeup will look a bit ridiculous and funny. It is unlikely that you can properly shade the shadows with your finger or a normal brush, which is designed just for powder application. beautiful wedding make-up with your own hands

Step Two: make wedding makeup

  • Cleanse the face

So, as soon as you wake up, immediately washcold water, lightly pat dry skin with a dry towel so that no traces remain, wipe the face with a tonic, then apply the cream. It takes at least twenty to thirty minutes for everything to be absorbed, after which you can start make-up. Remember that any cosmetic products that you will process the skin should not contain alcohol and other aggressive substances, otherwise irritation may appear.

  • We lay the foundation

The first step is to disguise everythingshortcomings that may appear due to unrest. Bruises under the eyes (evidence of a sleepless night or an excellent bachelorette party), pimples, blackheads - all this easily disappears under a small layer of foundation. If the skin is dry, then the base is best applied with the help of a sponge, if fatty - with the help of a brush. Too much acne should first be covered with a special remedy (for example, a thin pencil), which is slightly lighter than a foundation, and only then can the base be applied. But make sure that everything is well dried, otherwise you will simply smear make-up, because of what will become completely spotty. Now you can walk on top of powder, the color of which coincides with the tone of the tonal basis. If something you do not like or a face like a mask, rinse your makeup and start the procedure again. Those who have never had such a thing before should hone their skill the day before. Remember that the tone of the stem should not differ from the skin tone, otherwise the bride's face will look unnatural, in addition, some parts of the body (decollete, neck, hands) in this case also have to be covered. And the wedding dress in places where it will be in contact with the cream, will acquire a slightly yellowish tinge.

  • Bring your eyebrows in order

Two days before the wedding should be plucked eyebrows,To give them the right shape, while avoiding strong irritation. But do not try to radically change your image, leaving thin stripes above your eyes or making a tattoo, because in this case you will completely have to change your makeup. If necessary, color the eyebrows with a special paint, which is sold in any store of professional cosmetics. Do not forget to take everything in pencil to emphasize the graceful bend, but do not overdo it so as not to look too strict.

  • Beautiful eyes

If the wedding is not themed (rocker,style), then the ideal option will be a gentle and not too bright makeup that will accentuate the beautiful eyes, but it will not give too much vulgarity. First, using a pencil or eyeliner, make small arrows, then apply shadows: in the corners - lighter, to the edges - darker. The color palette depends on many factors: the color of the eyes, hair, skin, attire. The only nuance, which should be remembered - brilliant cosmetics spoils photos. Last but not least, mascara is applied neatly, which must necessarily be water resistant, as a happy bride at some moments will find it difficult to contain tears of joy. And it is unlikely that the girl will want to run every five minutes with napkins in the ladies' room to correct the spoiled makeup. Remember that mascara should lie flat, neat, no lumps, stuck cilia should not be. If on a normal day it's forgivable, then on a holiday when a videographer and photographer is working with you, such an error is unacceptable. To avoid this, use a special brush for combing. The direction of the brush during staining is from the roots to the tips.

  • Underline the lips

A win-win option that always lookseffectively - this is lipstick, the color of which is slightly darker than your lips. Be sure to draw the contour in pencil so that the sexiest part of the female face looks more sumptuous and neat. As for the brilliance, you should be careful here, since the glare on the camera will not look very good. To ensure that the lipstick remains as long as possible, first lightly powder the lips, and in the end, necessarily pat them with a napkin.

  • Blush

The final touch of the wedding makeup isrouge application. As in any other case, you should also show a sense of proportion here so as not to look like a young lady who painted beaks with beets several centuries ago. Without this element, you can get by, but then your face can be too pale, uniform, like a mask. To properly apply blush, it is enough to stand in front of the mirror, stretch the lips into a tube, then with a special brush several times to walk along the cheekbones. Thus, you will give the volume, which is so lacking after the foundation, so that in the photos you will look natural, and not flat. proper wedding make-up with your own hands

Basic nuances of wedding makeup

If the wedding is planned on a warmthe time of the year, prepare for the fact that periodically you have to correct the swollen mascara, since even the most persistent and expensive cosmetics will not stand the impact of sun rays and sweat. Creams, tonal bases should not be fat, otherwise you will not have time to get out of the house, as soon as you feel the first signs of spoiled makeup. Do not forget to grab a small set with lipstick, powder and wet wipes. You can put the cosmetic bag in your small handbag, or in the clutch of the bridesmaid, so that if necessary, you can quickly refresh your face. If a girl plans after the photo session and the painting to wash off her daytime make-up to apply a brighter evening, you need to think about where and how she will do it. In this case, she will need a cosmetics remover, cotton wool, as well as a small towel so that she does not wear out the wedding dress during the procedure.