Breath Oil

Why do children fall ill more often in the fall?

In the autumn the weather often changes: then it's quite warm, then suddenly a rainy rain and a cold wind. At this time it is very difficult to protect the child from colds. If you choose too warm clothes for a baby, he will sweat, unbutton and the first draft will cause a cold and cough. And if it's too easy for a child to dress, then it will freeze, the body will overcool ... and the result is the same - a cold. The situation is aggravated by the fact that in the autumn the children go to school or kindergarten. So, your baby is waiting for a transition to a strict regime of the day, increased stress, constant communication with other children, teachers and educators, among whom may be those who are already sick. At any time next to the child may be a snoring and sneezing peer or adult. And together with the air your child will inevitably inhale pathogenic bacteria and viruses. How here not to get infected ?!

Invisible defenders of the body

Protecting children from flu and cold will helpEssential oils of some plants (juniper, mint, cloves, eucalyptus, etc.). They have antimicrobial and antiviral effects. Essential oils, rapidly evaporating, destroy the airborne pathogens. In addition, when we breathe in air saturated with vapors of essential oils, the respiratory tract, the so-called "entrance gate" of the infection, is also disinfected. Also, essential oils help to cope with the first signs of the oncoming cold: headache, fatigue, easy stuffiness of the nose. composition

Tradition or novelty?

Essential oils have long been appreciated in the UK,Germany, France, Spain and other countries. And this is not surprising - in fact essential oils are safe, suitable for use throughout the "cold season", work everywhere and always. For several years in the domestic pharmacies you can also buy essential oils. They are available in various forms: sprays, oil-soaked patches, drops. You can choose the oil of one plant, and you can - a composition (mixture), consisting of the oils of several plants.

What to choose?

From the point of view of practicality, the most convenientform are drops. First, they can be used unnoticed (unlike a patch). Secondly, they slowly evaporate from the surface to which they are applied, which means that they last longer retain useful properties. And finally, drops, as a rule, are more economical. A bottle is convenient to carry. Also, we advise you to pay attention to sprays. They are convenient to use for disinfection of large spaces. You just spray the oil in the air. dyshynew1

Just breath!

To protect against viruses during the season, colds are intended . It is suitable for the prevention of flu and coldsin different situations: in school or kindergarten, for walking, in public transport. At home butter Breath can be dripped onto a cotton pad or napkin and put in a nursery, next to the baby. You can also put a few drops of oil on a stuffed toy, with which the child sleeps or goes to the garden. Natural essential oils evaporate, leaving no residue on clothes and woven surfaces. therefore can be safely applied to a scarf orcollar of children's clothes before leaving the house. Protect your child from viruses in the school or kindergarten will help the handkerchief with a few drops of oil Breathes embedded in the breast pocket of the shirt or dress. By the way, Breath can be dropped on the band-aid if you used it earlier. If someone from your family is sick, you can spray the Breath Oil spray around the house or place napkins moistened with Breath Oil in rooms that are used by all family members. This will significantly reduce the risk of infection. Do not cause your baby any discomfort and do notwill cause him negative emotions, because it is not applied to the skin, but only to clothes or objects surrounding the child. Breath oil consists exclusively of natural essential oils. The oil is not addictive and does not irritate the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. Therefore, you can use Breath oil several times a day. And even if you use oil constantly, one bottle of oil Breathe enough for 1-2 months. Do not wait for the baby to sniff - use the Breath oil!