impaired posture Children on the way of growing up lie in wait for hundredsvarious dangers and difficulties. Including very often there is a violation of posture. Parents do not always attach enough importance to this, mistakenly believing that the problem will disappear by itself, as the child grows up. And in vain - often incorrect posture in the most negative way affects the health of the child. And she herself will not disappear anywhere. Therefore, in no case can not ignore this problem. This is exactly what will be discussed in this article - violation of posture and prevention. And all parents know in principle, what is the posture? Doctors call this term the habitual position of the human body in an upright position. Posture is a very important indicator of overall health. Moreover - severe disorders of posture are independent diseases that require urgent, prolonged and serious treatment. One of the most common disorders of posture is scoliosis (curvature of the spine in any direction). Unfortunately, medical statistics are very disappointing - scoliosis occurs in 10% of primary school students, 30% of middle school students and 79% (!) Of upper-grade students. Agree, the figures are scary. There are very many causes of this disease. In some cases, scoliosis is a direct consequence of bone disease, trauma. Also, sometimes - although rarely enough - scoliosis is a congenital disease. However, all of these causes occur in no more than one third of all cases. Most often, scoliosis is an acquired disease and its cause is weakness of the back muscles. Very often, parents themselves without knowing it, contribute to the child's normal posture. They simply create an environment that is very favorable for the development of the disease.

Causes of Posture Disorders

The first thing parents should do ispay attention to the whole way of life of the child. Do not lose sight of even the most minor nuances - a violation of posture can occur quickly. And we will give you a clue as to what should be given maximum attention:

  • Child's workplace

It is very important that the child's workplace beequipped correctly. The first is the desk. Ideally, that it corresponds to the growth of the child. If you do not have the opportunity to change furniture every year, then at least put a pillow on the chair. Next - a chair. The child should not sit with his legs hanging - they must rest on the floor. Of course, it is not always possible to do so, so that in the school desk it also corresponds to the growth of the child. But at least at home he should sit properly - this will remove a significant part of the unnecessary load on the muscles of the back of the child. After all, the muscular corset in the child is not yet developed well enough.

  • Wearing heavy weights

A strong provocative factor is alsocarrying heavy loads by the child, especially in one hand. As a rule, all children are forced to wear a heavy portfolio every day. It would seem that nothing can be done about this. But in fact, you can - get your child a good orthopedic backpack. Teach your child to wear it behind his back - this will allow you to distribute the weight evenly. In addition, you can try to make sure that a part of the teaching aids the child could leave at school. Invite other parents to buy lockers in a class where the kids can put some of their belongings. As a rule, the school administration does not interfere with this, especially if you can bring reasonable arguments.

  • Incorrectly selected clothing

Perhaps you will be surprised, but evenincorrectly selected clothes - too tight or tight, can provoke the child's development of scoliosis. If the pants or skirt of the child will give him discomfort, he will try to take the most convenient position for himself. But it does not always turn out to be correct.

  • Hearing and vision impairment

If you notice that the child has become wrongsit at the desk, show it to the otolaryngologist and oculist as soon as possible. In the event that the child began to see badly, he simply has to lean over the textbook or notebook. And if the hearing aid suffers, the child most often leans forward and slightly turns sideways to better hear the teacher. And very quickly, such a position of the body enters the child's habit - without even noticing it, he sits at home exactly the same.

  • Chronic diseases of internal organs

In some cases, violation of posture in the childarises because of the presence of severe chronic diseases of internal organs. Most often, speech in such cases is about diseases of the cardiovascular system, bronchi and lungs, defects in the musculoskeletal system. And scoliosis will progress along with the progression of the underlying disease, therefore it is by no means impossible to rule out such a possibility. violation of posture and prevention

Stages of deformation of posture

Correctly developed vertebral column neverit is absolutely straight - it has several physiological curves that are noticeable in the lateral plane. Doctors excrete cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral bends. These bends perform the same function as the intervertebral disks - they are some kind of elastic shock absorbers, which reduce the load on the spine and distribute it evenly. There are several types of deformation of posture.

  • Stooping. With this type of deformation, the thoracic bending of the spine increases, and the lumbar spine, on the contrary, is smoothed out.
  • "Round back." At the same time, the lumbar curve remains normal, but the chest bend increases in the entire thoracic region.
  • "The concave back". In this case, bending is strengthened in the lumbar region.

Depending on how neglected the disease is, it is assigned a degree of deformation. These degrees are determined according to the following parameters:

  • 1 stage of deformation of the spine. In order to bring the spine into a normal correct physiological position, simply align the back.
  • 2 stage of deformation of the spine. Curvature when trying to align the back with a physical effort or with a hanging on the gym wall disappears only in part.
  • 3 stage of deformation of the spine. In this case, the curvature of the spinal column does not straighten, even with the vise on the gymnastic wall. It is considered the most serious deformation.
  • Of course, at home to parents, nothaving a medical education, it is very difficult to determine exactly with which stage of the violation of posture they encountered. Therefore, it is easy enough for them to understand if the child has such problems. Yes, and your posture also check will never hurt. And to do it with the help of special tests is not so difficult. Put your child's back against the wall and look at it from the side. If the posture is OK, in the neck and waist region the spine will look like a concave arch, and in the chest and pelvis region - convex, touching the wall. Between the spine in the waist and neck area there should be a small gap - approximately in the thickness of the gap. In all the opposite cases, one can suspect violations of posture. So, it's time to see a doctor who more accurately diagnoses the problem. In no case delay the visit to the doctor for later. Of course, the violation of posture is not appendicitis, and there is no need to call an ambulance. But also to pull it is not necessary - otherwise the disease will progress quickly enough. And time is very, very valuable - after all, cardiovascular disorders can be fundamentally corrected only in childhood.

    Treatment of posture disorders

    Parents should be prepared to ensure that the processtreatment of postural disorders will last a very long time. And the strength and time from parents, he will require a lot - because it lasts almost around the clock, without any breaks and days off. The treatment is under the strict control of a doctor - orthopedist. Depending on the age of the child and his general state of health, the doctor will choose the best course of treatment and rehabilitation. To treat the violation of posture can be used therapeutic exercises, wearing special corrective corsets, manual therapy. Although, of course, most of the treatment is precisely in medical gymnastics and compliance with a certain number of requirements. The main goal of gymnastics is to strengthen those muscles that are designed to keep the spine in a normal state - the muscles of the neck, shoulders, abdomen and waist. In no case can you independently design a gymnastic complex - very many exercises in scoliosis are strictly forbidden, since they can lead to the opposite effect and only strengthen the curvature of the spinal column. The doctor will choose the most optimal exercises that will help each specific child. He will explain and show his parents how to carry them out. And the main task of parents is to ensure that the child correctly and regularly performs these exercises. Last, such a therapeutic gymnastics can be very, very long - up to a year. But the result will be worth it - the child will not only improve his posture, but the overall health will improve. Separately, I would like to mention the corset, designed to adjust posture. Often the child flatly refuses to wear it. And his parents, unfortunately, go on about him. But you should not do this in any case - the doctor appoints wearing a corset only in really necessary situations. Talk to the child. And do not just force it - be sure to explain why this is necessary, and what will happen otherwise. Although, of course, this measure is effective only in relation to a sufficiently adult child who is able to correctly understand you. If it's a kid, turn it all into a game. And in the most extreme case it is possible to resort to the power of the parent "It is necessary!". preventive maintenance of infringements of a posture at children

    A few rules for correct posture

    Above we have already talked about some rules,allowing to maintain the correct posture of the child. However, there are a few rules that are very likely to help maintain the posture of crumbs. Be sure to take them into service.

    • Baby bed

    Of course, any mom tries to make a childslept as comfortably as possible. But is the notion of "convenient" always equivalent to "correctly"? Doctors constantly say that the child's bed should be extremely tight. It is not necessary to put extra blankets under the child, and even more so the feather bed. You want to grow a princess on a pea, but a healthy child, is not it? The ideal option for a child will be an orthopedic mattress. Yes, and a pillow is also better to buy orthopedic - large and soft pillows also have a very negative effect on the health of the child. Yes, and for how exactly the child sleeps, it is also worthwhile to follow. Doctors - orthopedists recommend that children, as, indeed, adults, sleep exclusively on their back or stomach. Sleep on the side also harms the spine.

    • Child's shoes

    Pay special attention to the shoes of the child. In no case is it unacceptable to buy a child shoes not in size - "to grow" or tight. Shoes must be bought exceptionally comfortable and in size. And this requirement is explained very simply - unsuitable footwear leads to an incorrect position of the child's legs. And this, in turn, inevitably leads to a change in the normal position of the spine. And it is very likely that this change will very quickly lead to a curvature of the spine. By the way, if your child already has clubfoot or flat feet, get involved in his treatment as soon as possible. These diseases very quickly lead to a violation of posture, and sometimes even more serious problems. And these diseases also need to be treated under the strict supervision of a doctor - orthopedic. The children's organism is very fragile, and the least wrong actions of parents can entail not very pleasant consequences.

    • Proper organization of the child's day regimen

    Very much depends on the correct organizationmode of the child's day. To my great regret, often parents are forced to spend most of their time at work. And the children are presented to themselves. And they sit for hours around computers and televisions, which has a very negative effect not only on the child's vision, but also on his bearing. Therefore, try to limit the time of the child's stay at the TV and computer. If you want to do this it is possible - just as much as possible load the child with something - for example, circles or hobbies. After all, there are family filters, right?

    • Sufficient physical activity

    Also, do not lose sight of the fact thatvery often the violation of posture develops due to the fact that the child moves little. And it's not surprising - computers have long ago replaced "modern" children with "tattoos" and "catch-ups", and the TV - walks around the city and hikes. But instead of sadly shaking his head, parents should take the situation into their own hands. Do not be lazy and start a tradition every weekend to go out of town, if, of course, weather conditions permit. Attend a sports hall with a child, a swimming pool - a personal example for a child is most useful. And, in addition, such a joint pastime with the child will have a very positive impact on your relationship. But even if you do not have time, you can find a way out. Give the child to any sports section. And it does not have to be a professional sport. For example, a very good option can be dancing. Physical exercise will be the most optimal, and the child's posture will always be under the strict control of the teacher. And the ability to dance is useful to both boys and girls. Yes, and make sure that your child attends the usual physical education lessons at school. Do not take medical certificates from the doctor, exempt from physical education at school, even if the child is really sick. There are several groups of health and the teacher will choose the optimal load for your child. Of course, in this case we are not talking about really serious diseases, in which physical education is strictly contraindicated. And ask a physical education teacher to take this issue under his control, as it is very difficult for parents to follow a child at school. Strictly speaking, all these rules must be followed and those parents whose children have not yet encountered a violation of posture. After all, all these rules are effective not only for treating the curvature of the spine, but also for prevention. Prevention of violations of posture in children is very successful, if you start it on time. We advise you to read: