Bran "Leto" - an indispensable product during the fasting The question of how to lose weight, for many peopleis relevant for many years. It is not necessary to mention how many disappointments arise due to the application of diets - such, about which they write and say, as about the most miraculous ones. But here the diet term passes, and the miracle does not occur. Perhaps it's time to try some other way to put the body in order? Of course, this method should have a scientific and medical basis, and not just talk about the fact that someone helped him lose weight in a couple of days by 5 kilograms. A proven and reliable option for those who want to lose weight or cleanse the body - the use of wheat bran "Lito". The positive effect of this food is based on the fact that its composition includes dietary fiber. Maybe it's strange, but the by-product of wheat processing is more valuable from all points of view than what is considered the main. But it is enough to recall the traditions of our ancestors, who baked bread from white flour only on the greatest holidays, and on ordinary days used flour of the rough grinding, useful for the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the bran "Litho" has a beneficial effect on many human organs: they serve to nourish the beneficial microflora of the intestine, increase peristalsis, improve bile secretion, etc. Fiber is the best product to prevent intestinal dysbacteriosis. Unlike flour (this pure starch), bran contains living cells and active microelements, which are so necessary for every human body! And the best sorbent can not be advised! Using bran as a food product, you can completely get rid of constipation. Bran "Leto" - an indispensable product during the fasting If we recall the biologically active substances,which are contained in a coherent grain, then after processing, ninety percent of them remain in concentrated form in the bran. First, they are priceless vitamins of group B, on which the central nervous system depends, the skin condition, hair growth and health, the activity of all body systems considered to be the most energy-consuming (muscles, kidneys, heart, brain). Secondly, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of the chemical microelement of potassium. Compared with potatoes, it is twice as big in bran. And this means that you can not worry about the normal functioning of the circulatory system. Of other useful substances contained in bran, it is necessary to call carotene, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E, zinc, copper. As for opportunities for weight loss, the principle of action simple and clear: they swell very quickly in the stomach, since they have the property of attracting liquid. And this means that in a short time completely fill the stomach. Due to this, the person feels the saturation faster. In addition, because of increased peristalsis, less nutrients are absorbed into the intestine, that is, the body receives far fewer calories. That is why there is no better way to lose weight and cleanse the body than eating bran "Leto". This product is extremely useful for people who are fasting, since it contains all the components necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, filling it with health and vivacity!