Hairstyles with braids for long hair We all once heard from womena fair sex, that they are proud of their hair and on the offer to change long hair for a shorter haircut, almost all, like one, respond with a refusal. Argumenting his negative attitude to shortening the hair with a simple and very understandable word "sorry." And this is correct, on the one hand. Let's remember, for example, how girls went to Russia. They plaited their beautiful chic long hair in a thick braid. And the more beautiful and thicker the braid, the brighter the bride became. The way the braids were important for matchmakers in Ancient Rus, and, in particular, of course, for women, we all see in Russian folklore. Here, for example, is the episode of the fairy tale "Frosty", screened by Alexander Row, in which the stepmother is trying to marry his own daughter Marfushka, tying her a fake, bought at the fair scythe. Whatever one may say, and braids for long hair for girls are a real decoration, but they need to be cleverly cleaned, at least in the same way of oblique. But fashionistas should not be afraid of the fact that the scythe wears them, because hairstyles, the main element of which is the braid, is now at the peak of popularity. Moreover, the braid, like no other types of hairstyle, will be able to remove hair so that the owner of long hair will be most comfortable at any time of the year and in any weather. And stylishly braided plaits can be used by women both in everyday life, and as an evening or festive hairstyle. Modern designers, stylists and hairdressers offer a huge variety of ways that you can even in the home to braid pigtails for long hair. Fashion hairstyles with braids

Hairstyles with braids for long hair

How to weave braids? Let's begin to consider braiding of braids on long hair on an example of a classical braid. The braiding of such a braid does not require special skills, as this is one of the simplest braids that have ever happened in the history of hairdressing. And in order to simplify your task, you need to properly prepare your beautiful hair for this procedure. The first thing to do is to carefully comb the hair along the entire length, then smooth them with a brush and if you are dealing with especially naughty hair that have a habit of swelling, treat them with some styling remedy, such as mousse or gel . At your discretion. Such preparation of hair is required before the beginning of weaving absolutely all types of braids and braids. We continue to talk about the classical spit. To create this hairstyle you will need to evenly divide the hair into three strands. Further actions are very simple and familiar to every girl, and maybe to a boy, if he has a sister, since childhood. The algorithm is as follows: take the leftmost strand with your left hand and put it on the middle one, which is convenient to hold in your right hand. After that the left strand will already occupy the central place, and already on it we throw a lock, which is on the right. Repeat this procedure right until the moment when the hair is braided over the entire length. The end of the received pigtail is fixed with an elastic band, hair clip or ribbon. By the way, if almost everyone knows the algorithm of weaving a classical braid, then only a few are aware of the fact that it is also called the "English" scythe. Therefore, in England, appreciate the classical canons in everything, as well as minimalism and lightness. The lovers of complicating things, slightly changing the initial stage of creating this hairstyle, offered the world to weave classic braids from 4, 5, 6 and even 8 initial strands. French braids A little more complicated technique of weaving is distinguished by French braids. All the hair on the top of the head must be divided into three parts and proceed to alternate between left and right strands through the middle one, as described in the braided version of the classical braid. However, after every two throws to the right and left strands, you need to add a little free, from the appropriate side, the hair. And so until the moment when free hair does not end. We fix the finished French braid with a hairpin. French weaving braid suggests some options for creative personalities, such as weaving braids on the right or left side of the head or weaving baskets or rims. different braiding of braids for long hair Beautiful African braidsbraid yourself African braids, you need to approach very responsibly. After all, these hairstyles are suitable for those girls and women whose inner world corresponds to such a bright external appearance as African braids on their heads. They are braided in a classic way or spirals. The main condition, in which you get a really beautiful pigtails, is a uniform distribution of the entire volume of hair into at least 100 parts. In this case it will be quite good if you distribute them in half, on different sides of the parting. An important advantage of such a hairstyle is that it can be worn for three months and it will hardly get bored, since pigtails can be harvested in a bun or tail. The Dutch braid, or a plait inside out The variant of a braid on voluminous long hair can become successfully the Dutch braid, which else is called turned out or oblique inside out. The thing is that the braids of the French braid are taken as a basis here, but the highlight here is that the side strands need not be thrown on the central strand, but be pushed under it, turning each of the three strands alternately outward. Greek braids Greek, or openwork, braids suggest a more complex technology of weaving. Therefore, few people can make a beautiful and accurate Greek braid independently. Indeed, it is better to go to the master, it will not be very difficult for him. But at the same time I want to try myself in this art. To do this, we will carefully study the schemes offered by stylists. First we make a parting and plait for the usual classic braid, after two tumbling, from which, on both sides, we separate the strand and we weave it back into the braid only on one side, after which we continue to weave the usual English scythe during two spinning strands. After that we again separate, and then add the strand from the same side with which we have already added it. And so to the very end of the pigtail. Like any other scythe, beautiful Greek braids can be braided diagonally, or you can make a pair of braids on different sides of the parting. What can you do with all the other types of braids for long hair. Fish tail, or spruce-tree The name given to the spit because of the similarity with the fish tail or the ornament "Christmas tree". The technique of weaving it is quite simple: the hair must be divided into two equal parts, from which one must take a small number of strands alternately. They, in turn, are transferred to each other until all the hair is woven into a braid. Thus, you can braid not one, but just two beautiful and very light in the execution of openwork pigtails.

How to choose the type of braid to face shape

Most of all with the choice of lucky, to be honest,owners of the oval face. Since it is this form is unique, which will suit all kinds of braids and hair stylings. They do not need to limit themselves in any way, but only choose the option they like. Owners of long hair and round face shape, experts advise to give preference to French braids, which begin to weave slightly above the crown, and finish better with a small tail, fixed with a hair band or hair clip. No less effective will look pigtail, ending with a knot. A scythe with the exotic name "dragon" is good for girls, whose face looks like a square. Begin to weave it we recommend over the whole head, after which we smoothly pass into the usual classical weaving. This form successfully smoothes out rough features and makes the lines softer and smoother. Moreover, you can only braid thin braids on the contour of the face, and the rest of the hair, in this case, is left loose.

The finishing touches in weaving braids on long hair

Modern hairstyles, the main element of whichis a braid, does not in any way imply thorough licking and straightening of each strand. More stylish and interesting will look slightly ruffled, slightly carelessly collected in a braid hairdo. Not woven strands, as if accidentally dropped out of the braid, will add to your appearance more life and, of course, the volume on your head. Do not forget about the accessories that will successfully complement the final image of the hairstyle and give your image the necessary shade. For example, a satin ribbon woven into a braid will add it to the owner of softness and tenderness. And experienced stylists can so decorate the hair, plaiting a variety of openwork pigtails across the head, that the need for accessories can completely disappear.