bouquets of chocolates with own hands Have you ever received a sweet bouquet as a present? And, maybe, you had to present someone with such an unusual gift? In any case, to visit (or imagine yourself) as a recipient or donor of a bouquet of sweets is brought to almost every woman. And how about the role of the creator of such a sweet masterpiece? Do not want to learn how to make bouquets of chocolates with your own hands? By the way, any representative of the beautiful half of humanity can master this art of "sweet floristry". After all, we are able to appreciate the amazing combination of the tempting taste of chocolate and the artificial beauty of a bouquet. And not to try myself in sweet floristry, even somehow offended. Therefore let's learn how to make a bouquet of chocolates with our own hands without delay.

Choosing sweets

Sweets - the main ingredient of sweetbouquet. It is possible, of course, that your creation will be so magnificent that the recipient of the bouquet will not dare to eat it, but will plant it in the most prominent place and admire this masterpiece. But, most likely, he will not resist the temptation and taste the contents of a sweet bouquet. Therefore, it is important to choose not only the appropriate shape and design of the candy wrap, but also their grade (taste and color). The taste and color, as you know, there are no comrades. Therefore, if you know the tastes of someone who is going to present a bouquet of chocolates, choose the delicacy that suits him. Or pick up a bunch of those sweets, the taste of which you are familiar and like. If the gift is intended for a particularly solemn event, it is not superfluous to go broke and the most expensive candy. The shape of the sweets is also different. From what kind of candy you choose, depends the kind of candy colors. So, for example, round candies are considered to be the most convenient in working with a bouquet, rectangular ones are suitable for cylindrical "flowers", chocolate figures for Easter and New Year's bouquets, and medals for wedding and anniversary. If the candies you choose are packed in beautiful candy wrappers, then they can be not additionally decorated. If the design of the wrapper you do not like (or sweets at all without it), then you can use a beautiful wrapping paper to create flowers. Try to diversify the contents of your bouquet. It does not have to be just chocolate candy. Use for a sweet gift of caramel, candy, marmalade. Believe me, the donated bouquet will cause a lot of positive emotions, when it will find more and more "flower fillings".

We prepare the material for the bouquet

To make a sweet bouquet in addition to the candies themselves (in candy wrappers or without) you will need additional materials:

  • wrapping paper;
  • packing tape;
  • Scotch;
  • wooden toothpicks, skewers or sticks for barbecue;
  • teip-tape (sticky floral tape) and floristic foam "oasis";
  • a container for a bouquet;
  • everything that can be used for decor.

how to make a bouquet of chocolates with your own hands

Collecting flowers

Let's try to make flowers-cones. Cut out the squares (from the side about fifteen centimeters) from the packing paper. Each square is folded into a small pocket and fixed with a small piece of transparent one-sided scotch. Inside put the candy (better round or truffle). In the candy we puncture the wooden skewer, wrap it (we bend it under the candy), and also fix it with adhesive tape, wrapping it and a part of the skewer. We mask the adhesive tape with a decorative ribbon. We got a cone-shaped flower with an empty tip and candy at the base. Flowers from truffles in bright wrappers. Take the candy, attach the skewer to the tail of the wrapper and tightly tighten the wrapper around the skewer. On top wrap the stalk with a tap-tape. Candy in a cylinder. For this, it is also better to take a round or oval candy in a wrapper with a tail. From the transparent or colored paper, cut out the rectangle (10 by 20 centimeters) and wrap the candy with it so that it is in the center of the cylinder. The lower edges of the cylinder wrap around the skewers and fix them with tape or tap-tape. We tie the loose end of the cylinder with a packing ribbon. Round flowers. Cut the paper rectangle (same as for the cylinder). Put the candy in the center of the rectangle, attach it to the skewer. The edges of the paper wrap around the skewers and fix it with adhesive tape. We decorate with a tape tape or a colored ribbon. If desired, we add "petals" from corrugated paper.

We compose a bouquet

Take the container (plastic jar, box,a flower pot or a flower pot). We put inside a piece of foam or an "oasis". We fix it with double-sided tape. We wrap the container with wrapping paper (this is how you like it). We put flowers and ornamental auxiliary elements (twigs, leaves, dried flowers or fresh flowers) into the container. Variants of placing of candy colors:

  • Round bouquet. For such a bouquet place the flowers in a circle, distributing them evenly and symmetrically about the center. This bouquet should look the same from all sides.
  • Semicircular bouquet. In it, the flowers are fixed so that it looks spectacular on only one side (front), but it is symmetrical on the left and right sides.
  • One-sided bouquet. It, as a rule, turns out flat and looks effectively only from the front side.
  • Bouquet-ship. For him, we use an elongated shape. We fill it with candy flowers, imitating the hull of the ship - wider from the sides, from the "stern" and "nose". In the center of the bouquet we place sails from a floral net or packing paper fixed on high sticks-masts.
  • Ready-made bouquet is decorated with additionalornaments, fresh flowers and leaves or themed souvenirs. Give vent to your imagination use for bouquets "on occasion" attributes of the holiday. For the wedding - tulle, rings and artificial pearls. For the New Year - tinsel, cones and fur-tree toys. For a bouquet for Valentine's Day - hearts, and on 23 February - St. George ribbon. Children's bouquets complement toys, and jubilee - with fresh flowers. But, regardless of whether you make a children's bouquet of chocolates with your own hands or a bouquet for the New Year, for a wedding or for a birthday, it will necessarily be an expensive gift. Expensive not in terms of price, but in terms of its significance: he will not leave anyone indifferent to the gift. And for you, a sweet bouquet will be another opportunity to show your master talents and realize your creative fantasies. We advise you to read: