conquest of a guy Beautiful courtship, a declaration of love from the sidemen - this, of course, is great and every woman would like that this is how the events unfolded. However, sometimes you have to take control into your own hands and perform a "man's job": to make the very first step. Moreover, now it is already in the order of things. But many girls make a fatal mistake. They literally "take the storm" of a poor young man or simply start running after him - and this is more like a pursuit. How to win a guy right, you also need to know. Practical advice of psychologists will help you in this.

How to win a young man: where to start

If you just met the guy of your dreams, butthe relationship has not yet gotten involved, and he does not even know about your feelings for him, you do not have to wait until the guy turns his attention to you - act by yourself!

  • Ask the guy about anything.

Men feel like knights when a girl appeals to them for help. Ask the guy about something: here you can act on the situation.

  • Show interest.

Any person flattered when they are interested. Do not be afraid to ask the guy questions about his life, but do not forget about tact.

  • Say compliments.

Men like women like compliments. Do not be afraid to emphasize the dignity of the young man. But it should be sincere compliments, not outright flattery and falsehood.

  • Be careful.

Sometimes pamper the guy with attention. For example, treat him with something delicious or help solve a problem. But in no way do not allow a guy to use you: do not be a "runaway girl" who is ready to rush headlong for the first time.

  • Become a friend.

For a man it is important that a person is near,who understands him, cares, worries. Therefore, become for a young man an understanding friend who is ready to listen, give advice, even regret. But it is important not to miss the moment when you need to translate friendly relations into love, otherwise you will remain for the young man "your boyfriend". rules for capturing a guy

Rules for capturing the guy of your dreams

All people are different. Therefore, what is good for one can be unacceptable to another. This statement applies to relations with the opposite sex. But in fact there are some rules that are effective in any case.

  • Be well-groomed.

As you know, men love eyes, so yourthe task is to create an image that will be pleasing to the object of your desire. But in this matter it is very important not to overdo it. You do not need to apply a ton of makeup on your face - it's not very good for men. Most of them like the natural beauty of a girl, only underlined by cosmetics. Strive to look well-groomed, but not vulgar.

  • Be charismatic.

With charisma, people are born. But you can develop this quality. Be active, radiate self-confidence, become the soul of the company - and you will become an authority for others. And this is exactly what you have been trying to achieve, because the logic of men is simple: if a girl is loved and always happy, then I want to be among those who are so fascinated by her, and she should be mine.

  • Be educated.

Education is not just a higher education. A person can have at least two higher educations, but if he is not fully developed, if he can not support the conversation on a wide range of topics, if he can not express his point of view, then this will be only two diplomas on higher education, but not education. For one day an educated person can not become. But if you will be regularly, every day to learn something new from different spheres of life, sooner or later you will become precisely that educated and intelligent lady, with whom it is pleasant to talk.

  • Share his interests.

Show interest in the hobby of the guy that youlike. For starters, it will be enough just to theoretically shuffle in what is interesting for a young man. And if you at a suitable moment flashing knowledge in this area, rest assured that you will plunge the guy in shock. It is possible to share the interests of a young man in practice. If he loves sports, do it too. Can even together, why not? But do not chase after his results and do not try to do better than him, give the palm to the guy.

  • Leave some riddles.

Never need to give out all the inside out of yourlife, especially the past, associated with men. you should always stay for a man with a slightly ajar book. In the beginning, when relations are only just beginning (especially if they have not even started yet), it's better to talk about yourself a little.

  • Be extraordinary.

If it is better to talk about your past, thenon your hobbies, on the contrary, speak. And try to make it exciting. It does not matter if you are fond of swimming, collecting magnets from different countries or embroidering a cross. Tell the guy about this. First, it will give him additional information about you. Secondly, enthusiastic people cause great interest among others.

  • Be unavailable.

Even if you are up to your ears in love with a guy and want to,that your relationship as soon as possible outgrew into something more, slow down. Do not rush in any way! Stay out of the reach of the guy. Many girls make the mistake of hurrying up the events and finishing the first date in bed. The girl thinks that the guy will see how much she likes, but actually gets the opposite effect. If a guy wants a serious relationship with a girl, then this behavior will only repel him.

  • Hurt sometimes.

You can sometimes make a guy jealous: smile to men, for example. Or do not answer the calls immediately, or be late for appointments - it is very important that you do not "bend the stick", because the effect will turn out the opposite. Even if a guy is jealous of you, he should in any case trust you. If you lose his trust, he will simply wipe you with suspicions, and even reproaches. Nothing good will come of it.

  • Make each appointment extraordinary.

Not only man, but also a woman can doa wonderful, unforgettable and magical meeting. For example, you can come up with some unusual place for a date or give some cute souvenir, or read a verse to a guy. Include fantasy and boldly translate ideas into reality - all people love attention and surprises. tips for conquering a guy

What you should not do

In the battle for the heart of the guy I liked very muchit is important to know not only what needs to be done in order to subdue it, but also what can not be done categorically. So you can avoid in the literal sense of the word fatal mistakes.

  • Do not lose yourself and your personality.

Often girls, to please the guy, startlive in the full sense of the word is not his life, and the life of a guy. The desire to please a young man is quite natural, but always remember that you are unique and unique.

  • Do not tell the guy.

Do not tell the young man what to do, and what not to do: what clothes to wear, how to get a haircut, etc. Moreover, do not criticize him - men do not tolerate this.

  • Do not be demanding.

Do not require increased attention andconstant report about where and with whom was the guy and why was not with you, etc. Do not need to manipulate your loved one. Also do not make claims against him.

  • Do not be rude to yourself.

Never allow a young person to be rude to you, be it a word or an action. It's better to immediately break off relations with such a man: why does he need you, if he does not respect you?