Your style is Dramatic The wedding dress of the bride should not only bethe most fashionable and beautiful, and, if possible, also convenient, but first and foremost, he must reflect the bright personality of the girl. How to choose a dress that without words "everything will tell about you"? The personality of the bride, as a rule, has a huge impact on both the creation of the image and the choice of a wedding dress. To date, there are 4 main types of people: dramatic, romantic, classical and natural - each of them has characteristics peculiar to him that affect the choice of clothing. After all, to some extent we are what we carry. Many of us have elements of 2 or even 3 types at once, but some of them are still dominant. To better understand what suits you best, and also what you feel more comfortable and comfortable, you need to determine your preferences in clothes. All this will allow the bride, within the framework of her own style, to create her own unique wedding image. Your style is Dramatic

Your style is Dramatic

You seem boring classic clothes, you do notlike to be like everyone else. You have an unusual cut, tight silhouettes, in one word - spectacular things. You like experiments with color, you are always noticed and you are able to select clothes for all occasions. For a wedding dress, choose a bright, shiny fabric - brocade, satin or lame. You love experiments with makeup, always try to be fashionable and unusual. Without losing harmony, try to make an emphasis either on the eyes, or on the lips. You also need a bold haircut that strikes the imagination. Accessories should be noticeable and bright. All this you will achieve with an unusual hat, brooch or original earrings. Your Style - Romantic

Your Style - Romantic

Do you like clothing that reflects yourfemininity and emotionality. To create your own image you are creative, love to decorate yourself. In the decoration of the wedding dress you will be attracted by ruches, laces, bows, flowers, beads and other ornaments. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing it. Try experimenting with styling and decorating your hair. To your romantic image, large curls will suit. Hairstyle can be decorated with ribbons or flowers. Your style - Classic

Your style - Classic

You are reserved and conservative. Most of all you are comfortable in classical clothes, and quality for you is more important than quantity. You are a fan of simple models that are not soon out of fashion, in neutral shades, with the addition of soft tones instead of bright accents. In bright, catchy tissues, you do not feel comfortable. For a wedding dress, choose matte fabrics, or those that lightly shimmer, but do not sparkle. In order for your face to look perfect, make a professional moderate make-up. But if the make-up artist offers you new technique and shades in make-up, do not refuse, do not be afraid of experiments. For your image, classical smooth laying will be optimal. Bijouterie for you is unacceptable, you prefer natural stones and precious metals. Use medium-sized earrings, a chain, a pendant, or pearls. To look too boring is a risk for you, so do not forget to add a highlight to your elegant image, for example, an interesting accessory. Your Style - Natural

Your Style - Natural

You are open, friendly, energetic, lovemovement, easily treat life. Fashion is not important for you, and between comfort and beauty always choose comfort. You prefer comfortable clothes that do not restrain movements, sports or casual style. Wear comfortable shoes on a low heel or a small platform, or even completely on a flat sole. Choose a wedding dress with a semi-adjacent cut, with simple clear lines. Your hairstyle should be as simple as possible, with a complicated styling, you will not feel comfortable. If you are the owner of long hair, then they can be lifted up and stabbed. Make a natural make-up that will refresh your face. Due to its activity and practicality, you neglect accessories, but for your wedding image, for the final touch of your wedding ensemble, use simple decorations. Shoes choose on the average heel, taking into account the convenience and practicality. And finally, do not try to match the unnatural style for you. In this outfit, even if you like him very much, you will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. We advise you to read: