how to choose a tone of foundation In the twenty-first century it is rather difficult to meetat least one successful and enjoying an incredible popularity among men, a girl who could not properly take care of herself. Stylish clothes, an ideal hairdo, natural make-up that helps to emphasize the right facial features, while hiding some flaws - that's the image of the modern fair sex. Every morning beauties perform a certain ritual, which begins with washing with a huge amount of various means, and ends with applying cosmetics to the face. And they certainly know that in order to make the skin look perfect even after a hard working day and a stormy night, you need to take care of the most important thing: a tonal cream that straightens the color, hides all the defects (bruises, pimples, scratches, acne) , will give the face freshness. how to choose a tone of foundation

How to choose your color for daytime make-up: basic rules

Rule one: we test only on the face The main omission of many women trying to pick up a suitable tone of a foundation - testing of such cosmetics on the elbow or on the back of the palm. It should be borne in mind that the skin on the hands and face is very different, so the results will be completely opposite. So, apply a small amount of foundation to the cheekbones, forehead or chin, and do not rub it with your fingers - it uses a special brush or a regular sponge. The true tone does not appear immediately, it must pass a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes, during this time the base will have time to soak and dry. Rule two: the colors do not have to match! The rule that the tone of the foundation should completely match the skin tone is not true. For example, if a girl has a slightly pinkish face, choosing the same color is not recommended, in this case it is better to choose light beige shades. Conversely, the representatives of the fair sex with yellowish or olive skin should avoid orange-brown flowers, they are more suitable beige-pink tone. Those who like to constantly sunbathe on the beaches and visit the solarium, you need to use a dark or beige-apricot color. Otherwise, the skin of the girls will look dull, gray and painful. They also should not choose too light cream. Rule three: choose the tone or how to avoid the mistake That the complexion and the base should not coincide, does not mean that you can rush from the extreme to the extreme. Choosing the right tone of the foundation is not an easy task, because too light shades will give your face a tired, pale and painful look, as if you have not slept all night. Very dark - very old, besides, the girl who used this base looks unnatural, as if she spent many days in the solarium. Thus, one very important rule should be adhered to - the difference between your skin and the tone of the cream should not be too large, otherwise such a contrast is immediately evident. Rule four: all the time Another mistake, which is often assumed by the fair sex - the use of a single foundation throughout the year. Remember, in winter and summer only the spruce can be one color! In a hot season, when the sun not only shines, but also heats, the skin becomes swarthy, and in winter, on the contrary - less bright. Therefore, it is recommended to have at least two different means (ideally - three) in the cosmetic bag, which you would use from December to March, from April to June and from July to November. The fifth rule: choose cosmetics under the right lighting. To find the right tone of the foundation, go shopping on a bright, sunny day. In the shop, usually install fluorescent or halogen lamps, which, despite the rather high cost, distort the colors. Therefore, after you apply the product on the skin, go to the window and properly examine yourself in the mirror. If the resulting option you like, feel free to buy cosmetics, if the shade does not suit you or something is embarrassing, keep looking further. Rule six: do not trust the catalogs What you see in the picture in the usual directory is the result of a good work of the stylist, designer and program of photoshop. To choose in this way the tone of the cream is how to buy a cat in a poke. Of course, you can lead, and the base will really lie perfectly. But there is also a risk that you will spend more than one hundred rubles, and as a result, cosmetics will either have to be given away or thrown into an urn. tone of foundation

Tonal foundation for evening make-up

What to look for when choosing a tonalCream, if you, for example, plan to use it as a basis for evening make-up? First, the color. It is best to pick up a tone that is darker than the one you usually use during the day. Secondly, the brightness. It should contain sparkling microparticles, thanks to which your face will look fresh both in the twilight and under the so-called club lighting. But with dark brown shades, which girls like to use before going to night establishments, it is necessary to be cautious, since you can not find the right variant in this case, not all of them, besides, such a foundation must be able to impose. One slightest mistake with the use of such a foundation - and the person either looks like an earthen mask, or gets an unhealthy spotted color. In fact, a dark tone is necessary in order for a girl to give her face volume, highlight cheekbones, hide too large lips, disguise some defects, etc. Experiment with your image: try applying a small amount of a darker base on the wings of the nose, the area of ​​the cheekbones, and on top - a light foundation. That way, your face will not look too flat and flat. And lastly - if you plan to go to the club in a dress with an open neckline, do not forget to apply a bit of foundation to the neck, décolleté area and hands to avoid the effect of the "cut off" head. In the daytime, you should not do this, as for everyday make-up it is best to choose a less bright and rich tone of the base, which would not catch your eye in natural light. We advise you to read: