how to choose perfume As Coco Chanel said: "A woman who does not use spirits has no future." Who will argue with the delightful Coco? And is it necessary? Spirits, if properly chosen, can tell about the character, emphasize individuality, give charm. On the other hand, the inappropriate flavor can spoil the whole impression. After all, the smell penetrates into the subconscious of your interlocutor and, in part, shapes the opinion of you. No wonder professional perfumers believe that perfume is the soul of a woman. How to choose perfume and how many flacon need a woman for happiness? It is believed that in your arsenal should be at least four different flavors. The first for the office, the second for meetings with friends and noisy parties, the third for romantic dates, the fourth for yourself, your beloved. In order to properly collect your collection of spirits, you first need to understand what they, in general, are.

What flavors are there?

Well, the fact that they are divided into male, female andUnisex is clear. But even in order to ask the sales consultant to show you something new, you need to somehow explain what smells you prefer. And to seek advice, most likely, it is necessary. After all, you can not "try" the entire perfume shop! By the way, professionals believe that tasting more than three smells in one sitting, does not make any sense. The sense of smell becomes dull, you can not feel the depth and risk being mistaken. Apparently, specifically to help us understand all this diversity, not so long ago, in France, the Perfume community classified flavors, singling out a few basic types, each of which forms the so-called "family." Consider those that relate to the second and third group - that is, women's and unisex. And let the men understand themselves.

  • So, the first and, perhaps, the most ancient grouparomas - floral. They can include both individual notes and whole compositions of odors. Fairly often there are perfumes with the smell of freshly cut narcissus, violets, lilacs, lilies, roses, lily of the valley. Perfumery of this group carries a sense of purity, refinement and tenderness. Such flavors can be worn at any time of the year, however, they will most likely sound in the summer and spring.
  • The next group is citrus flavors. This "family" includes perfume with the smell of grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, lemon. Citrus notes give a mood of lightness and freshness, so they are ideal for a hot season, a holiday or a weekend.
  • Fruity scents. These include the smells of pear, peach, apple, apricot, papaya. Perhaps, this "family" can be attributed to the category of universal. This flavor will be appropriate in the morning and evening, at any time of the year. It is perfect for those who are young, full of energy and appreciate a healthy lifestyle.
  • The next "family" is spicy flavors. It includes perfumes with the smell of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and notes of carnations or lavender. These are the spirits for the evening and "for the occasion." Doing their daily is hardly appropriate. Perfumes with woody notes are very common in men, but rarely found in women's perfumes. These include smells of patchouli, myrtle, sandalwood, rose bush. Such perfume raises the mood and creates a feeling of coziness, security, warmth and tranquility.
  • Another group is "green" flavors. This smells of pine, rosemary, lavender, hyacinth, juniper, with notes of freshly cut grass and green leaves and a barely audible autumn motive. To wear such a fragrance should be in the summer - it will perfectly suit the clothes of light colors.
  • Oriental, or otherwise oriental, flavorswill not suit everyone. Smells of resin, vanilla, musk beckon, wrapped in a train of mystery, talk about sensuality and passion. They seem to carry in the fairy tale "1001 Nights". These flavors are quite dense and slightly heavy, so they can be worn only in the evening and, of course, not every day. Oriental fragrances are ideally combined with furs and, oddly enough, are quite suitable for a frosty winter, bringing to the cold air the breath of a hot summer.
  • Chypre scents. The ancestor is the previously famous men's cologne "Shipr", created in 1917 by perfumer François Coty. The solution of the strange name is very simple. In fact, the name of this perfume is "Chypre", that is "Cyprus". Smells of sage, fragrant oak moss, patchouli fill with a sense of strength and tranquility. They are perfect for well-groomed, independent and confident women. These spirits are especially relevant in winter.
  • Another group - fern or fungalaromas. The head of the "family" - "Fougere Royale" - "Royal Fern", created in the distant 1882. At the heart of the smell is the artificial substance "kumarin" with delightful notes of freshly mown hay and clover and interspersed with the smell of oak moss and lavender.
  • Aldehyde fragrances are artificially createdodors that do not exist in nature. They have an amazing property - in contact with the skin, from its heat, their smell becomes brighter and more saturated. The best time for aldehyde perfumes is the off-season. They are great for early cool spring or rainy autumn. As a rule, they are chosen by gentle, romantic ladies. The very first and, perhaps, the most famous spirits of this family are "Chanel No. 5".
  • The last synthetic group is oceanic,ozone aromas. It is mountain air, sea spray, light breeze, prisoners in a small bottle. They carry a feeling of freshness and coolness, help "gather" and are great for business negotiations and meetings.
  • how to choose the right perfume

    How to choose the right perfume?

    So, we got acquainted with the main "families". What next - how to choose perfume? Even armed with such information, it is quite difficult to choose the fragrance that suits you. Well, first, you need to determine the criteria for selection. Of course, in the first place is the simplest and most natural - "like - do not like". Never and under no circumstances choose perfumes, the smell of which does not cause you positive emotions - even if this is the latest novelty of the season, mistakenly sold for ridiculous money. You can not wear such a fragrance anyway. Moreover, an unsuitable smell can cause bad moods, nervousness, headaches and allergies. How to choose the right perfume? There are several key points that you should pay attention to: your age, season, time of day and the place where you are going to wear the fragrance. We will deal in order. Age. Well, everything is more or less clear here. It is generally believed that young girls will be approached with light floral, citrus, aldehyde or fruit flavors. They perfectly emphasize youth, carelessness, freshness and energy. At the same time, too "adult" spirits can add you a few years. Ladies of elegant age are advised to pay attention to saturated, deep smells. Try to "try on" oriental or spicy bouquets. But, of course, not "for every day"! During the day, you can wear perfume from aldehyde or chypre families. Season As you already understood, each season has its own flavor. For example, oriental and spicy smells will be too "heavy" for a hot summer. They will cause discomfort not only for you, but for others. Therefore, such perfume is preferably left for a frosty winter. Then they will be very appropriate. Also a variety of chypre and woody variations are perfectly worn in the winter. A hot, stuffy summer so want a little freshness and coolness! It's time to select oceanic, citrus and fruit flavors. However, in the summer it is necessary to handle the spirits very carefully - from the heat the smell becomes more saturated and, even when applying the usual amount, you risk "overdo" and spoil the whole impression. Time of day Evening aromas are viscous and deep. They are ideal for a banquet, a trip to the theater, reception and will be the final touch in your toilet. Such smells are absolutely inappropriate, for example, in the office. For the daytime, you should choose transparent, not obtrusive fresh and light smells. A place Walking on a shopping trip with a man, use a vanilla flavor - it awakens generosity. For a good date, there will be a smell with seductive notes - cedar, pink pepper, pear liqueur. And avoiding spirits with lavender, bergamot and laurel is the choice of self-sufficient and freedom-loving persons. You do not want to scare him off? For visits to a restaurant or cafe, prefer compositions with edible notes - cinnamon and apple, almonds and cherries. Going to a nightclub and planning to have fun until the morning, "put on" a bright smell of hot skin - with notes of patchouli and musk. The most incendiary fragrance is suitable for meeting friends. In order not to distract anyone during the trip to the cinema, you can choose not an obsessive unisex. Friendly communication with the parents of a loved one will provide a smell with a lavender note.

    How to choose perfume in the store - step by step

    So, with what you are looking for,have decided. What's next? Next - go to the store. But at this crucial moment it is necessary to approach with all seriousness and prepare well. First, you should be completely healthy - a common cold or slight malaise can distort smells and then the result is not guaranteed. It is also very desirable that you have a good mood. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you should go to the store right from the morning, and you do not need to use toilet water or perfumes on this day. Yes, and from hand cream is to abstain. Our nose - the "apparatus" is very sensitive and capricious. Exhausted by the smell of the day, he can "fail" at the most crucial moment. And when choosing perfume, the perception must be fresh and not cloudy. How to properly try the fragrance? According to the same Coco, spray spirits should not be on yourself, but in the air in front of you. Then it will be enough for you to just enter this fragrant cloud. However, this advice is more suitable for home use. In the store, after all, this should not be done - they may not understand. But what about the purchase? Very simple! Virtually all self-respecting perfume shops have special long pieces of paper - blotters. Here they should be used. Spray the fragrance onto the blotter and swing it a few times to allow the alcohol to evaporate. Only after that you can evaluate the smell. In general, in good spirits there are three constituent notes. The first - the top note - you can feel for just a few minutes. The second - lasts a couple of hours. The third - the train - will stay with you for a day. Well, of course, if the perfume is good. By the way, if in the store instead of blotter you are offered to sniff the lid from the bottle, then it is worth considering whether it makes sense to buy anything here. With a "basic" flavor determined? Excellent! Now - the most crucial moment. Put a drop of liked perfume on your wrist - where the vein beats. The fact is that the same flavor will sound differently on different people. Did they? Good. Now do not rush - ideally, in order to hear the "second smell" of the selected perfume, you need to wait 15-20 minutes. Then the risk of error is greatly reduced. However, according to the famous French perfumer Roger Dove, the choice of flavor is something like a lover's choice - to find out if you are suitable for each other, you need to spend the night with him.