how to choose a profession Different jobs are needed, the work is different ...light there is a great variety of professions for every taste and color. And that's why it's hard to find any one for yourself. Probably, many of you have already decided which profession to choose. Therefore, today's article is dedicated to those who have not yet decided on the choice. Someone does listen to the advice of parents, someone - comes from their own abilities and inclinations, and for someone the salary in the chosen sphere is most important. Our solutions always have a reason. The answer to the question - how to choose the right profession, can be based on your character or on the features of the work. In the second case, it can be a salary, a demand on the labor market, the level of prestige, the level of risk, the opportunity to learn a profession in your hometown and many other factors. When choosing a profession, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the labor market is constantly changing: the level of demand, prestige and wages in different spheres is constantly fluctuating. Therefore, it is impossible to make at least some reliable forecast for at least 5 years. It is because of this variability that psychologists are advised to orientate when choosing a job not for external characteristics, but for its content and own preferences. what profession to choose

Classification of professions

So, how to choose a profession to your liking among alldiversity? To begin with, try to determine its type, and already inside this type choose the type of training that suits you best. Psychologists offer the following classification.

  • Professions related to other people

In the center of this work is a person, and everything revolvesAround him. This medicine, law and order, training and education, the service sector. What do you think, what qualities should such a specialist have? Of course, he must be able to communicate, understand and influence other people, be patient and restrained. It is unfortunate that not all our doctors and policemen can boast of this.

  • Professions related to nature

Choose a type of activity for yourself - studynature, care and treat representatives of the flora and fauna. Microbiology, forestry, veterinary medicine - the list can continue on your own. In working with animals and plants, you must be observant, strong and hardy, caring and patient, and also resistant to difficulties.

  • Technical professions

Here you are dealing with inanimate nature or withtechnique. You can do design, work in production. Such work requires a high development of spatial and visual thinking, pragmatism, accuracy and endurance. Many women believe that this work is not for them, but who knows - maybe you want to become an engineer, a mechanic or a mechanic? At least, it looks very original!

  • Professions related to signs

This type includes all types of work withwords, numbers, codes and graphs. In such a profession, there is nothing to do without a good development of memory, attention and abstract thinking. If you decide that this activity is yours, you can try yourself in the role of accountant, notary, linguist, programmer.

  • Art professions

Sculpture, painting, architecture, poetry or music. The most important thing in this work is the presence of artistic taste. what profession to choose

Professions and psychotypes

It is much more correct to choose not a person toprofession, and profession to the individual. Undoubtedly, each of us is unique and combines a variety of personal qualities. But one way or another, if you look closely, you can find in yourself the dominant features of a psychotype. Therefore, defining your profession, try to identify your psychotype - it will be the main key moment. So, we choose a suitable profession.

  • Demonstrative type of personality

Bright, sociable, watching his appearance,inclined to change of mood, artistic. She needs attention and recognition. Likes to fantasize. Such a woman is ideally suited to the profession of an actress, because she will easily get used to the role and play it brilliantly. Also, it can be any other profession related to being in the spotlight and entertainment: a bartender, an animator, a singer, a party organizer. This type of contraindication is boring and calm.

  • Another bright psychotype is schizoid

Do not be scared of this name, it does not haverelationship to all of us a known disease. "Schizoid" is distinguished by isolation, some emotional coldness, combined with high intelligence and abstract thinking. Choose a profession in which you have to think a lot, and not communicate with people: a computer expert, a physicist, a mathematician, a philosopher. With a living imagination, he is a writer.

  • The stuck person

Someone calls you a bore, you consider yourselfattentive to detail, responsible and corrosive. You love order and do not like injustice. Therefore, you are ideally suited to the profession, beating your scrupulousness and corrosiveness: an accountant, proofreader, lawyer, scientist. And in any case, do not engage in a fast and dynamic activity, where the main speed, not the result.

  • Hypertensive personality

They are active, cheerful people, theyinventive, sociable and independent, like to command and quickly switch from one to another. Being such a person, you can easily and with pleasure play the role of the generator of ideas - and there it is even possible to rise to the head! The main thing for you is activity and dynamics. Therefore, you can choose the profession of an athlete, a sales manager, work in the field of show business and entertainment. The main thing is the monotony and perseverance, otherwise you will just "wither".

  • Dysthymic psychotype

It would seem that it is very unpromising: closed, uncommunicative, weak-willed, pessimistic and a little inhibited. But no matter how it is! People of this type are distinguished by their seriousness and responsibility, their conscientiousness and their ability to obey and carry out various assignments: an office manager, an assistant, an au pair.

  • Emotional personality type

You are smiling, compassionate and often experiencingbright and deep feelings. You are humane and inclined to empathize with other people. It is from these traits that we must build on the choice of profession. You, most likely, will be very interesting to help people, working as a psychologist or a teacher. how to choose the right profession

Professions and signs of the zodiac

How to choose a profession on a horoscope? Let's try to understand the intricacies of astrology

  • Aries

This sign of the zodiac is pronouncedindependence, ability to lead and organize activities that can be applied in completely different spheres: politics, medicine, sports, as well as everything related to fire and metal processing.

  • Taurus

This sign of the zodiac is suitable for the following areas of activity: financial and economic, insurance and real estate, land and nature, physics and mathematics, trade, art.

  • Twins

Are outstanding speakers, are drawn toknowledge, easy to learn, inventive, have a great imagination. Suitable for Gemini areas: philology and linguistics, trade, advertising and public relations, games and entertainment.

  • Cancers

This sign of the zodiac is better to choose the profession,associated with a well-developed imagination, emotionality, solicitude. You can manifest yourself in the following areas: the service sector, the home and the upbringing of children, the protection of people and the environment.

  • Lions

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac littleselfish and very self-sufficient, they are distinguished by their authority, honesty and assertiveness. The following branches are suitable for you: management (leader, party leader, ambassador, administrator), pedagogy, show business (actor, music group administrator, director, producer) and luxury goods (jeweler, fashion designer, boutique consultant).

  • Virgo

Restrained, hardworking, practical and pedantic. The work of the Virgin must be connected with order, discipline and logic. The optimal directions in which you will reveal yourself will be medicine, hygiene and appearance, accurate calculations, editing and proofreading, office work, and services.

  • Libra

This sign of the zodiac has a beautifulaesthetic sense and a sharp analytical mind. The scales are honest, noble and have a good intuition. Work in the following fields is most suitable for you: contacts and alliances with other people (family consultant, civil registry office, PR manager), professions that require artistic taste (decorator, stylist, artist, actor), law and justice (lawyer, judge, diplomat).

  • Scorpions

Closed, observant and persevering. You will be interested in the profession of chemist, surgeon, psychotherapist, astrologer, oceanologist, forensic expert, as well as work related to human sex (gynecologist, sexologist) and with death (ritual services, pathologist).

  • Sagittarius

They are mobile and independent. If you are Sagittarius, then the following areas will be of greatest interest to you: religion (teacher of philosophy, history of religion), laws (lawyer, notary, judge), travel and overcoming long distances (racing driver, pilot, translator), PR.

  • Capricorns

Restrained, practical, zealous and cold. For them, the exact sciences, work related to information, work with land and in construction will be of interest.

  • Aquarius

Distinguished by kindness, sociability andoriginality. If you are Aquarius, then most of all you will be engaged in providing psychological help, progress (astronautics, creation of sites, television and the Internet) and everything related to shows (director, writer, ballerina, playwright).

  • Fish

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac by naturetheir soft, patient and withdrawn people. Most of them are attracted to professions that require dedication, work in the sea and care for the body. We hope that our article will help you choose the right profession. Good luck! We advise you to read: