Choosing a mattress Each of us is a significant part of our livesdevotes a dream, and really want this time to be spent with maximum comfort. After all, the quality of sleep affects all our life processes, health, mood. Turning up all night in an uncomfortable bed, any person will start his day languid, gloomy, irritable. The aching back, the swollen neck, the headache - all these unpleasant symptoms can be avoided if you choose the right mattress. Our parents could not afford to choose a bed to taste, did what the simple industry of the past offered. The modern choice of mattresses is so great and varied that it can satisfy the demand of the most demanding buyer. So let's try to figure out how not to get confused and choose a really decent model from the mass of offers. And do not take lightly to buy such a seemingly simple at first glance, the subject, like a mattress. Believe me, the right choice will make your life much more pleasant. So, you decided to purchase a mattress for the bed. If it's just the need to replace the old thing with a new one, then it will be easier for you, because you still have some experience of use and just imagine to yourself what rigidity and materials you are comfortable with. But if you first encounter this question, you will have to understand the essence of such a thing as orthopedic effect, i.e. a little deeper into medicine. Orthopedic mattress allows you to position your spine in the most natural way, relieve stress and strain. It is important to evenly distribute the weight in the region of the hips and shoulder girdle, in these places the surface should be more elastic. It is in these zones that the load is much higher, and therefore an overly hard mattress can cause a feeling of discomfort, tension. At the same time very soft does not create sufficient elasticity, the spinewill bend, which will lead to unnecessary strain on the ligaments and muscles. If your weight does not exceed 50-55 kg, soft mattresses are quite suitable for you, within 55-90 kg - you can purchase a model of medium hardness, but for masses over 90 kg choose hard mattresses. Immediately a logical question arises: what if two people sleep on the same mattress with a significant difference in weight? Who will have to sacrifice health and comfort? The modern model range boasts mattresses with different rigidity on each side. It's very, very comfortable. You just need to decide which side is the priority for each sleeper and choose the convenient option. Mattresses are divided into spring and springless. The first can contain dependent and independent springs. Here, the choice depends on the thickness of your wallet. Dependent springs are more economical, but their service life is much lower, up to 5 years. In the process of using such mattresses, the middle bends and the sleeping person rolls to the center of the bed. If possible, it is worth buying a mattress on independent springs, it should be noted that the more springs per square meter, the higher the price, but also the better orthopedic effect. Do not forget to pay attention to the inner filling. It is better to choose natural materials, they are more durable and environmentally friendly, but artificial fillers greatly benefit in price. Well, the easiest step in choosing a mattress is to decide on the size. To do this, you only need to accurately measure the internal size of the bed, otherwise the mattress may not fit into the frame or vice versa, "hang out" in it. The choice is yours, so try to find the optimal combination of "price-quality". Sweet dreams to you! We advise you to read: