how to cheer up a guy Does your boyfriend have a bad mood? It happens. Usually we girls react very sensitively to such conditions of our dearest half. Naturally, immediately there is a desire to do something, somehow help your loved one. About how you can raise your mood to your boyfriend, and there will be this article. how to cheer up a guy

Why is he sad?

The mood can be bad in a variety of waysreasons. Unfortunately, not everything in life goes according to the planned plan. Periodically, there are all sorts of unpleasant events that have to be reckoned with. And sometimes it happens that like anything bad does not come to mind, but the vital tone still remains at zero. That's why it's so important to realize that it reduces your mood. It is possible that he does not want to talk about this with you. Men generally do not like to look weak and discuss their problems - your guy can also be peculiar. But this does not mean that you should spit on his bad mood. He can worry about the following things:

  • Problems at work The most frequent reason, because ofwhich in men spoils the mood. A failed project, an inadequate boss, a small salary, "disassembly" with colleagues - all this can spoil a lot of blood to any normal person. And if you can leave work and forget about it, entering the hearth of a family hearth, then for men everything happens a little differently. For them, work and career are important indicators of masculinity and self-realization, and failures on this front are perceived by them as serious defeats.
  • A quarrel with someone important to him Of course, you -a beloved woman and a very significant person, but besides you there are also parents, friends, life authorities. And if your man is experiencing a conflict with one of these people, then it really is not easy. Especially if a quarrel turns out unpleasant, connected with something serious, for example, with a worldview or finances.
  • The Decline of Forces Perhaps your boyfriendjust very tired, and nothing now can not raise his vitality. Each of us there are periods when a lot of unpleasant little things add up to one big obscene nightmare. And it seems that it is simply impossible to cope with this normal person. How here not to load?
  • "Damocles sword The mood of your boyfriend canto spoil big important projects that nobody likes to do, but to bring them to mind is necessary, otherwise it will be worse. Do you remember writing a diploma at the institute? Or, perhaps, it is they now have to deal with your boyfriend? Then everything is clear - it's just a difficult period, and you can lift the mood only when the "sword of Damocles" hanging over it disappears.
  • Personal crisis Surely you have heard more than once,that someone is just in it and is. However, according to psychologists, the real personal crisis is destined not to be experienced by everyone - this requires a high level of personal maturity, reflection and thinking. But if your boyfriend has such a "luck", then beware! He expects a long and difficult experience of a state when old ways of behavior and perception of the world no longer work, and new ones have not yet appeared. Sensations are ineffable: a person can feel that the world has collapsed, he is crushed, everything around is gray and meaningless - in general, total anguish and depression. And the most terrible thing is that no one can help him from outside - this state must be lived by oneself, having learned to rely only on oneself. Only this way real personal growth takes place, and this needs somehow to be reconciled.
  • The need to take a complex decisionlife situations where any of the possible outputs seem to be bad. For example, to leave work or to endure terrible working conditions. Naturally, thinking about such a choice can drive any person into a state of anguish and depression. Although a simple weigh-in for and against, as well as an assessment of the possible consequences, can significantly alleviate negative experiences.
  • Increased susceptibility to depression There is such a typepersonality, when a bad mood arises in a person almost every day. Your boyfriend may not like the lack of sugar at home, dog barking, your stories about girlfriends and stuff. In this case, the question arises: why are you still with such a person, to cheer up which is very, very difficult? But if you love him and want to be with him, then you should not be surprised at such shades of life.
  • Your behavior Yes, yes, often menare upset because of our behavior with you, and in this case, you can pull out the truth from it only with ticks. He wants you to guess that it is his irritating or upsetting. Perhaps it infuriates you when you get angry at his absence from home, call him every hour, ask too much for him or just fool yourself. In this case, it is important to analyze which features of your behavior it reacts to, and try to somehow adjust its actions.
  • how to cheer up a guy with words

    Enhance his mood

    Unfortunately, the pharmacy does not sell magicPills in order to raise the mood - there are antidepressants, but resort to them should only after the appointment of a doctor in really serious cases. Each of us has different anguish experiences, which should also be taken into account when planning our actions. We offer you several different ways, and the choice of the right one is yours. It is possible that, in general, nothing is required of you. Sometimes a guy needs to be alone and think about everything that's going on with him. In this case, you need one thing - do not climb with questions and take into account his condition. This means that you should not plan for this period a family dinner with parents or a romantic holiday. Although the latter, by the way, can be a great way to "shake up". It happens that we just need someone to take and rastormoshil us, "pulling" somewhere. You have a rather difficult task - to feel what your beloved needs at this moment. Do you want to be alone and think? You are welcome! Do you want me to come to your aid as a superhero? No problems! In this case, you can plan a weekend somewhere in the country, a trip to the warmer landscapes or a banal trip to the cinema for "Star Wars" - it all depends on your tastes and financial possibilities. Rarely, but it happens that a man needs to talk to someone. But in this case he needs to be sure that all that is said will remain strictly between you. Usually, in this situation, you do not need long "dances with a tambourine" around your beloved - you just have to ask: "What's going on with you? Tell me - I'll listen to you and maybe I'll be able to tell you something sensible or just support it with warm words. " If he continues to keep everything in himself, do not need to climb to him - the time will come, and he will share his emotional experiences with you, and now he wants to be alone. As you know, men like to experience difficulties, distracted by noisy parties in the company of gay friends. Maybe you should organize for him a surprise party with a sea of ​​beer, watching football and other purely masculine entertainment, and most slip away for the evening to her friends? This point is also worth experiencing: if the mood of your man is "below the baseboard", then the party may not be entertainment, but hard labor, so try to "probe the soil" beforehand. If it is not a question of some grandiose life difficulties, then the simplest and most trivial means - food - will come to your aid. Remember the saying that the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach? This is an absolute truth. Therefore, prepare your boyfriend some favorite delicacy - baguettes with a delicious filling or Russian borscht. You will see, he will be happy and very grateful to you for such support! Perhaps you should not reinvent the wheel, but it's worth simply turning to the universal way to cheer up - humor. You laugh when you hear a good anecdote? Your boyfriend also has it. You know the tastes of your loved one well, so pour yourself on the Internet and find a few pictures that will make him slip under the table with laughter. Send him an amusing esemesku in the middle of the day - let him smile and distract from his professional affairs. Maybe he likes funny jokes? Find on the Internet or think of some funny, but a non-script scenario - it's better if at the end there will be some pleasant surprise. Spoke his friends - let them help you in the implementation of this event. Or just buy a disk with an ostry comedy and arrange a movie night with popcorn and light alcohol. What is the main female dignity? Sexuality. Sex is a source of pleasure, as well as a means of psychoemotional relaxation. True, there is a risk: if your loved one is going through a breakdown, then he may not be able to engage in activity on the love front, and this will only exacerbate the situation. The exit can be affection and your initiative: try to take matters into your own hands and bring it to the peak of pleasure, while he will relax on the couch. Agree, this does not require any effort from him, and a positive effect is guaranteed. Or maybe you know about some secret dream of your man? You can try yourself in the role of a gin performer of desires. If this is a thing, then you only need to find money, go to the store, buy it and present it in a cozy home environment. Perhaps, a dream will be some action - for example, flying in a balloon or skydiving. Think about what these options can surprise and delight your loved one - and run them to life! In a difficult situation, the most important thing that your boyfriend needs from you is love, support and understanding. If it is not, then any options will look insincere and naive. In the end, it does not matter whether you arranged a romantic vacation for him in Mexico or just cooked a delicious dinner - if it's done with love, he will definitely appreciate your work, and his mood will rise by itself. We advise you to read: