how to lift your favorite mood Is your beloved upset today? Perhaps he was just a little tired, that's why he was not in the spirit, maybe he just got a little sad, or maybe it's about some kind of trouble that happened to him? Whatever the reason, you, dare to assume, it's not very nice to see him that way. Do you want to know how to cheer your beloved boyfriend or husband? The most important thing that your sad guy should feel is the care and love that you want him to surround. The ups and downs happen in everyone's life. What we all need is a person with whom we can share our joy and who will become our support and support in difficult times. When we were little, it was our parents, brothers, sisters and friends; it was from their support that we depended. But as soon as we have a beloved man, it is he who becomes the pivot of our whole life. Being in close emotional relations with your beloved, you can face such a situation, when he will need your support. Men are more tolerant of stress and its consequences. And they are exposed to stress much more often than we, because of their propensity to always enter into a competitive relationship and show aggression. And in modern society, and so easy to get stress on a variety of different occasions. Men, as a rule, strongly experience their failures (or the possibility of failure) in matters related to work, study or finances; there are other reasons that can lead them to stress. But we do not want a person dear to our heart to reach "to this life"! Therefore, it is worth thinking about ways to raise the mood of a loved one, until he plunged into the abyss of stress. how to cheer your loved one

How to cheer your beloved

First of all - do not be scared! Many girls are terribly frightened or upset when they see their darling in a bad mood. But do not do this. You must support his morale, while remaining calm and even cool. You can not help him if you lose your head and start to panic. Whatever your beloved is upset about, the very last thing he wants to do is make you worry. He, of course, will appreciate your deep empathy for his negative emotions, but your worried look will only further upset him. If you so emotionally perceive his failures and sorrows, the next time he tries not to tell you anything at all. And get a double emotional load! How should we behave? If you see that something is wrong with your loved one, just ask him what happened to him. Suggest him: "Let's talk. Tell me what happened to you! "When you understand what his problem is, try to offer him a solution that, in your opinion, could work. Perhaps he himself was already trying to come up with something, but he looked at the situation with a "soapy" eye. A look from the outside often helps to find a new approach to the same problem. Of course, you should not necessarily put forth the only and definitively correct solution; it will be enough if you even just give him the idea of ​​how you can perceive a different life's difficulty in a different way. You should be prepared for the fact that the guy may not be able to figure your point of view. But even if he finds your proposal inexpedient, he will be very grateful for your support. He will once again make sure that in a difficult situation he can rely on your sincere help. And even if you yourself do not know what you could do, then ask your loved one how you could help him. Can you support him if you go with him to his grandmother's funeral? Or will you help him in his studies? Or bake his favorite cookies when he was sad? Try any ways to just a little to dispel his bad mood. Just be honest with him. If you do not know what to advise your husband (or boyfriend), it may be better to just give him some free space and let him calmly think about the incident. And even if you have a solution and you are sure that you are right, do not insist on your opinion. Give your loved one the opportunity to make your own choice. If you see that he can not think of anything else, then try to talk to him about anything, just to distract him from his sad thoughts. Or here: make him a head massage. Very much men like this procedure! Your loved one is unlikely to give up such pleasure; on the contrary, he will gladly surrender to the power of your tender pens, and will be very grateful to you for the soothing massage, which will come in handy when he feels tense. And it's no accident: from a scientific point of view, head massage helps improve blood circulation and acts very relaxing. And anyway, physical contact can be very soothing, especially when the person is very uncomfortable in the shower, because it shows him that there is someone who really cares about him. Get your guy out for a walk. If he really has a bad mood, it will not be easy, but it's worth trying. Take him to a place where he can really relax. Walking in nature is very good for this. The view from the top of the hill, the garden or the embankment of the river (the kind of running water distracts very well from the sad thoughts!) Or just the nearest park - all this acts relaxing when a person feels stressed. The main thing - to persuade the guy to go there, and there you can just sit for a while, huddled shoulder to shoulder or embracing. He will appreciate your care and diligence to help him! Whatever you come up with, in any case, let him know that you will be there, whatever happens to him. There is no greater consolation for the human heart than unconditional love. If you are around, only when he is happy and successful, and keep distance, when he has trouble, then the man can not fully trust his love. And many sorrows are not frightening to him, if you are determined to be with him under any circumstances. Even if the stones fall from the sky, he must feel that you will always be in his life. So just tell him something heartfelt, like this: "Do not worry, darling, we'll overcome anything together!" That's enough to make any person cheer up. cheer up one's beloved

Our tips and warnings

Here's what else you can do to raise your mood:

  • You're joking! If you know a few jokes that can make him laugh, maybe you should tell at least one of them. Of course, if the situation is suitable for this.
  • Make a guy some gift. Perhaps, it is necessary to give him something that he really loves - it will almost certainly please him. Obtain a disc with a new game or a good movie, a CD with his favorite band or even a beautiful postcard with love words or a cute soft toy.
  • Think about which of your friends he always happens to beglad? Invite this person to visit, after explaining the situation to him and asking him to help cheer your beloved. Perhaps, in a couple of hours your boyfriend will be just happy, forgetting about his bad mood!

But in any case, do not insist, if the belovedrefuses your help. Just tell him that you will always be happy if he wants to talk to you, and that you will always be ready to help him. Smile, telling him this to cheer up. Give him time, and if he does not later want to talk about his problems, then just think of an excuse to apply something from our advice and at least a little to cheer him up. Your man can be angry with you if you are too careless to try to invade your advice in his personal space. Be attentive: if he unconsciously sends you signs that speak about it, then give up on him. Do not be angry with your lover for his possible incontinence; Be with him affectionate and find the opportunity to calmly say that you do not take offense at him. We have offered you only some of the ways by which you can raise the mood of your loved one. You can come up with something and your own, because no one except you, knows so well that it could calm and cheer. The important thing is that your motivation is always based on genuine care and love. It is true love that has powers that allow it to truly support a loved one. We advise you to read: