how to choose curtains Initially, curtains served humanity to protectfrom drafts and bright sunlight. And people did not care much about the choice of curtains. Time passed, and the curtains turned into an important element of the decor of the room. In the modern world, there is an abundance of textiles and related accessories for any purse and taste, ranging from timeless classics to ultramodern avant-garde. As a result, the problem of choosing curtains turns into an intractable task. You need to take into account everything: both the overall style of the interior, and the size of the room, and the location of the window, and the degree of illumination of the room, and its functional purpose. Naturally, it is really difficult to take into account all the nuances of choice. Nevertheless, one can start from the basic selection criteria. Let's try to figure out how to choose curtains, given the type of fabric and functional purpose of the room.

Choose a fabric

To date, for the manufacture of curtainsuse the most different types of fabrics of various colors - organza, velvet, wool, rep, silk, cotton fabric ... The textures of the material are even more: shiny and matte textiles, smooth, printed, with applique and other delights. Inveterate mods distinguish from the general range of taffeta, which combines elegance and luxury and is ideal for both the living room and the office. Among the favorites are silk and organza-chameleon (monophonic iridescent fabric). Recently, the organza has also become popular in the style of high-tech, in which aluminum threads are missed. Such threads shine under illumination, change color of a cloth with a horizontal line, divide a cloth on strips with bright shades, and as a result look tremendously effectively. Fashionable colors are still "orange" and "eggplant". However, experts recommend that when choosing curtains for the bedroom, prefer not so bright tones, and prefer quiet pastel colors. The last peep of fashion - curtains, sewn from a pale blue translucent fabric with inscriptions of a background of light squares: "home", "dream", "love". The demand for expensive textiles from woolen and lavsan yarns with complex embroidery is also growing. The double tulle, decorated with lace comes back into fashion. Leaders of artificial materials are viscose with the addition of cotton and linen, as well as practical polyester. Curtains of such fabrics are unpretentious in the care and well draped. No less popular and colorful mesh with the addition of polyester and glossy metallized threads in the hi-tech style, as well as a thin colored fleece, which resembles hoarfrost, shimmering on the window. Among natural fabrics, linen is the leader, which is rightly considered an environmentally friendly material. The material is so highly quoted in European countries that many European factories are engaged in the manufacture of special linen collections. Most often in the production of such fabrics, flax is used with various additives, which improve its properties. Lavsan gives the canvas shine and lightness. Woven golden threads make the curtains a luxurious option as a choice of curtains in the hall, and as a decoration of the living room. Variegated embroidery on linen, as well as funny drawings will help to resolve the question of which curtain to choose in the kitchen or at the dacha. The latest trend of fashion is the clipped tulle and fabrics with the original pattern etched with acid. A real piece in the textile design was a cloth with a pattern of rubber thread - the so-called rubber knurling, which looks very impressive in combination with the thick curtains, to which it imparts a stereoscopic volume. In the technological environment of the modern house, curtains with a large geometric pattern in retro style will perfectly fit, and the connoisseurs of the classics will be pleased with the choice of curtains in the tone of antique furniture in stripes, speckles or with a floral pattern. Such curtains will become a harmonious element of the interior, for example, in good English style or in a cozy Biedermeier. It should be noted that the solid curtains of velvet and silk require a lining protecting them from burning out in the sun, hiding the seams and helping to keep the shape. On the advice of experienced designers, it is better to make it contrast with the color of the main fabric. curtains how to choose

Choosing curtains for children

The main purpose of curtains for children iscreating a cheerful atmosphere in the child's room. How to choose curtains for a children's room? It is not necessary to start up in delicacies, but it is better to give preference to simple forms and ease of use. Here the main rule operates: the fabric is primary - the style is secondary. Of course, you need to consider the overall style of the interior of this room, and its color solution. However, do not clutter the window in the children's room with multi-layer draperies or decorate the room with trendy avant-garde curtains. Stop your choice on eco-friendly hypoallergenic tissues and materials with juicy and bright tones. Use the ability to combine fabrics of different textures and colors. And most importantly, do not be awkward with complex cornice mechanisms. And if you already install one in the children's room, then make sure that the child understands the curtain management system.

Choosing curtains for the bedroom

A bedroom is a special place where a personspends almost a third of his life. Therefore, the curtains in the bedroom should fully meet your individual taste. However, recommendations of professional designers should not be neglected. What do they say about the choice of curtains for the bedroom, which will keep it cozy and intimate? It is best to choose the complete set of curtains, which will allow you to rest easy in this room and in daytime and at night. Curtains should fit into the overall interior, and at the same time, cause a sense of comfort. It is important that the curtains for the bedroom emphasize the individuality of the owners and add to this room a certain charm. Choosing curtains at the same time as a veil is considered a sign of good taste. Therefore, designers also recommend buying them at the same time, coordinating with each other in color and style. If this is not possible, then a smooth transition between the coverlet and the curtains will help to make decorative pillows. Curtains with lambrequins can even turn a miniature room into a cozy boudoir, which is especially important for a bedroom. True, such curtains better fit in the classic styles. It will also be appropriate heavy curtains of dense fabric, able to separate the intimate room from the bustle of the surrounding world, muffle excess light and absorb the noise of the street. But for a bedroom decorated in a modern style, light semi-transparent fabrics, as well as fashionable Japanese, Roman and Chinese curtains are more suitable.

Choosing curtains for the living room

The living room performs a completely differentfunction. This is a room in which family celebrations are held and guests are welcomed, where every day all members of the family together communicate and relax. Therefore, curtains for the living room usually choose ceremonial and solemn. However, specialists in the field of design do not have unambiguous recommendations regarding the choice of curtains in the living room. In this case it is necessary to rely on the general tendencies of registration of the house, taking into account the preferences and tastes of all members of the family. In the specialized salons there is a wide selection of curtains of different styles: classic, modern, high-tech, techno. There are also usual sets of tulle and dense curtains, and asymmetrical curtains and curtains. Naturally, with such a variety it is easy to be tempted and choose absolutely not what suits the interior of your living room. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully plan the style of the curtains you need. As a rule, curtains for the hall are sets of tulle and fabric curtains, supplemented with lambrequin. But even such traditional curtains can be easily transformed by placing them in pick-ups, or decorating with decorative elements - fringe, clips and other special accessories for curtains. As a rule, curtains for the hall are made of dense heavy fabric, so they need to purchase high-strength cornices. Curtains in high-tech style establish a special atmosphere in the room. They are able to refract light in such a way that they take away the whole accent. Asymmetric curtains affect the perception of the shape of the room. Simultaneously, the popularity of curtains in the Art Nouveau style and classical curtains, distinguished by rich draperies, exquisite lines, a variety of colors and patterns, does not fade away. Curtains in the living room - this is a kind of visiting card of your house. They are the first to pay attention to the guests, and it is for them to judge the taste of the owners. Do not forget about it, choosing curtains for your living room. how to choose the right curtains

Choosing curtains for the kitchen

If in a drawing room besides members of a family appearstrangers, then the kitchen is a more intimate place in which the sacred process of cooking takes place and the communication of all close people at the table. When the question of choosing curtains in the kitchen is decided, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors, each of which plays an important role. The style of the interior, the practicality of the fabric, as well as the opportunity to create the most pleasant and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen - these are the main points that determine the choice. What curtains to choose in the kitchen? Heavy curtains and expensive luxury materials - definitely not for the kitchen. Today, so-called Roman curtains made of materials that are easy to wash are very popular. You can, if desired, install cornices in the window opening, blinds, curtains or air curtains that barely reach the level of the window sill. The best alternative to salon curtains is Roman curtains, or roller blinds, which with the help of simple mechanisms easily drop and rise, being installed directly in the window opening. Modern workshops offer curtains and with a special automatic remote control. The kitchen, executed in the style of techno, deserves special attention. Here, the curtains, which are chosen for the kitchen, decorated in one of the traditional styles, are definitely not fitting here. But here the curtains with a geometric pattern or curtains of transparent organza and shiny metallized fabrics will look great. Curtains, like the kitchen itself in the style of techno, should be simple and concise. They can be both Roman curtains and Japanese panels, which are distinguished by ergonomics and functionality. However, the classic never goes out of fashion. Therefore, connoisseurs of traditions and adherents of classical styles should pay attention to natural fabrics. Traditional cotton or linen curtains in a flower or stripes will perfectly fit in the interior of the kitchen, where there is solid wood furniture, hangings and towels are hung on the walls, and the table is laid with a tablecloth. In a word, the choice is yours.

We use interesting ideas

Modern fashion trends dictate not onlytexture and coloring of fabrics, but also the ways of its draping, where the traditional design with an abundance of decorations and details peacefully coexists with the charm of a self-sufficient element of the decoration of the room. The beauty of the original curtains does not require special emphasis, as it is difficult to muffle it with anything. Individual and unique composition can be created using the simplest techniques: assembly, knot, throw. Now there is a tendency to stop using heavy curtains and to expose windows, as a result of which the curtains look weightless and airy. Alternatives to standard curtains were the options of "puff pie", when more than two curtains are used simultaneously - translucent and one night dense. Designers recommend periodically to adjust the home interior, updating the curtains. This is cheaper than doing repairs, and the possibilities are much higher. Everyone knows what kind of curtains are in the store, and why not make curtains on their own, which no one will have for sure? Collect the squares of different tissues in the same density and carefully drape them - you will get unique curtains. Another original option - to pull on mobile frames, which are located on the guides, beautiful cloth. Thus, you will build colorful light-tight screens. A great way to transform old curtains is to make them appliques in tone to the wallpaper. In general, curtains - this is a unique thing, in which for our imagination is opened a great space. What curtains to choose - a purely personal issue. We advise you to read: