Pressure cooker - an indispensable thing in a modern kitchen Pressure cooker at all times enjoyed a greatpopularity. Preparation of products in this device is a pleasure. After all, the pressure cooker has a number of significant advantages, such as saving time and keeping all vitamins in the food. In addition, it saves you from unnecessary dirt in the kitchen. In appearance, the pressure cooker resembles an ordinary saucepan, which is connected to an electrical outlet. During the process, the following processes occur: when boiling water creates a strong pressure, which determines the high temperature and under the influence of this temperature actually prepares the food. Also on the outside the case of the device is equipped with a programming device. Therefore, without any problems you can set the cooking mode of any dish. In the market there are different types of pressure cookers, the most important is multifunctional . This type of technology includes severalcooking options such as cereal, rice or pasta. You only need to put the appropriate ingredients and set the necessary function, then the technician will cook the dish. The whole point of cooking is the power and pressure applied to it. There is another interesting point provided in the multifunctional pressure cooker, this is the installation of a special plate in the middle of the container, with this simple operation, the pressure cooker turns into a steamer. It is known that food cooked for a couple, the most valuable, tasty and, accordingly, useful. In general, before choosing a pressure cooker, you need to decide for which types of products you will use it. If you have a child, then of course there is a cook. Prepare a crumbly and tender mash will not be a problem. Also in it you can skilfully cook a vegetable stew. After the end of cooking, the device switches to the "heat-keeping" mode, which saves considerable time. Quite relevant is the function "delayed start". In our time, the rice cooker became especially popular. Rice is not only valuable to useful substances, it is also very easily absorbed by the body. Actually on such an instrument you can cook not only rice, but other cereals, stew vegetables. Another unique solution that will help you save time and ease the cooking process is a macaroni market. It has a cooking bowl and a special basket, in which it is possible to place the usual vermicelli or long spaghetti. It should be borne in mind that the basket itself consists of aluminum. The outer part is covered with Teflon, which greatly facilitates its washing. It is also necessary to say about an interesting, but not all known device, a slow-blower. It is designed for cooking dishes lasting from 4 to 12 hours, with the subsequent preservation of heat. Dolgovarke is perfect for cooking different kinds of meat and game. In general, we can say that electric pressure cookers of various kinds in our modern world are irreplaceable. They save time significantly, making our presence in the kitchen minimal. They can cook almost everything, while preserving all the vitamins and nutrients. The pressure cooker will speed up cooking in your kitchen, save time and money. Having a pressure cooker you can cook for a couple of any products, cook, stew. They produce pressure cookers of various sizes. Steaming is assisted by a steamer included in the pressure cooker. The set of pressure cooker includes a multilevel grille. At each level of the grate, you can simultaneously stew and cook different foods. We advise you to read: