Choose a coffee machine Winter frosty morning ... Outside the window is cold, dark andjust hear the wipers clearing the road ... So you do not want to wake up! And what can you do, someone must hurry to work, take the children to school, and just hurry up on important matters. What will help to bring yourself into working condition at such an early time? Maybe some people help strong tea - but in our northern, almost polar latitudes, coffee acts better: according to some sources, coffee lovers make up 73% of the population, which is a significant percentage, agree. There are many ways to prepare this noble drink, but what if there is not much time? The wonders of technology come to the aid - coffee makers and coffee machines. An interesting fact is that one and the same coffee, prepared in different coffee makers, differs in taste and qualities. Consider the most popular models.

French press (French press)

This is the most simple and affordable coffee maker. And it is very easy to brew coffee in it - enough to fill in ground coffee, pour hot water (temperature about 90 degrees) and leave to infuse for a while. Next, you should click on the rod, passing in the middle of the container, to lower the strainer, which separates the drink from the coffee grounds. And you can pour on the cups. Using a French press, it should be remembered that coffee cooked in this way will not be strong enough, and not all types of coffee can reveal their taste with such brewing.

Filter coffee machine ...

... or a drip coffee machine. The water flows down the heating circuit and drips onto the ground coffee in the filter bag, then, the finished beverage flows into a special coffee pot. This method of preparation is usually called American. It seems that everything is simple, but! While water flows down on coffee, and then in a container, it cools down a little, which does not allow the coffee to boil enough and fully reveal its fragrance.

Espresso coffee machines (carob coffee machines)

This version of brewing coffee was inventedItalian masters, and is called "espresso" - which can be translated as "pressed, compressed". The necessary amount of coffee powder is poured into plastic or metal horns, after which it must be "compacted". Then, hot water at high pressure (9 bars) quickly enough, for 20-30 seconds, passes through the resulting "coffee tablet" - and the coffee is ready. Usually coffee in these coffee makers is strong enough, but its quality and strength directly depends on the type of coffee itself, and how well you "compacted" the coffee powder into the horn. And this is not always possible for an inexperienced person. Choose a coffee machine

Capsule machines (capsule system)

Everything is simple here.For the preparation of coffee, not ground coffee is used, and not even grains. You will need special capsules filled with pre-ground, roasted coffee. Hermetically sealed vacuum packaging allows you to 100 percent preserve the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee. One capsule contains 6 grams. coffee and is designed for one cup. After installation in the coffee machine, the capsule is pierced with special pins and hot water is supplied to it under pressure; by the way, it is considered that the higher the water pressure (in bars), the higher the class your coffee machine. The preparation time of the drink is no more than half a minute. And your cup is already full of aromatic coffee! It is worth noting that capsule coffee machines can be safely considered the most modern - a variety of designs and colors will appeal to the most sophisticated customer. In addition, they are quite compact - the gain in comparison with other types of models is very significant. They are also leading in the speed of making coffee: the absolute record belongs to the Swiss manufacturer Cremesso - This brand is able to prepare a classicespresso in just 15 seconds! But, of course, the main advantage of the capsule system is its ease of use. Forget about cleaning the filters, "ramming" coffee, about the technology of making a drink. Simply insert a suitable capsule for your mood, click on the button - and an excellent fragrant coffee is ready. And good morning to you! We advise you to read: